How To Find & Defeat Officer Hagan In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Officer Hagan is a boss that needs to be defeated in order to gain some good rewards and resources in the game.

Officer Hagan is one of the powerful bosses in Diablo Immortal, and a fight with him is worth remembering. Diablo Immortal has many bosses, such as Vitaath Boss, Officer Hagan, and many others. If you want to progress in the game and reach the max level, you must fight with all of them. For many players, taking down officer Hagan in Diablo Immortal is a major milestone, and they might want to share their experience with other players. Now that you’re telling your friends about this game share How to change difficulty settings.

Key Takeaways
  • Officer Hagan also belongs to one of the hardest bosses in Diablo Immortal and is a good milestone for new players to defeat him.
  • You can find this boss towards the Mad King’s Breach Waypoint and as soon as you exit the Waypoint and after waiting for a little, the boss will appear.
  • The boss has many magic spell attacks and melee sword attacks so the key is to be versatile so as to dodge his attacks and attack at the right moment.
  • You can also use all the six classes that the game gives you as all of them are viable choices but they differ a little in strategy to beat the boss.

Officer Hagan

Hagan is the boss that takes assistance from elsewhere to bring you down. Once you have defeated him, you gain quite a few rewards, including a chest full of good loot. Take help from the Hidden Lair locations guide for more locations and rewards. 

Most people completely miss the Diablo Immortal boss Officer Hagan. I have designed this guide to tell you where you can find Hagan and how you can kill him to reach higher levels in Diablo Immortal. The Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks guide will help you defeat several bosses. 

How To Find Officer Hagan

Rewards Hagan
Diablo Immortal Hagan Rewards

Here’s the path I would recommend to find Officer Hagan:

To find Hagan, you must move towards the nearest waypoint with all your gear. From there, you have to move towards the Mad King’s Breach Waypoint situated in the Ashwold Cemetary. The Ashwold Cemetary is located on the north side of Ashwold Manor. 

Officer Hagan Killing
Officer Hagan Killing Location in Diablo Immortal

You don’t need to auto-navigate to find him. Right after you exit the waypoint, his appearance will be at the bottom of the steps. Hagan won’t appear immediately; there is a long wait before his reappearance in the game. 

One thing I’ve learned is that you need to be extra cautious as there are many hounds, worms, and guards in the area where the player is waiting for Officer Hagan. 

Officer Hagan Boss Fight Strategy 

Fight with Officer Hagan
Diablo Immortal Officer Hagan Fight

In my opinion, this specific fight in Diablo Immortal with Officer Hagan is quite tricky as players don’t understand what Officer Hagan is up to. Since Officer Hagan is a shield-bearer and has a sword, too, one needs to be very careful around him. 

Officer Hagan’s attacks are ambiguous; distinguishing between sword strikes and spells is challenging due to similar techniques. His shield charge reduces the impact of your attacks. Hagan deploys various spells, including fireballs causing substantial damage, and a stonewall spell that grants him an additional shield.

I would suggest you to stay mobile during the entire fight in order to resist his attacks. You can even ask for help from other players in this area. Most of them would love to help you as they’ll get access to all new rewards.

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After taking down Officer Hagan in Diablo Immortal, you’ll be eligible for entry in the Codex and also have access to the loot chest that has some beneficial gear and resources for you. 

Officer Hagan Boss Fight

There are six player classes that can fight against Officer Hagan. They use different attacks to fight the boss. Here I have listed all six classes a player can use. 


A Barbarian Class is a savage wanderer that uses brutal sword attacks. It’s one of the best class that a player can use. Barbarian class can attack the enemy with an axe and it can also tear them into pieces. Moreover, the Barbarian class style is easy to play and players who have no idea about playstyles can use Barbarian class. 


Crusader is a Wrathful Zealot. It will also protect you against extra damage from officer Hagan. Using this class will allow you to have great stun abilities against the boss. It allows you to have the largest base health pool for survival while fighting with Officer Hagan. Armed with faith, Crusader allows the player to dominate the battle field. 

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter is a Vengeful Stalker that allows you to kill the enemy within no time. Although it has a few weaknesses but its strengths cover them up. Demon Hunter will stay at a distance and use arrows to attack Officer Hagan in Diablo Immortal. It causes massive damage to the boss. 


Monk is the master of martial arts. Monk has special defensive properties that allows players to come in and out of fights with the bosses. Monk inflicts lightning-fast strikes and also an array of blows to save themselves from Officer Hagan. 


Necromancer has the most damaging single target attacks and AoE abilities. This class has works with magic and spells to protect them against Officer Hagan’s attack during the fight. They use skulls and axes to cast different spells on the enemy. 


Wizards are known to manipulate the Arcane forces. They attack through a resident spell slinger on Officer Hagan. Wizards strike from a distance without having any body contact with the boss themselves. The spell they use inflicts damage from a safe distance. Wizards can take down this boss in hardly any time.

Fighting and defeating Officer Hagan will help you gain multiple resources that will benefit you throughout the game. Although beating Officer Hagan, we’re sure our guide was helpful for you. For more information regarding the complete list and conditions of servers, take a look at our Diablo Immortal Servers guide. 

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