BG3: How To Get & Use Dog Collar

Discover the unique Dog Collar amulet in BG3, a symbol of Myrna's legacy and its connection to the Underdark's mysteries.

In the intricate world of BG3, the Dog Collar stands out as a peculiar amulet. Unlike typical amulets enhancing character abilities, this collar offers no powers. Its true value lies in its history, serving as a memorial to a dog named Myrna. This unique item quenches a character’s hunger momentarily but bears a deeper connection to the past and to the mysteries of the Underdark region.

Key Takeaways
  • The Dog Collar is a distinct amulet in Baldur’s Gate 3, and unlike other amulets, it doesn’t enhance character abilities.
  • Dog collar serves as a memorial for a dog named Myrna, and is found in the Underdark region, specifically near Myrna’s grave by the beach.
  • Players must wear the Dog collar to activate a feeding mechanism in Lenore’s Arcane Tower bedroom in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Activating the mechanism yields a rare Steak, granting 10 camp supplies.
  • The collar is rendered useless after acquiring the steak, and you can sell it for 20 gold post-use.

What Is Dog Collar In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Dog collar in BG3
Dog collar in BG3 [picture credits: eXputer]
Dog Collar is one of the amulets in BG3 but unlike their general description, it does not provide any extra powers or abilities except for some meat to take care of your character’s appetite for some time. In fact, Dog Collar is the remaining memorial of the dog named Myrna. 

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of hidden resources. The game revolves around finding and using various rings and amulets, allowing you to enhance your character abilities. To get your hands over Dog Collar amulet you need to visit the Underdark region of the map. My guide will not only help you find the Collar but also explain where and how to use it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How To Get The Dog Collar In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Finding Dog collar in BG3
Finding Dog Collar in BG3 [picture credits: eXputer]
Finding the Dog Collar amulet in the game is not difficult but considering the reward, the effort required is quite high. The dog Myrna has its grave located on the western side of the Underdark near the beach. These are the steps I followed to obtain the Dog Collar:

  1. The first step in getting the amulet is to reach the grave.
  2. To do so, you need to use either the Sussur Tree waypoint or the Beach waypoint to reach quickly.
  3. Opting for the first waypoint from the aforementioned names, you need to travel south from the spawning spot.
  4. Be vigilant if you are exploring this area for the first time because you may encounter multiple enemies on the way as well.
  5. When you are near the Shore, try to find the X: -41 and Y: -209 coordinates to find the grave in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  6. If you use the Beach waypoint, then start traveling west towards the Duergar Camp transition point.
  7. From there just travel a bit further in the same direction and try to locate the coordinates mentioned before. 

The grave is marked with a tombstone with the epitaph mentioning the dog, Myrna. After finding the grave, the second step is to interact with it. From the listed options, choose to dig out the grave. After digging for some time, you will find the Dog Collar from inside. 

Where To Use The Dog Collar

Use of Dog collar in BG3
Use of Dog collar in BG3 [picture credits: eXputer]
After acquiring the Dog Collar, the next thing is to know where and how you can use this specific amulet. To find it out you need to understand the relationship between the dog Myrna and her mistress Lenore. Lenore is a Cleric in BG3 working on some nature projects. She is the owner of the Arcane Tower located in the Underdark. 

1. Visit Arcane Tower

Activate Arcane tower in BG3
Activate Arcane tower in BG3 [picture credits: eXputer]
So, to use this Collar, you need to travel to the Arcane Tower. It is located near X: -26 and Y: -270 coordinates. If it is your first time going toward Arcane Tower, beware of the Arcane Turrets protecting it. Dealing with these turrets is hard, and, in my experience, they can only be defeated using some Lightning abilities. Once you are inside the tower, move to its upper floor.

2. Go To Main Bedroom

From there, reach out to the main bedroom and you will come across an interactive button near the dog bowl. Lenore created a magical system to feed the god. Before interacting with the button, you need to wear the collar as a necklace to any of the characters in the party


Pressing the button will reward you with the rare Steak. It will help you get 10 camp supplies. One important thing to note here is the button. If you don’t have the Dog Collar, then this button will do nothing. In case you have the collar but you forgot to equip it, the Dog Collar will vibrate and you will be notified with a prompt message.

The Dog Collar can only be used once, so after getting the Steak reward, it is pretty much useless. This means you can get rid of this item from your inventory either by disposing of it or selling it for 20 gold.


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