Final Fantasy 16: Everything To Know About A Bearer

In FF16, a Bearer is a person who can utilize magic without crystals, a rare ability considered a curse due to societal stigmatization.

What Is A Bearer?

Bearer are marked with Tattoo's on their faces FF16 Bearer
Bearers are marked with Tattoos on their face.

Bearers in the world of Final Fantasy 16 are individuals with the unique ability to use magic by drawing on the aether of the world, without the need for crystals, which are a valuable resource in Valisthea. While this ability might seem like a gift, it is viewed as a curse in this world. When someone becomes a Bearer, they are typically enslaved and exploited for their magical powers rather than respected or admired.

The society in Valisthea uses Bearers to conserve crystal resources, treating them as tools rather than as people. Using magic takes a toll on a Bearer’s physical health, and excessive use can lead to petrification, a condition where they slowly turn to stone and eventually crumble.

Despite being human and enduring immense suffering, Bearers receive little sympathy from the people of Valisthea. They are often dehumanized and considered expendable, and their lives and deaths are not given much significance. Despite these hardships, Bearers have shown remarkable bravery and self-sacrifice in their struggles.

Key Takeaways
  • In Final Fantasy 16, a Bearer possesses natural magic abilities without needing crystals, a scarce resource.
  • Bearers are exploited and treated as slaves for their magic, causing them to slowly petrify, turning into stone.
  • They often bear a mark on their face, known as “Branded,” signifying their Bearer status and subjecting them to prejudice.

Treatment Of Bearers In Valisthea

Bearer are treated as Sub-human FF16 Bearer
Bearer are treated as Sub-human.

Valisthea, the world where Final Fantasy 16 is set, has a complex and often harsh view of Bearers.

They are viewed as sub-human by the majority of society, which has deeply entrenched prejudices against them. This treatment includes:

  1. Systematic Devaluation: Bearers are considered inferior and less than human in Valisthea, leading to a dehumanizing perspective that has persisted for centuries.
  2. Apathy and Abandonment: When Parents discover that their children are Bearers, they are often willing to abandon them, demonstrating a disturbing lack of empathy and understanding.
  3. Exploitation: Bearers are exploited for their unique magical abilities, primarily to conserve the more valuable resource of crystals. They are used for combat, enslaved for various tasks, and treated as tools rather than individuals with rights.
  4. Commodification: Every aspect of a Bearer’s life is commodified, with their abilities and existence serving the interests of those in power.

Despite this bleak situation, there are factions and individuals in Valisthea who oppose the mistreatment of Bearers. These groups work to protect and support Bearers, challenging the established norms and offering hope for change in this oppressive society.

The Sacrifice Of Bearers

Bearers face profound sacrifices, enduring both physical and emotional hardships. Their use of magic leads to a slow petrification of their bodies, a painful testament to the steep cost of their powers. Beyond this physical torment, Bearers also experience societal neglect and mistreatment, yet some choose to heroically sacrifice their lives for the greater good.

In a moving scene, Bearers combat the Empire, using their dwindling magic to protect those who have extended kindness to them. Their ultimate sacrifice, as they use up their magical abilities and disintegrate, underscores the paradox of their existence: they give everything for a society that largely rejects them.

Understanding The Branded

“Branded” refers to Bearers marked with a black band across their face, signifying their status as magic users. They face severe prejudice and mistreatment in Valisthea, being viewed more as tools than people. Clive, a main character, experiences firsthand the discrimination Branded endured.

The brand symbolizes oppression, marking Bearers for exploitation in various societal roles requiring their magical abilities. This treatment dehumanizes and marginalizes them further.

Although some Branded, like Clive, manage to remove the brand surgically, it’s not an option for most. Attempting to desert or remove the brand results in death, highlighting the strict control exerted over them.

The Phenomenon Of Petrification

Death due to over use of magic ff16 bearer
Bearer’s Death due to overuse of magic.

As Bearers and Dominants utilize their magic, their bodies gradually begin to harden, undergoing a process similar to turning into stone. This petrification is accompanied by immense suffering. As the condition progresses, it restricts the body’s mobility, eventually leading to death. The final stage of this gruesome process sees the petrified body dissolve into sand and shatter, leaving no trace of the individual behind.

  • This terrible affliction is unique to Bearers and Dominants and does not affect regular humans who use crystals to conjure magic.
  • The phenomenon of petrification underscores the heavy price Bearers and Dominants pay for their abilities.
  • It’s worth noting that, as of the time of Final Fantasy 16, there is no known cure for petrification.
  • The lack of a cure, coupled with societal indifference and prejudice towards Bearers, makes this condition all the more tragic.

Petrification serves as a poignant reminder of the inherent tragedy of being a Bearer or a Dominant, highlighting the inherent injustice of their situation within the world of Valisthea. I hope you now know the poignant story of Bearers from this FF16 bearer guide! Check out the take on Final Fantasy 16 All Editions.


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