BattleBit Guns Tier List [All Weapons Ranked]

The Battlebit Guns Tier List guide will showcase all weapons such as the guns and rank them from S-Tier to D-tier!

BattleBit has quite a few selections of guns that players are able to get their hands on, some of which are pretty solid, while others may not be as good. Players might want to know which guns might be the best, therefore a BattleBit Guns Tier List might be crucial! 

Key Takeaways
  • Guns in BattleBits range from a variety of Submachine Guns, as well as Assault Rifles, Carbines, and Pistols which are all classified into rankings. 
  • The guns in S-Tier are classified to be the best of the best such as the AK15, MP7, or the Kriss Vector. 
  • The weapons in A-Tier will be also good to work with, but are not overpowered, such as the M4A1, FAMAS, and HK419. 
  • As far as the B-Tiered is concerned, it offers average weapons such as the G36C, MK-14 EBR, or the M110. 
  • The weapons in both C-Tier and D-Tiers should be avoided as their performance lacks. 

All BattleBit Remastered Guns Ranked

Here is a quick look at the weapons you can find in BattleBit Remastered weapons showcased with the Damage and Accuracy stats as well. Below is comparison table:

BATTLEBITS ULTIMATE TIER LIST RatingType Of WeaponDamageAccuracyFire Rate First Shot Kick Velocity
AK15SAssault Rifle40100540
MP7SSubmachine Gun25809501350
Kriss VectorSSMG248512001.25400
M200SSniper Rifle70100n/a1.001400
AK-74SAssault Rifle3176.256701700
M4A1AAssault Rifle3076.257001.00700
FAMASAAssault Rifle2471.259001.00n/a
HK419AAssault Rifle3177.506601.00n/a
FALAAssault Rifle40756501.45n/a
SCORPION EVOACarbine2668.7512001.00440.00
SSG 69ASniper Rifle60100n/a1.00900.00
L86A1ALight Support Gun32757751.00600
MP5ASubmachine Gun2972.2680080072.26
GROZAAPersonal Defense Weapon3474.756503
SCAR-HAAssault Rifle421005001.40750
G36CBAssault Rifle30957501.20600
MK-14 EBRBDesignated Marksman Rifle40954001700
M110BDesignated Marksman Rifle4992.503501.40800
MK-20BDesignated Marksman Rifle4592.503251800
MG36BLight Support Gun34756001600
UNICABHeavy Caliber Pistol 6073.75200n/a350
AS VALBCarbine3268.75800n/a440
GLOCK 18BAutomatic Pistol1773.751100n/a330
L96BSniper Rifle65100n/a11100
HONEY BADGERBPersonal Defense Weapon3268.75800n/a440
AK5CBAssault Rifle3076.25600n/a700
ULTIMAX 100CLMG2970600n/a600
REM700CSniper Rifle65100n/an/a1050
DESERT EAGLECHeavy Caliber Pistol9085150n/a600
ACRCAssault Rifle2572.507001
SVDCDesignated Marksman Rifle4292.50440n/a740
SV-98CSniper Rifle63100n/a
RSH12DHeavy Caliber Pistol6073.75160n/a350

BattleBit Guns Tier List 

When it comes to categorizing a BattleBit Guns Tier List properly, players might get confused, since there is a system of ranking the weapons and equipment from S tier to D tier, some of which indicate that the weapon is absolutely cracked, while the other isn’t as good. 

S-TierAK15, MP7, KV, M249, M200, AK-74, P90.
B-TierG36C, MK-14EBR, M110, MK-20, MG36, UNICA, ASVAL, GLOCK18, L96, HONEY BADGER, UMP45, AK5C.
D-TierPP-2000, M9, USP, RSH12, MP443.

S-Tier Weapons In BattleBit

Kicking things off, let’s take a look at the BattleBit Weapons Tier List and which weapons will be included in the S-tiered category. These guns are absolutely broken and can be used to murder anything. 

Weapon WHY S-TIER?
AK15 Russian AK-Pattern rifle with 40 damage and 540 fire rate. Modern and powerful.
MP7 Among the best SMGs available, known for its effectiveness in combat.
Kriss Vector High-performance SMG, indicating its superior capabilities.
M249 Significantly superior to L86A1, showcasing its strength and reliability as an LMG.
M200 A top-tier sniper rifle for the Recon class, offering high precision and damage.
AK-74 Useful with a high fire rate (670) and solid damage (31.00), providing balanced firepower.
P90 Known as FN P90, it’s a high-level SMG for medic and engineer classes, emphasizing its elite status.


Next up, let’s take a look at some guns that are ranked in the A-tier, which means that these guns are pretty good and can perform really well, but simply are not all that overpowered. 

Weapon WHY A-TIER?
M4A1 Versatile Assault Rifle accessible to Squad Leader, Medic, and Assault classes.
FAMAS Assault Rifle with three firing modes: Automatic, 3-round burst, and semi-automatic.
HK419 Assault Rifle with an unlock level of 135, emphasizing its late-game utility.
FAL Known as FN FAL, this Assault Rifle boasts a 650 fire rate and 40 damage.
Scorpion Evo A Carbine for Medic and Engineer classes, unlocking at level 150.
SSG 69 Sniper Rifle for the Recon class, notable for its high damage output of 60.0.
L86A1 Solid Light Support Gun for the support class, offering reliable firepower.
MP5 SMG with 29 damage and an 800 fire rate, known for its versatility.
Groza Personal Defense Weapon for the Medic and Engineer class, unlocked at level 55.
SCAR-H Also known as the FN Scar, this assault rifle is known for its balanced performance.


With the B-Tier weapons, players will be able to use them if they can’t or don’t want to use the A-tiered options, but these will perform significantly worse as compared to the S-tiered weapons but are still useful. 

Weapon WHY B-TIER?
G36C Assault Rifle with 30 damage and a 750 fire rate. Classified as B-tier for its balanced performance.
MK-14 EBR A Designated Marksman Rifle for the Recon class, unlockable at level 60.
M110 Designated Marksman Rifle for Recon, available from level 40.
MK-20 Another Designated Marksman Rifle for Recon, accessible early at level 10.
MG36 Light Support Gun for the support class, unlockable at level 50.
UNICA Heavy caliber pistol available to six classes, with an unlock level of 40.
AS VAL A Carbine for the Medic and Engineer classes, available from level 105.
GLOCK 18 Automatic Pistol usable by six classes, unlockable at level 80.
L96 Sniper Rifle for the recon class, with an unlock level of 65.
Honey Badger A Personal Defense Weapon for Medic and Engineer, unlockable at level 35.
UMP-45 Submachine Gun with 25 damage and 700 fire rate.
AK5C Assault Rifle, available to players from level 145.


Moving on, the next tier will be the C-tiered weapons which really aren’t recommended for use unless you don’t have another option. 


First things first, the ULTIMAX 100 is a Light Machine Gun which is a support class and can be unlocked at level 100. 


The second weapon is the REM700, which is a sniper rifle it belongs to the Recon class and can be unlocked at level 85. 

Desert Eagle 

Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, the Desert Eagle is basically a Heavy Caliber Pistol that can support 6 Classes and can be unlocked at level 100. 


ACR (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving onto the ACR, it is another Assault Rifle and has 25 damage and a 700 fire rate. 


PP19 (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, the PP19 will be a Submachine Gun and has 25 damage and 750 fire rate. 


SVD (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as the SVD is concerned, it is basically a Designated Marksman Rifle and belongs to the Recon class, and players can unlock it at level 115. 


With the SV-98, one of the weapons that belong to the Recon class is the Sniper Rifle which can be unlocked whenever you’re at rank 30 and the SG550 is also fitting in this tier. 


Last but not least, the D-Tier consists of weapons that you should attempt to stay away from unless you really want a challenge. Much info is not available about Aug 23, therefore it might be unranked for now. 


The PP-2000 is a submachine gun with 23 damage and 900 fire rate. 


Moving on, the M9 is a Pistol that can be used by the leader, medic, assault, engineer, recon, and support classes. 


USP (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, the USP is yet another pistol that can be used by 6 classes and can be unlocked at level 60. 


The RSH12 is a Heavy Caliber Pistol and can be used by the six classes that were mentioned before, and players can unlock it at level 120. 


MP443 (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, the MP443 is the final weapon in the D-tier, and it is a pistol that you should try to avoid using. 

Patch Update

This BattleBit Remastered tier list is based on patch update Version 1.8.1 on July 17th, 2023. 

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