Disney Dreamlight Valley: Conspicuous Book Location

This magical book will lead you to marvelous treasures.

If you already have your hands on the Conspicuous Book in Disney Dreamlight Valley or are looking for it we will help you find it. The Book is no ordinary recipe book and is actually the key to many amazing prizes and rewards. You will need to know how it works and where to find it, and what amazing rewards await.

Key Takeaways
  • Conspicuous Book unlocks amazing prizes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • You can find it in a Secret Room in Mickey’s quest at friendship level 10.
  • The Secret Door Need 4 Gems to open, and you need to locate them and bring them to the door.
  • Once you find the book in the room, use it on the Bookshelf to unlock the secret room.

Conspicuous Book Location 

Conspicuous Book Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley Conspicuous Book – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Obtaining the Conspicuous book is going to be easy, but it will require time to obtain it. You will need to have progressed far in the game and have a level-10 friendship with Mickey. You will need to complete the final quest he gives you in order to get the Conspicuous Book. The Book will be in a room behind a secret door and here’s how you get it. 

  1. Progress in the Game: First, make sure you have progressed significantly in the game and have reached a level-10 friendship with Mickey. You’ll need to complete various quests and activities to reach this friendship level.
  2. Receive the “Secret Door” Quest: Once you have a level-10 friendship with Mickey, he will give you the “Secret Door” quest. This quest will lead you to the Conspicuous Book.
    Disney Dreamlight Valley Secret Door
    Secret Door Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley- Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
  3. Locate the Secret Door: The quest will provide you with a riddle that hints at the location of the secret door. The riddle mentions “Torrents and Towers,” which refers to a castle-type structure.
  4. Visit the Dream Castle: Head to the Dream Castle, where you will find a staircase to the right as you enter the castle. Near this staircase, you will notice several plants that seem to be hiding something. This is where the secret door is located.
  5. Unlock the Door: Interact with the secret door, but you will find that it is locked and requires gems to unlock. You’ll need to gather four specific gems: Citrine, Garnet, Aquamarine, and Tourmaline.
    • Citrine and Tourmaline can be found at the Sunlit Plateau after unlocking the location for 7,000 points.
    • Garnet can be found at the Peaceful Meadows.
    • Aquamarine can be found at Dazzle Beach.
  6. Unlock the Door: Once you have all four gems in your possession, return to the secret door and use them to unlock it.
  7. Retrieve the Conspicuous Book: After unlocking the door, you can enter the secret room. Inside, you’ll find various rewards, including the Conspicuous Book on a table.
    Conspicuous Book how To Use
    How To Use Conspicuous Book – Image Captured by us
  8. Place the Book on the Bookshelf: At the back of the secret room, there will be a bookshelf. Interact with the bookshelf and add the Conspicuous Book to it. This will reveal a second room behind the bookshelf.
  9. Explore the Second Room: In the second room, you will discover even more rewards, including chests with loot and coins, a crafting station, and storage units for storing extra items.

By completing this quest and obtaining the Conspicuous Book, you’ll gain access to valuable rewards and secret rooms.

How To Use Conspicuous Book

Conspicuous Book how To Use
How To Use Conspicuous Book – Image Captured by us

Final Words

After learning what the Conspicuous Book does and how to use it, you can get amazing rewards. Here are some other Best Tips in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can also check out all recipes for the game in our Disney Dreamlight Valley: All 167 Recipes Guide. You can also locate all of Remy’s Recipe books and find out who are the voices of your favorite characters in the game. 

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