Starfield: Incoming Weather Bug [FIXED]

Fix the Incoming Weather Bug of Starfield & get rid of the annoying "Extreme Incoming Weather" status by progressing through the story, going to a harsh weather planet, and using the "player.dispel 281ed2" console command. .

The Starfield Incoming Weather bug makes the “Extreme Incoming Weather” status appear no matter where you go or what you do, which makes exploration a bit of a hassle. Whether you were fighting the boss in Echos of the Past or simply exploring the constellations in Starfield, if you were unfortunate enough to get the Incoming Weather bug, then you must know of all the fixes that are currently available to fix it.

Key Takeaways
  • Progressing through the story.
  • Going to a harsh weather planet.
  • Using the “player.dispel 281ed2” console command. 

Progressing Story

incoming weather bug starfield
Progressing through the story [Image Taken by eXputer]
Players online have also reported how progressing through the main quest of Starfield seemed to fix the Starfield Incoming Weather bug automatically. It makes sense gameplay-wise, as the “Extreme Incoming Weather” status is only supposed to affect the players in certain areas so players may lose the status during one of the set pieces of the Starfields story. 

Replace The Old Status With A New One

incoming weather bug starfield
Exploring Mars [Image Credit: Us]
Since the “Extreme Incoming Weather” status was supposed to be temporary. One of the ways to fix the Starfield Incoming Weather bug is to simply return to the planet from where you first got the bug or any other planet with Harsh weather, like Mars during an active sandstorm, and get a new “Extreme Incoming Weather” status.

  • With the new warning replacing the previous bugged warning, there is a good chance that this will not get bugged either.
  • But just to be safe, I will not recommend fast traveling.
  • Rather, head back to your ship manually and fly away while waiting for the status to disappear on its own.

Using Console Commands To Fix The Incoming Weather Bug

incoming weather bug starfield
Using console commands

If everything else fails, the console commands are the only ones to help you. Unfortunately, the console command fix is only available on PC and will not work for Xbox players. 

For players who don’t know how to enter commands, they just need to follow these steps:

  • Press your keyboard’s tilde “~” button to open the command box.
  • Enter the command “player.dispel 281ed2” and press enter.
  • If this command doesn’t work, try replacing the command’s end with these alternatives:
    1. 1639EE
    2. 163FE0
    3. 281ECF
    4. 281ED2
 Important: It’s important to note that using console commands may disable achievements in Starfield.

My Thoughts On Starfield: Incoming Weather Bug

Encountering the “Incoming Weather Bug” in Starfield has been a bit frustrating. This glitch can disrupt the immersive experience by affecting the in-game weather system. While it’s a minor setback, it does highlight the importance of thorough testing before game releases.

It’s reassuring to see the developers promptly acknowledging and addressing such issues, showcasing a commitment to refining the gaming experience. I’m hopeful that future updates will iron out these bugs, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable journey through the vast universe of Starfield. Despite the hiccup, the anticipation for the game’s potential and the developers’ responsiveness keep my enthusiasm intact.



What is the permanent status effect bug in Starfield?

For anyone who doesn’t know, there is a bug where you get a permanent “poor air quality” status effect that cannot be healed, which makes you more likely to get afflictions, like lung damage. The afflictions CAN be healed, but they always come back because of the never-ending poor air quality status.

Does Earth exist in Starfield?

Earth is the third planet in the Sol system. It is the original home of humanity and is orbited by a single moon, Luna.

Does Starfield have weather?

A Starfield Dynamic weather mod has been made available, adding a dynamic weather system to the game with plenty of variation and transitions. Bethesda’s latest hit title offers weather effects such as thunderstorms and rain by default, but for some, the transition speed might be too slow due to the game’s timescale.

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