Starfield: How To Find Vultures Roost [Free Ship & Loot]

Get a Free Ship by killing the Ecliptic Mercenaries in Vultures Roost!

Players exploring a random Ecliptic base on any planet in Starfield may come across a message mentioning a location called Vultures Roost. This discovery is categorized as an Activity rather than a Mission, but the valuable loot that players can obtain makes the effort to find it worthwhile.

Key Takeaways
  • Vultures Roost is found on Planet Jaffa IV in the Star System Jaffa, offering valuable loot as an Activity.
  • Jaffa is a Level 35 system, so expect challenging enemies in Vultures Roost.
  • Dagger ship can be acquired after it lands, where you can defeat mercenaries and control the ship.
  • While not the best, acquiring the Dagger ship is a valuable reward after defeating mercenaries.
  • Contraband items are scattered within five rooms containing caches, unlocked by a key found in the kitchen.

What Is Vultures Roost In Starfield?

Vultures Roost
Vultures Roost [Image by Me]
Vultures Roost is a medium-sized dungeon with several buildings built into a mountainside. It serves as the headquarters for Ecliptic Mercenaries, and entering as an outsider is likely to provoke a confrontation. In simpler terms, be prepared for a battle upon arrival.

Location Of Vultures Roost In Starfield?

Jaffa Star System
Jaffa Star System [Image by Me]
Vulture’s Roost is located on Planet Jaffa IV of the Star System Jaffa. It is positioned approximately at the center of the star map and in proximity to Porrima, the home of Paradiso.

Jaffa IV Planet
Jaffa IV Planet [Image by Me]
Interestingly, players can explore Jaffa IV even without discovering an Ecliptic message, and Vulture’s Roost will still be accessible to them. 

Important: Note that Jaffa is a level 35 system, so players should be aware that the enemies within the base pose a challenge suitable for a level 35 character.

How To Get The Dagger Ship

Landing Area and Bar
Landing Area and Bar [Image by Me]
As you progress, you will arrive at an open and deep landing area. Before reaching this spot, you might notice the Dagger ship landing in Vultures Roost in Starfield. It appears that your actions have prompted the mercenaries to summon reinforcements, a move that proves to be a mistake.

Dagger Ship vultures roost starfield
Dagger Ship [Image by Me]
  1. Proceed into the landing area, going down the stairs while eliminating any mercenaries in your path.
  2. Upon reaching the bottom, confront the remaining mercenaries guarding the ship and eliminate them.
  3. Enter the Dagger ship and deal with the last two mercenaries hiding in the cockpit.
  4. After killing the cockpit defenders, the Dagger ship is now under your control.

Even though the Dagger is not the best ship in Starfield, it still doesn’t hurt to get free things after killing a lot of mercenaries in Vultures Roost 

Items Found In Vultures Roost

Contraband Cache
Contraband Cache [Image by Me]
Vultures Roost has randomly scattered many contraband items. To access some of these, you’ll need to use Digipicks to open doors and crates and retrieve the keys that lead to rooms where contraband caches are. Some of the locks require advanced mastery, so make sure to upgrade your Starting Skills.

Five Keys In The Kitchen

The Bar
The Bar [Image by Me]
Five rooms contain contraband, either visibly present or secured in contraband caches. Each contraband cache in Vulture’s Roost contains nine or ten contraband items. With numerous caches to uncover, players can rapidly build their contraband inventory. Vulture’s Roost houses at least seven types of contraband, including vials of Aurora.

Room Key vultures roost starfield
Room Key in Vultures Roost in Starfield [Image by Me]
Here’s how you can find the key to the five rooms in Vultures Roost in Starfield:

  1. On the lower floor, to the left of the main entrance, players will discover the entrance to the kitchen of the bar.
  2. The entrance door is locked but can be picked up.
  3. In the rear of the kitchen, there is a waist-high safe.
  4. Pick the safe to obtain a key that unlocks all five rooms in the adjacent hab.

My Take 

Don’t even think about going if you’re low-level. The Mercenaries will absolutely destroy you if you go without any preparation. However, if you’re at a high level and in need of some loot, the Vultures Roost can prove to be helpful.

The Dagger might not be the best when it comes to fighting. Read about the Best Fighter Ship and destroy your enemies completely. And with the Best Engines, you can enhance your spaceship performance.


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