Disney Dreamlight Valley: Conspicuous Book Location

This magical book will lead you to marvelous treasures in the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

If you already have your hands on the Conspicuous Book in Disney Dreamlight Valley or are looking for it we will help you find it. The Book is no ordinary recipe book and is actually the key to many amazing prizes and rewards. You will need to know how it works and where to find it, and what amazing rewards await.

Key Takeaways
  • Conspicuous Book unlocks amazing prizes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • You can find it in a Secret Room in Mickey’s quest at friendship level 10.
  • The Secret Door Need 4 Gems to open, and you need to locate them and bring them to the door.
  • Once you find the book in the room, use it on the Bookshelf to unlock the secret room.

Conspicuous Book Location 

Conspicuous Book Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley Conspicuous Book – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Obtaining the Conspicuous book is going to be easy, but it will require time to obtain it. You will need to have progressed far in the game and have a level-10 friendship with Mickey. You will need to complete the final quest he gives you in order to get the Conspicuous Book in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Book will be in a room behind a secret door and here’s how you get it. 

Secret Door Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley Secret Door
Secret Door Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley- Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Characters in the game give you quests depending on the friendship level with them. Mickey’s last quest can be a bit of a tricky one, but it leads you to the Conspicuous Book in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The quest will be named Secret door, and your first objective will be to locate the door. That will be easy to do since the door is hiding in plain sight. The riddle can be a bit troubling to decipher, but it refers to the door. 

The Torrents and Towers in the riddle are referring to a castle-type Conspicuous Bookso you can head over to the Dream Castle. Upon entering the castle, you can see a staircase to the right. Next to the Staircase, there seem to be many plants that are almost trying to hide something. The Secret door will be located behind these plants. The door is also visible when you climb the staircase so it’s not well hidden, and you can find it with ease

However, that’s not where you are don’t the door is locked, and you need gems to unlock the door. These gems will be scattered all over the map and will require you to wander the terrain. However, most of these gems can be found in one location, making the task quite easy for you. The four Emeralds you are looking for are Citrine, Garnet, Aquamarine, and Tourmaline.

You can find Citrine and Tourmaline at the Sunlit Plateau after unlocking the location for 7000 points. You can find Garnet at the Peaceful Meadows and Aquamarine at Dazzle Beach. Now that you have all four gems, all you have to do is go to the door and unlock it. The Conspicuous Book will be inside. 

How To Use Conspicuous Book

Conspicuous Book how To Use
How To Use Conspicuous Book – Image Captured by us

Once you unlock the Door, you can talk with Mickey and complete the quest. However, inside the secret room, there are a bunch of amazing rewards waiting for you. There are many chests filled with loot and coins. Nevertheless, you can locate a book on the table. This is the Conspicuous Book in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

There will be a bookshelf at the back of the room. However, the bookshelf is no ordinary bookshelf and has its own secrets. You can walk up to the bookshelf and interact with it. You will be able to enter your inventory, where you can look around and locate the Conspicuous Book you just picked up. Once you place the book on the bookshelf, it will reveal a second room.

The bookshelf is a secret door to a second room which has even more amazing prizes inside of it. You also find other things, such as a crafting station and even storage units in which you can keep your extra loot. With all the amazing loot, there is a lot of stuff you won’t need right away. You can keep it safe here and return it whenever you need them.

Final Words

After learning what the Conspicuous Book does and how to use it, you can get amazing rewards. Here are some other Best Tips in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can also check out all recipes for the game in our Disney Dreamlight Valley: All 167 Recipes Guide. You can also locate all of Remy’s Recipe books and find out who are the voices of your favorite characters in the game. 

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