RE4 Remake: How To Complete Grave Robber Request 

Rob away the tombstone emblems by completing the grave robber request in Resident Evil 4 Remake!

Resident Evil 4 Remake has tons of side quests added to the newer remake, allowing players to indulge in even more content than the original. One of the side quests is called the Resident Evil 4 Remake Grave Robber Request, and players might need assistance figuring out how to easily complete it!

Important: In order to be rewarded two spinels by the merchant, players need to break two emblems on twin graves in the Church area. 

Key Takeaways
  • The RE4 Remake grave robber request is known by many names, such as destroying the Tombstone Emblems and Twin Graves. 
  • Players are able to access the quest after they manage to reach chapter 3 in the main storyline. 
  • You need to access a request note that is located right outside the church towards a hidden corner. 
  • By completing the quest, players are able to be rewarded with 2 Spinels that can be retrieved from a merchant. 
  • In order to start the quest, players need to head to the left of the church, and towards the back, there is a note stuck to the wood. 
  • Two graves that are identical to each other need to be located, and players need to shoot at the emblems that are present on the graves. 
  • Merchant is available from Chapter 3 and onwards all the way until chapter 16 where players can collect their rewards. 

You can continue reading our Grave Robber Request guide or watch this video tutorial & learn more about it quickly. 

How To Start The Grave Robber Request 

Now, one of the first things that players might be wondering is how they can start the Resident Evil 4 Remake Grave Robber Request. Once players manage to reach chapter 3 of the main storyline, they will be able to gain access to the side quest line. 

  • After you’ve reached chapter 3, the next thing players want to do is start making their way over to the church
Map Location Of Church
Map Location Of Church (Image Credits Exputer)
  • As can be seen from the map, the church can be found in the middle of the map, and to get to the starting point of the quest line, players need to head outside from the main church area
  • The starting point is located towards the left side of the church
Small Alleyway
Small Alleyway (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Infront of you, there should be a small alleyway you can head into, so start making your way there. 
  • A few feet ahead of you, deeper in the alleyway, players should be able to locate a small shed
Shed In The Back
Shed In The Back (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Towards the left side, a small piece of paper is placed on the wood. 
Paper On Wood
Paper On Wood (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Get closer to it and interact with the paper, which happens to be the request note that indicates the beginning of the Grave Robber Request In Resident Evil 4 Remake

Inspecting The Request Note 

Interacting With The Note
Interacting With The Note (Image Credits Exputer)

After interacting with the request note, players should be able to inspect it further. 

  • The note itself describes how a traitorous pair of twins shouldn’t be allowed to rest in peace simply because they ended up joining a cult. 
Request Note
Request Note (Image Credits Exputer)
  • It also talks about how there are two emblems that are located on top of their tombstones and deserve to be destroyed, which happens to be the player’s main aim. 

The quest itself mentions needing to destroy a total of 2 emblems that are present on the tombstone, and players will be rewarded with 2 spinels the main area where the quest takes place is the church. 

How To Complete The Request 

After you’ve managed to get hold of the request note outside f the church in chapter 3, players should be able to start the Resident Evil 4 Remake Grave Robber Request

  • After inspecting the note, turn around from where you were standing. 
Gate A Few Feet Away
Gate A Few Feet Away (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Right in front of you, there should be a gate located a few feet away from you, and players want to start running for the gate. 
Arched Doorway
Arched Doorway (Image Credits Exputer)
  • From there, look towards your right, and you should be able to encounter an arched doorway. Start making your way in there. 
Door To Your Right
Door To Your Right (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Start heading through the area and pass the door towards your right. 
Narrow Alleyway
Narrow Alleyway (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Head past the narrow alleyway until you enter the open area. 
Gate That Looks Different
Gate That Looks Different (Image Credits Exputer)
  • From here, a few feet infront of you, you should be able to locate a gate that seems a bit different from the walls surrounding it towards the left and right. 
Interacting With The Gate
Interacting With The Gate (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Approach the door, and as you do so, you should be able to interact with it, which causes your character to push it open and make your way past it. 
Pushing The Door Open
Pushing The Door Open (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Open the door, and instead of heading down the path, players want to turn right from the gate and start running toward the cemetery.
Run Towards The Cemetry
Run Towards The Cemetry (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Run towards the very back toward the fences at the back, and run down until you encounter a tree where two graves look similar. 
  • There is an enemy will be present at the grave site, and he will be ready to attack you instantly. Therefore, players need to instantly take him out to get one step closer to completing the Resident Evil 4 Remake Grave Robber Request.
Use A Ranged Weapon
Use A Ranged Weapon (Image Credits Exputer)

The best way to murder the enemy is to use a ranged weapon and simply one-shot it by carrying out a headshot, which causes its head to explode, and he ends up falling on his knees and dying. 

Headshot (Image Credits Exputer)
  • After the assassination has been carried out, face the graves, and if you inspect them closely, you should be able to take note of an emblem that is present towards the top of each tombstone. 
Shoot The Emblems
Shoot The Emblems (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The emblems are identical, and they are destructible
  • Players need to use a gun to take out the emblems with ease. 
  • Stay at a bit of distance, aim your gun at the emblems, and first shoot directly at the emblem on the left grave, followed by carrying out the same attack on the emblem present on the right grave. 
  • When you attack each emblem, it falls out, and an indicator on the screen tells the player how many emblems they have broken. 

This completes your main mission, and the main thing left to do and collect your rewards. 

Where To Collect Quest Rewards? 

Now that the quest has been completed, players need to go collect their rewards which are two spinels, and the main way they can get their rewards is by heading over to any merchant location and interacting with them. Know that the merchant does appear in chapter 2 as well, but since the quest isn’t present in chapter 2, it’s being skipped. 

Merchant (Image Credits Exputer)
Merchant Location Chapter 
Once you head towards the village, there should be a Town Hall where you can go, and players want to head past it to get to the merchant. Chapter 3
In the Quarry area, players can encounter the merchant first in chapter 3 and again in the next chapter. Chapter 4
In the Farm area, players should be able to locate it towards the Windmill area. Chapter 5
The Villa also has a merchant location. Chapter 6
While close to the slaughterhouse, players can encounter the merchant again. Chapter 6
In the Audience chamber area, players should be able to encounter the merchant. Chapter 7
Apart from that, towards the beginning of the castle, there should be another merchant area too. Chapter 7
If you head close to the Castle Battlements, another merchant are should be present there. Chapter 8
The Wine Cellar should also have a merchant. Chapter 8
After heading towards the southern end of the Grand Hall, a merchant can be found there too. Chapter 9/10
The waterway also has a merchant area. Chapter 10
Once you make it to the Hive, there should be a merchant there too. Chapter 11
The Underground Tunnel can also grant players their spinels as a reward. Chapter 11
The clocktower area should have another merchant location. Chapter 12
Towards the northern area of the Ballroom, players should be able to locate a merchant. Chapter 12
Utilities has another merchant area where the rewards can be collected. Chapter 13
Towards the eastern wharf end, another merchant can be found. Chapter 13
The Ruins, Waste Disposal, and Cargo Depot have merchants. Chapter 14
The specimen storage and a cliff behind the ruins area have merchants. Chapter 15
The loading docks also have a merchant location. Chapter 16


And there we have it! All that players need to know about Resident Evil 4 Remake Grave Robber Request, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! If you want to catch the Lunker Bass, then you might want to check out our Resident Evil 4 Remake Get Lunker Bass guide since it covers all the details regarding it! In order to get the rocket launcher, players would have to know its location, which can be found by reading our Infinite Rocket Launcher guide!

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