Project Slayers Clan Tier List: Best Clans [2023]

We rank all the Clans from best to worst by comparing their Stats, Passives, Rarities, and Abilities in this Project Slayers Tier List.

Roblox Project Slayers contains many different aspects such as Slayer Abilities, Demon Abilities, Universal Abilities, Passives, Indomitable Will, and Clans. Clans are further divided into 6 rarities. Today, you will find out which group is superior to the other in our Project Slayers Clan Tier List.

Key Highlights
  • The Roblox special game, Project Slayers, features up to 31 clans for its players to choose from. Each clan belongs to a distinct group, namely Supreme, Mythic, Legendary, Rare, Common, and Uncommon. 
  • Each clan’s base stats, boosts and buffs, damage ability, movement speed, support potential, and ease of equipping stand out as the critical factors behind ranking them. 
  • The top best clans in Project Slayers include only the Supreme Clans Kamado and Agatsuma due to their excellent characteristics. 
  • The better the clans, the harder they are to get; therefore, consider second-best clans like Shinazugawa, Kocho, and Tomioka. They are great alternatives due to their high stats and less overwhelming equipping method.
  • On the opposite side, Kurosaki, Saito, Ishida, Sakurai, Fujiwara, and Mori are clans you should avoid choosing if winning Project Slayer is your end goal. Otherwise, they can be availed as mere placeholders.
Project Slayers Tier List Clans Ranking Table 
Tiers Clans 
S-Tier Kamado, Agatsuma
A-Tier Shinazugawa, Kocho, Tomioka
B-Tier Haganezuka, Urokodaki, Kanzaki, Ubuyashiki, Kaneki, Takada, Terauchi, Nakahara, Kanamori
C-Tier Suzuki, Todoroki, Toka, Hashimoto, Nishimura, Haruno, Bakugo, Izuku, Ando, Onishi, Fukuda, Kurosaki, Saito, Ishida, Sakurai, Fujiwara, Mori 

S Tier

S Tier - Project Slayers Tier List
S Tier

The S tier of our Project Slayers Clan Tier List consists of only two clans, Agatsuma and Kamado. These two are undeniably the best Clans that Project Slayers has to offer. They are leaps and bounds above the rest in terms of stats, abilities, and all else. However, In addition to being the best, they are also the most hard-to-get Clans, with only a 0.1% chance in each roll.

This difficulty in obtaining them is evidently and thoroughly rewarded by their power. Yet now the question arises, which is better between the two? Agatsuma Clan offers many benefits and is immensely powerful, especially when combined with Thunder Breathing. Furthermore, Agatsuma Clan + Thunder Breathing is arguably the most devastating combo in the game.

While the Agatsuma Clan may be the strongest with Thunder Breathing. Nevertheless, Kamado Clan is more powerful in all other categories and situations. Especially as a Demon, it provides you with the ability to ignore your biggest enemy; The Sun.


StrengthWeaponSwordStaminaMax healthBlock PointEnhanced Speed

The Agatsuma clan is designed with Thunder Breathing users in mind. There is a God Speed Mode available to the Agatsuma Clan users. It is just like the ability used by Zenitsu in Demon Slayer. The movement speed of your Slayer is increased significantly. Each of the Thunder Skills used by Agatsuma Clan members increases their damage tenfold (much like in the anime).

Further, the Slayer is even able to use a new “dash” to teleport from one place to another quickly. Evidently, the player has to have unlocked Thunder Breathing in order to access God Speed Mode. Players of Agatsuma also get a 5% boost in movement speed in addition to these powers.

Furthermore, members of the Agatsuma have the same power as Kamado members: Indomitable Will. Players nearby are afflicted by this ability for 20–30 seconds. Additionally, if there are multiple Agatsuma Clan members in a single party, each of the member buffs receives a 30-point buff to their health.


StrengthWeaponSwordStaminaMax healthBlock PointEnhanced Speed

The Kamado clan is highly regarded as the best and offers several advantages. Kamado members have their Breathing Bar regenerate quicker. Further, they even gain the ability to ignore the pain as they are not movement speed impaired when they have low health, unlike all other Slayers in the game. Moreover, Kamado Clan provides an “Indomitable Will” ability that allows the user to make enemies significantly weaker by decreasing their stats and abilities.

In addition to these skills, Kamado members have a 5% increase in movement speed and the ability to view the item HP of other players.

Furthermore, when not wearing a straw hat, Kamado members are immune to sunlight as demons. They also get the clan talent Regeneration, which regenerates HP in exchange for stamina loss. Demon Kamado members additionally receive double the quantity of stamina regeneration.

A Tier

A Tier
A Tier

The A tier of the Project Slayers Tier List comprises clans that are very good but just fall short of those two in the S tier. These clans are the best second option for every player, as long as you don’t obtain either Kamado or Agatsuma Clan.


StrengthWeaponSwordStaminaMax healthBlock PointClan Rarity
+3+1+2+90+100+21% (Mythic)

Tomioka clan is extremely uncommon and in high demand. Members of Tomioka have the ability to trigger Indomitable Will, which debuffs players around for 20–30 seconds. Additionally, they receive Pain Resistance, which shields them from being slowed down by low health.


StrengthSwordStaminaMax healthBlock PointClan Rarity
+1+1+100+90+14% (Legendary)

The legendary Kocho clan gains access to several passive powers, such as the Poisonous Body, which renders demons incapable of absorbing your soul. They gain a 5% increase in their movement speed. Additionally, Kocho members receive a 5 percent discount on potions and a 20 percent boost in money when selling goods or relics.

Poison does not affect users of the Kocho Clan. Moreover, after their initial jump, they may also perform a double jump.


StrengthWeaponSwordStaminaMax healthBlock Point

Players that are unwilling to concede the initiative to demons are best served by joining the Shinazugawa clan. The blood of Shinazugawa members poisons demons who try to consume it, delaying them for seven seconds. They also damage any demon that tries to eat them, reducing the Demon’s HP by half their health pool.

Much like the Kamado Clan, Shinazugawa Clan users also get the ability to ignore the pain and are not movement speed impaired when low hp. Additionally, they receive a boost to Weapon Mastery and a 5 percent increase in Regeneration speed.

Furthermore, if any Shinazugawa members are in the same party as other Himejima Clan or Tokito Clan members, then all of them receive buffs to their Stamina regeneration and Strength. These are buffed by 5 percent and 10 percent respectively.

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B Tier

B Tier
B Tier

These Clans provide the player with decent buffs; they are better than nothing. However, even if you have one of these, you should still keep trying to obtain the ones in the A tier or above.


+2+20Double EXP/wen in butterfly mansion and Party buff: 0.3 exp with Ubuyashiki

Members of the Ubuyashiki clan adore the Butterfly Mansion, getting double EXP and WEN for training solely there. Additionally, they can earn 0.3 EXP if they are in a group with another Ubuyashiki clan member.


+2+4010% Reduction to the Water Breathing ability used against you, and the ability to breathe more quickly when HP is below 50%.

Breathing is the single unique boost that members of the Kanzaki clan have. It increases their breathing pace when they have less than half their HP remaining.

Furthermore, if a member of the Kanzaki clan is in a party with another member of the same clan, in that case, all the members of the Kanzaki Clan and only the members of the Kanzaki Clan gain a buff to their water move damage. This buff increases the damage by 10%.


StrengthStaminaClan RarityPerk
+2+4012% (Rare)When partying with three or more people, you’ll buff everyone’s experience by 0.2% and gain a sight boost if you’re wearing a mask.

When Urokodaki clan members wear a mask, they obtain a sight bonus that clears the fog in their immediate vicinity. This results in them having a far better and further vision range when compared to other players. Moreover, Urokodaki members may also trace enemy footsteps, showing trails only they can see. Additionally, Urokodaki members’ traces and footsteps are non-existent, enhancing their stealth powers.

Furthermore, the whole team gains a 0.2EXP bonus if there are more than 3 members of any clan present in the current team of an Urokodaki clan user.


+220% extra rise in WEN when they sell things and antiques.

Additionally, the Health of the claw and the sword of their enemies is visible to the users of the Haganezuke Clan. They also get a 20% extra rise in WEN when they sell things and antiques.


Weapon DurabilityClan RarityPerk
+3012% (Rare)Wen Discount 50% on sword repairs

Next up on our Project Slayers Clan Tier List is the Kanamori. All weapons used by members of the Kanamori clan get a +30 increase in weapon durability. Additionally, any and all sword repairs done by the members of the Kanamori clan are reduced by half their price.


StaminaClan RarityPerk
+2023% (Uncommon)Gain 10 stamina and 20 hp while Terauchi and Takada are present.

Moreover, members of the Nakahara clan who are at a party with Terauchi and Takada clan members receive a party boost. A buff of +10 stamina and +20 health is given to the members of the Nakahara clan if the above-mentioned conditions are met.


StaminaClan RarityPerk
+2023% (Uncommon)Party with Nakahara and Takada: +10 Stamina, 15 HP

Additionally, if any of the members of the following 3: the Terauchi clan, Takada Clan, and Nakahara clan, are at a party with each other. The members will receive an increase in their Stamina and HP. This increase is of 10 and 15 points, respectively.


StaminaClan RarityPerk
+2023% (Uncommon)+10 increase in stamina and +15 in HP when partying with with Nakahara and Terauchi

Additionally, if any of the members of the following 3: Terauchi clan, Takada Clan, and Nakahara clan are in a party with each other, the members will receive an increase in their Stamina and HP. This increase is of 10 and 15 points, respectively.


StrengthClan Rarity
+123% (Uncommon)

Members of the Kaneki clan earn +1 Strength. However, they do not receive party benefit.

C Tier

C Tier - Project Slayers Tier List
C Tier

As is evident, common Clans are the worst of the bunch. They do not provide any stat boosts or buffs; they are just a placeholder until you get one of the other clans. Moreover, they all have a 60% rarity, so they can be obtained very easily.

However, they should just be considered a waste of space. They would be placed in the F tier if there was one available. All of these clans in the C tier are of common rarity, and they are just the default name provided to fill the clan slot; they get replaced as soon as any clan of a better rarity (i.e. uncommon or higher) is obtained.

Complete List Of All Common Clans

  • Suzuki
  • Todoroki
  • Toka 
  • Hashimoto
  • Nishimura
  • Haruno 
  • Bakugo
  • Izuku
  • Ando 
  • Onishi
  • Fukuda 
  • Kurosaki
  • Saito
  • Ishida 
  • Sakurai
  • Fujiwara 
  • Mori 

Clans In Project Slayers

Clans in Project Slayers bestow benefits on the character. To choose between settings, start the game and use the up and down arrow keys. The first choice is to PLAY.

When you press the down arrow, another choice appears: personalize. Select the customize option. A new window will appear. The current clan to which your character belongs may be seen on the right side of the customization page. Additionally, to reroll the clan, click the spin button. You will be assigned a clan based on the drop rate. 

Following is a list of all the available clans, along with their drop rate, rarity, and features:

TierCharacterWillpowerHealthStrengthSwordBlock BarStaminaWeapon

Supreme Clans

Both of the Supreme Clans have a 0.1% Drop Rate. What this means is that you have a 0.1% chance to get these clans when you roll for it. However, these clans are undoubtedly the best in the game so this difficulty in obtaining them is totally justified. There are only these two Supreme Rarity Clans in the game:

  • Agatsuma.
  • Kamado.

Mythic Clan

There is only one, singular Mythic Clan in the entire game. This Mythic Clan, known as Tomioka, has a 1% Drop Rate. The difference from 0.1% to 1% might not seem like a lot. However, there is actually a 10 times higher chance of receiving a Mythic clan than a Supreme Clan.

To be honest, Tomioka is not as good as the Supreme Clans. Nevertheless, considering the much higher probability of getting it, Tomioka Clan is still one of the bests in the game.

Legendary Clans

There are two Legendary Clans in the game, and they are both great picks if you get them. Moreover, these clans are easier to get than Supreme and Mythic Clans as they have a much higher rarity than them. So if you get these, do not let them go to waste, as they are also one of the bests in the game.

  • Kocho.
  • Shinazugawa.

Rare Clans

All Rare Clans have a 12% chance when rolling.

  • Ubuyashiki > Chance: 12% > Type: Rare
  • Urokodaki > Chance: 12% > Type: Rare
  • Haganezuka > Chance: 12% > Type: Rare
  • Kanzaki > Chance: 12% > Type: Rare
  • Kanamori > Chance: 12% > Type: Rare

Uncommon Clans

  • Terauchi > Chance: 23% > Type: Uncommon
  • Takada > Chance: 23% > Type: Uncommon
  • Nakahara > Chance: 23% > Type: Uncommon
  • Kaneki > Chance: 23% > Type: Uncommon

Common Clans

As is evident, common Clans are the worst of the bunch. They do not provide any stat boosts or buffs; they are just a placeholder until you get one of the other clans. They all have a 60% rarity. 

  • Haruno > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Todoroki > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Hashimoto > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Ishida > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Kurosaki > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Bakugo > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Toka > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Sakurai > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Nishimura > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Saito > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Mori > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Izuku > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Ando > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Fujiwara > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Onishi > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Fukuda > Chance: 60% > Type: Common
  • Suzuki > Chance: 60% > Type: Common

Project Slayers Tier List Criteria 

The Project Slayers Clan Tier List has been constructed to determine the best and worst Clans in the game by comparing the following factors of each clan:

  • Clan Rarity: The chance of obtaining said “Clan” by rolling.
  • Stat Bonuses: Each Clan (Except Common) provides some kind of bonus to the base stats of their holder.
  • Breathing Techniques: One of the main sources of damage in Demon Slayer.
  • Universal Abilities: Universal Clan abilities that are common include stats bonuses, party incentives, and more.
  • Slayer Abilities: Abilities used by Human Players (Slayers).
  • Demon Abilities: Abilities used by Demon Players.
  • Indomitable Will: When utilized, different indomitable will debuffs can: Eliminate 25% of their breathing bar, 10% breathing regeneration,  25% stamina, and more. The effect is around 20 to 30 seconds long.
  • Passives: Passives in Project Slayers are short-term benefits that you receive while playing the game. You will always get such bonuses as long as you are a member of the same clan. Some Passives must be used in specific contexts. For example, pain resistance prevents you from being slowed down while you’re low.

This is the end of our Project Slayers Tier List. We hope that the information provided in this tier list was helpful to you. Judging by how you are at the end, it would be safe to assume that you enjoyed reading this. If you are interested in more tier lists by us, please check out our King Legacy, Shindo Life, and Blox Fruit Tier Lists.

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