Diablo 4: All Act 3 Quests [Explained]

The Quests list of Diablo 4 Act 3 is quite interesting & there are a ton of quests for the players to complete and make progress in the story.

Diablo 4’s story is divided into different Acts. These Acts help players understand the story better. In total, the game has six Acts. Each of these has its own main quests that further move the story. So, I’ll discuss the Diablo 4 Act 3 Quests list and how long it takes to complete it. In addition to that, I’ll give a brief introduction to what you’ll do in them.

Before You Start: If you haven’t yet completed Act 3 of Diablo 4, then STOP, as the guide contains spoilers for it.
Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 16 quests in Act 3 of Diablo 4.
  • During the quest line, the player meets with Lorath and learns about his old student, Elias.
  • Elias is now known as The Pale Man, who is trying to summon a Lesser Evil.
  • Your goal is to stop him from summoning the Demon.
  • Throughout the questline, you will have to visit different cities and locations.
  • There are some boss fights, so ensure you are appropriately leveled up.
  • For Act 3, I suggest you level up to at least Level 20.
  • Act 3 takes anywhere from four hours to six hours to complete.
  • If a player is rushing through the quests, it can take as little as three hours.

Diablo 4 Act 3 Quests Complete List

Here’s a quick summary of each quest that I have compiled, along with their rewards and location:

QuestLocation RewardsObjective
The Spreading DarknessKed BarduNoneLook for Lorath in Ked Bardu
Suffering DisquietOrbei Monastery 21,056 XP
2,056 Gold
Head to the Orbei Monastery to find the Abbot
Whittling SanityAbahru Canyon 19,964 XP
1,960 Gold
Meet Lorath in Abahru Canyon
A Moment To CollectKed Bardu8,422 XP
1,450 Gold
Find Lorath and extract information on Elias’ whereabouts
Brought LowGuulrahn8,870 XP
1,500 Gold
Meet Lorath at Guulrahn where Elias is
The City Of Blood And DustGuulrahn15,523 XP
1,800 Gold
Enter Guulrahn and search for Oyuun
Small BlessingsThe Trail of Bones9,996 XP
1,550 Gold
Bring Oyuun back to where Lorath is
Whispers From The PastOffal Pits17,493 XP
1,869 Gold
Look for Elias at the Tyrant Courts
Through The Dark GlassMaw of Guulrahn17,493 XP
1,860 Gold
Find a way into the Temple of the Primes
Descent Into FlameTemple of the Primes 17,915 XP
1,920 Gold
Enter the Temple of the Primes with Lorath
Loose ThreadsAltar of Sacrifice10,237 XP
1,600 Gold
Talk to the mysterious woman that Lorath saved
Oasis Of MemoriesTarsarak10,465 XP
1,650 Gold
Meet with Lorath and Taissa in Tarsarak
Flesh From BoneForsaken Chapel19,032 XP
2,100 Gold
Find the entrance to the Exalted Terrace
Beneath The MaskThe Outer Gardens10,875 XP
1,750 Gold
Find the entrance to the Exalted Terrace with Lorath
Piercing The VeilExalted Terrace 27,189 XP
2,450 Gold
Find Elias within the Exalted Terrace
Exhumed RelicsForsaken Chapel40,783 XP
6,400 Gold
Speak with Meshif,
Meet Lorath at the Forsaken Chapel

After finishing Act 2, players can get into Act 3. Players will have to complete a total of 16 quests. During these quests, the player will have to look for Elias or The Pale Man at different locations with the help of Lorath.

These are the mandatory quests you need to finish within this act.

  1. The Spreading Darkness
  2. Suffering Disquiet
  3. Whittling Sanity
  4. A Moment to Collect
  5. Brought Low
  6. The City of Blood and Dust
  7. Small Blessings
  8. Whispers from the Past
  9. Through the Dark Glass
  10. Descent Into Flame
  11. Loose Threads
  12. Oasis of Memories
  13. Flesh from Bone
  14. Beneath the Mask
  15. Piercing the Veil
  16. Exhumed Relics

For these 16 quests, I have prepared brief information so you understand what you must do throughout the game;

1. The Spreading Darkness

The Spreading Darkness quest is the first main quest of Act 3. To start the quest, you will have to head toward Ked Bardu. There, you will have to search for Lorath, who you will find in a sorry state. Interacting with Daruuk and then with Lorath will inform you that Lorath came in search of The Pale Man. Look for any knowledge about The Pale Man, and when you find it, inform Lorath.

Quests line Spreading Darkness Diablo 4 Act 3 reddit.
First Quest of Act 3. [Image Credit: eXputer]

2. Suffering Disquiet

Continuing with the story from The Spreading Darkness, you must explore the Orbei Monastery with Lorath. After exploring the Monastery, you will have to defeat the Eidolon of Orbei. When he is defeated, pick up his loot, which will help you understand the goals of Elias, AKA The Pale Man.

3. Whittling Sanity

During the Whittling Sanity quest, you must go to Abahru Canyon and meet with Lorath. Lorath will close a few Hell Rifts while you defend him. After that, you will have to confront Genbar, the Shrine-Keeper. Once he is defeated, look for clues, and the quest will be completed.

4. A Moment To Collect

Now, you’ll have to head back to Ked Bardu, where you’ll find Lorath. Investigate with him, and you will come across a medallion belonging to a ruler. And that is where you’ll have to find Elias. After a cutscene, the quest will end.

5. Brought Low

As you reach Guulrahn, you will find Lorath there before you. Speak with him and the women standing beside him to hear their plan to enter the city. Enter the city and interact with Lorath. After a cutscene, the quest will finish.

6. The City Of Blood And Dust

When you enter the Guulrahn, you’ll have to fight off some enemies and save a woman. She will tell you of the Cannibal’s prison. You’ll find the Gate House as you progress into the city. There you will find Akil, who has the Guulrahn Prison Key. Rescue Oyuun and get out of the city. That will complete the quest.

Diablo 4 quest.
The Main quest, The City of Blood and Dust. [Image Credit: eXputer]

7. Small Blessings

Once you’re outside the city, interact with Oyuun. Continue on the path to Zolaya and Lorath. There will be a cutscene; you will interact with Lorath. Then, the quest will be completed.

8. Whispers From The Past

To start the quest, you must interact with Lorath and then explore the Offal Pits. Inside will be a hidden alcove. Exploring that, you will reach Elias’s Throne room. That is where you will have to fight and defeat Mother’s Judgement. Once defeated, you can loot Elias’ Sanctum. Interact with Lorath; he will tell you where to find him next.  

Diablo 4 Act 3 quest.
The quest ‘Whispers from the Past.’ [Image Credit: eXputer]

9. Through The Dark Glass

Find Lorath at Mt. Civo. But before entering, you must find three shrines and get their blessings. In one of these Shrines, you will meet with Mephisto. He’ll ask you to bring peace to his realm to get his blessings. When you finish it, you can enter the Temple with Lorath.

10. Descent Into Flame

Inside the temple, you will have to defeat a bunch of enemies. You must go through the Hall of Hatred and Hall of Destruction. Then you’ll have to defeat a miniboss, Malach, Master of Flame. After a little progress, there will be a cutscene, after which you will have to defeat Brol, The Tyrant King. Defeating him will complete the quest.

11. Loose Threads

With The Tyrant King defeated, you’ll have to locate Lorath. You’ll get to interact with Taissa. She will tell you where to find Elias. After talking with her, speak with Lorath to discuss your plans, which will complete the quest.

12. Oasis Of Memories

When you reach the destination to start the quest, talk with Lorath. You aim to interact with people until you get someone to guide you. You’ll have to locate an Old man who you’ll find at the Argentek Riverbank. Locate and interact with him to guide you in your search. That will complete the quest.

13. Flesh From Bone

With Lorath and your guide, go through the sandstorm. You’ll have to survive the dangerous sandstorm and fight off enemies. All while staying near  Meshif. Once you reach Outer Gardens, the quest will be complete.

14. Beneath The Mask

During the quest ‘Beneath The Mask,’ Lorath will ask Meshif to stay outside while you both look for Elias. You’ll learn that Elias has acquired the Sightless Eye in The Outer Gardens. He will take you into the palace. And after the conversation ends, the quest will be complete.

15. Piercing The Veil

Once inside the Palace, you will have to locate Elias. You’ll find Elias in the Palace after searching for him. You’ll have to fight and defeat him. After that, there will be a second fight where he will summon a demon. It will be a tough fight, so make sure you are prepared before fighting him. Once defeated, Lorath will pick up the Sightless Eye and the Outer Gardens and meet with Meshif. That will complete the quest.

16. Exhumed Relics

During the final quest of Act 3, you will have to meet with Lorath at the Forsaken Chapel to investigate the Sightless Eye. Once you’ve made it there, you’ll have a cutscene where you will interact with Lorath. After that long cutscene, Act 3 will end.

Exhumed relics quest.
The last quest of Act 3, Exhumed Relics. [Image Credit: eXputer]

How Long Does Act 3 Take To Beat In Diablo 4?

The amount of time Act 3 Quests will take to complete will differ from player to player. Many players consider Act 3 one of the longest Acts in the game.

To give a final answer, how long it takes will depend on the players. In my opinion, if you were to rush through everything, it would surely take less than or around 4 hours of gameplay. But if you watched every cutscene and listened to all the conversations, it takes up to 6 hours of gameplay. Lastly, for the players who love to complete everything, the whole of Act 3 can take as long as they make it.

With that, I conclude my guide on Diablo 4 Act 3 quests. If you haven’t reached Level 20 for Act 3, consider reading our Diablo 4 XP Farm guide. Here is the list of all Diablo 4 Strongholds and Dugeons with their location. Be sure to check out our Diablo 4 Beginners Guide.

One good thing about completing Act 3 is getting a Mount. While you’re at it, check out the Diablo 4 Voice Actors list.

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