Warzone 2.0: Proximity Chat Not Working [FIXED]

Learn how to fix the Proximity Chat Not Working in COD Warzone 2.0

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  • If you do not have the correct settings applied, the proximity chat in warzone 2.0 is inevitable.
  • Make sure that you are not facing any hardware and driver issues.
  • Some bugs may disconnect you from the game channel, reconnecting to the game channel and make sure you are connected.

The Proximity Chat in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is a useful feature, but it is overridden with errors. If Proximity Chat is not working for you, our guide will help you fix all the potential errors you might be facing. You might especially need the Proximity Chat feature if you use a mic and need to communicate with your fellow players.

Furthermore, it can also help you locate nearby players as with this feature, you can hear the voices of all players that are within your proximity range. There are various methods that you can use to fix the Proximity Chat Error that are listed below

Proximity Chat Not Working Fix

If the Proximity Chat feature is not working for you, make sure that you have set various settings correctly from the menu. You may also need to check into various other factors that might be causing this issue such as making sure your Microphone is working perfectly. 

Proximity Settings

Proximity Settings COD Warzone 2.0
Proximity Settings

Scroll down when you open the audio settings menu to locate Voice Chat and various Microphone settings. You must make sure to apply the correct setting accurately to minimize the chances of the Proximity Chat Not Working error occurring. Double-check the following settings from the menu.

  • Voice Chat: On
  • Last Words Voice Chat: On
  • Proximity Chat: On
  • Mute Yourself When Connecting: Off
  • Game Voice Channel: All Lobby
All Lobby proximity error warzone 2.0
Voice Settings (Image credits: Exputer)

If you have your Voice Chat Recording mode set to ‘Push to talk’ make sure you are pressing the correct button in-game to get your voice through to other players. It is also crucial to set your game voice channel to ‘All Lobby’ to make sure you can communicate with everyone present within a lobby. 

Voice Chat And Microphone Device

Sound settings
System Sound settings (Image taken by Exputer)

From the Voice Chat Menu, you can pick the device you want to use for chatting in-game purposes. Various audio devices that you have connected to your device would be shown. Make sure to pick the one working properly with no hardware damage.

When checking your Microphone settings, make sure to test the Microphone once you have selected a working device. The Microphone test is crucial if you want to make you if your Microphone is all set for Proximity chat. You can also check your Microphone and Sound settings from your Windows settings to make sure the correct devices are selected for output and if they are working properly.

Reconnect Game Chat Channel

reconnect game channel proximity error
Game Channels (Image by Exputer)

If you tried the above-mentioned steps and the Proximity Chat feature is still not working in COD Warzone 2.0, You may be able to get the issue fixed if you reconnect to the game chat channel you were connected to. You can press F9 to disconnect from the game channel.

To do that, you must first open your social menu. Once you have done that, Click the headphone Icon to check your channels and reconnect again. Also, make sure that you are connected to the game channel. Not connecting properly to the game channel can be a major reason you are getting an error. Joining a different channel might help you fix the issue too.


You might need to fix the Proximity Chat not working error in the game. If you want the best experience from the game. The Proximity Chat can be a handy feature especially if you want to strategize with your teammates or locate surrounding enemies.

For many players, using the suggested settings worked and fixed the Error. So, make sure you apply all settings exactly as mentioned in the guide. You may not hear other people around you if you have the Voice Channel not set to ‘All Lobby’. Furthermore, checking various hardware or driver problems may also fix the error.

It is also recommended to reconnect to the game channel. You may get disconnected due to bugs and various issues, so it is a good idea to double-check if you are connected to your desired channel. Double-check also your Windows settings to make sure, you have the correct output and input devices selected.

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