FF16: Dozmare Griffin Hunt [Location And Rewards]

Read our guide to learn all about the Griffin location and how to hunt it down in FF16 to get some great rewards.

Taking down hunt targets in Final Fantasy 16 can earn you beneficial valuables. One of them is Dozmare the Griffin as a part of the side quest Blacksmith Blues. Finding the FF16 Griffin’s location and defeating him requires some skills due to Dozmare’s challenging tactics.

Key Takeaways
  • Dozmare the Griffin in FF16 is a B-Rank Notorious mark located near Caer Novent.
  • You can start the Blacksmith’s Blues sidequest by speaking to August near the Hideaway.

Find the FF16 Griffin location by

    1. Fast travel to Lostwig
    2. Travel South-East
    3. Cross the bridge to find a large gate
    4. Cross the grassy fields towards the right to find Griffin at the top of the wall.

Battling Griffin will require you to overcome its three attacking tactics, which are

    1. Dozmare goes into the air with light effects: you will face an AOE attack; double dodge it for prevention
    2. Dozmare goes into the air without light effects: It will lunge at you; dodge it.
    3. Dozmare enters the air and forms a circle: It will perform a ring of energy at you and dodge and escape the ring.
    4. Attack the Griffin during its cooldown periods to kill him.

Upon completion of the Blacksmith’s Blues sidequest, you will get

    • 250 EXP
    • 10 Curiosity and Renown 
    • Drakeslayer’s Belt Design Draft.
  • You also get closer to earning the two trophies affiliated with the Notorious marks: Think, Mark! And Hunter, Haunted.

What Is The Griffin Creature In Final Fantasy 16?

Griffin (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Dozzmare the Griffin is a B-rank Notorious mark waiting for you to be hunted down. He is located between Lostwing and Caer Novent near a castle wall. Discovering FF16 Griffin’s location and defeating him might be tiresome, but it will get you many rewards.

How To Start Blacksmith’s Blues Side Quest?

Speaking with August
Speaking with August (Picture Credits: eXputer)

You can start the Blacksmith’s Blues sidequest by:

  1. Talking to August at the Hideaway.
  2. He guides you to Blackthrone at the Black Hammer,
  3. He tells you Blackthrone is going through a rough time. 
  4. Then you are asked to consult Nektar the Moggle about any Griffin sightings.
  5. This will unlock Griffin B-Rated Hunt.
  6. You would only have access to Hunt Board once half of the campaign has been completed.
  7. After acquiring the Hunt Board, finish off the Black Light Burns quest,
  8. Afterward, you can see Blacksmith Blues Side Quest on the map.

Locating the Griffin hunt is a part of this quest which you complete to earn some extra rewards. This task involves finding the FF16 Griffin location and a leatherworker who wants to harvest his materials.

Dozmare Griffin Location

Location of Griffin
Location of Griffin (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The Dozmare is located near the West gate in Caer Novent. The quest directs you to use the Hunt Board, but you will not have any quest marker, making it challenging to find the Griffin. Here is how you can find the FF16 Griffin location.

  1.  Go to Lostwig in the Holy Empire of Sambeque through Teleportation, as shown in the image above.
  2. Find the giant gate by traveling South East.
  3. You will find many enemies en route, but they will be easy to beat.
  4. Cross the bridge and find a large gate.
  5. Go towards the right of it, crossing the grassy fields.
  6. A cutscene starts where Griffin appears from the top of the wall and descends to the ground.
  7. The fight with Griffin starts.

Before the fight starts, stock up on your heal and defense potions like Stoneskin Tonic. Moreover, be prepared by leveling up and getting well-equipped.

Strategies To Defeat Dozmare The Griffin

Griffin Fight
Griffin Fight (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Beating the Griffin is difficult if you have not fought with it before in FF16. Griffin uses three types of attacks at you, and here’s you can escape from them.

  • When Dozmare enters the air with a light effect beneath it, you will be attacked by an AOE wind spell.
  • This can also be predicted by dust whips around Clive. Double doge it backward to escape.
  • Griffin will lunge at you when he goes aerial without any light or wind below it. Simply dodge or shift away from your position.
  • When Griffin flies in circles, he will strike a special attack on you in which a ring of energy is cast upon you when he is about to land, press dodge, and escape from the ripple’s range.

Since you know Griffin’s mechanics, immediately strike it as soon as you dodge these attacks. Charge during the cooldown periods of the Griffin as he misses its attacks. In this way, you will save your health and efforts. Use all your abilities and combos to fight it. There will be an injured man named Kamil beside the fight arena. Talk to him and return to Blackthorne in the Black Hammer to finish the quest.


Upon completion, you get 250 EXP (you can earn more if you have Scholar’s Spectacles), 10 Curiosity and Renown, and a Drakeslayer’s Belt Design Draft. Through these, you can craft more effectively at the Blacksmith. In addition, you get closer to earning the two trophies affiliated with the Notorious marks: Think, Mark! And Hunter, Haunted.

So here is all to find the Final Fantasy 16 Griffin Location and how to defeat it. Though difficult it may seem to defeat Griffin due to its complex tactics, you can easily beat it by following the strategies above.

Side quests like these in the game are amusing to complete and can get you amazing rewards. Furthermore, effectively defeat your enemies by knowing the FF16’s Best Weapons. Also, ace the storyline by learning all the beginner tips for FF16.


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