Honkai Star Rail: BEST Pure Fiction Teams

Here are my recommendations for the best picks for Pure Fiction end-game content after playing for 800+ hours!

Honkai Star Rail recently came out with one of the best end-game pieces of content for players to explore, naming the Pure Fiction. It is an AoE-centric end-game battle that features characters that deal the highest AoE damage. Players might want to know the Honkai Star Rail’s best pure fiction teams and their best relics! 

Important: Pure Fiction is a pretty hard end-game mode that updates every few weeks, therefore it requires specific teams!
Key Takeaways

Honkai Star Rail Best Pure Fiction Teams 

Below listed is a summarized version of the Best Pure Fiction teams listed as follows in my opinion: 

Rank NoHSR Best PF TeamsBest ForCharacters
1Argenti HypercarryPhysical DamageArgenti, Ruan Mei, Tingyun, HuoHuo/Luocha
2Jingliu CompIce DamageJingliu, Pela, Bronya, Luocha

1) Argenti Hypercarry 

The Best Physical Damage Team.
Tingyun as a character for Pure Fiction (Image Captured By Exputer)

One of the first team comps featured includes characters such as Argenti, Tingyun, and Ruan Mei as well as HuoHuo or Luocha as it focuses on making Argenti the hypercarry for the team. 

  • Why I Chose This Team: Argenti combined with Ruan Mei can deal high damage.

The ideal roles of all the characters in the team are listed as follows after testing them myself: 

  • Argenti: Main DPS + Physical Damage Dealer 
  • Ruan Mei: Support + Overtone Effect Applicator 
  • Tingyun: Support + Attack Buff 
  • HuoHuo/Luocha: Healer 
  • Solid physical damage dealer. 
  • Tingyun can provide excellent support. 
  • Argenti is not available on the Standard banner. 


One of the first characters is a five-star Physical character who happens to belong to the Erudition path and is one of the best Physical characters in the Best Honkai Pure Fiction Teams. 

While in the team, he is focused on being the main DPS and can deal high damage using his Ultimate. 

He uses the Champion of Streetwise Boxing with the Serious of Breakfast Light Cone: 

  • Headpiece: HP%
  • Hand: ATK
  • Body: Crit 
  • Feet ATK% 

Ruan Mei 

As far as Ruan Mei is concerned for the Best Fiction Teams, she is a five-star Ice character who belongs to the Harmony path. 

She is one of the best supports as she uses her Overtone effect on enemies and is an indispensable support. 

She can use the Thief of Shooting Meteor combined with the Memories of the Past Light Cone as per my experience: 

  • Headpiece: HP%
  • Hand: ATK
  • Body: ATK/HP%
  • Feet Speed


When it comes to Tingyun, she is a four-star Lightning character who also belongs to the Harmony path, immediately making her a solid pick. 

She can single-handedly increase the attack for Argenti and make him even more viable as a main DPS. 

She can use the Messenger of Traversing Hackerspace with the Dance! Dance! Dance! Light Cone after I tested her out myself: 

  • Headpiece: HP%
  • Hand: ATK
  • Body: ATK%
  • Feet Speed


Luocha as a healer fully leveled (Image Captured By Exputer)

Last but not least, as far as Luocha is concerned, you can also use HuoHuo in his replacement, as they are both five-star Abundance characters. 

While they are in the Best Teams, they focus on keeping the characters alive by healing them as much as possible. 

The Passerby of Wandering Cloud is an excellent relic set for both of them as mentioned below after my testing: 

  • Headpiece: HP%
  • Hand: ATK
  • Body: Healing Bonus
  • Feet Speed

2) Jingliu Comp 

The Best Ice DPS Team.
Pela is a crucial support for 1.6 Pure Fiction Teams (Image By Exputer)

Moving on, Jingliu is probably one of the best DPSes that players can choose, and with the best characters like Pela, Bronya, and Luocha, it is a comp not to be missed at all. 

  • Why I Chose This Team: Jingliu is a broken Ice damage dealer, and with Bronya in hand, she can render enemies useless.

The roles of each of the characters are mentioned below as follows: 

  • Jingliu: Main DPS + Ice Damage Dealer 
  • Pela: Support + Defense Low Support 
  • BronyaSupport + Attack Buffer 
  • Luocha: Healer 
  • Broken ice damage dealer
  • Luocha is an irreplaceable healer
  • Jingliu is not available on the Standard banner. 


One of the first characters is Jingliu, who happens to be a five-star Ice character who belongs to the Destruction Path. 

While she is in the Honkai Star Rail Best Abundance Teams, she can be a deadly AoE DPS and she can benefit from her enhanced crit rate. 

She can use the Musketeer of Wild Wheat with the On the Fall of an Aeon Light Cone as mentioned below: 

  • Headpiece: HP%
  • Hand: ATK
  • Body: Crit 
  • Feet Speed/ATK%


As far as Pela is concerned, she is a four-star Ice character who belongs to the Nihility path, and she is an irreplaceable unit for Jingliu. 

While she appears in the team, she can act as a support, and with her Ultimate, she can decrease the defense for the allies. 

As for relics, in my opinion, the Thief of Shooting Meteor is the best set for her:

  • Headpiece: HP%
  • Hand: ATK
  • Body: Crit 
  • Feet Speed/ATK% 


Bronya acting as a support for the team (Image By Exputer)

When it comes to Bronya, is a five-star Wind character who belongs to the Harmony character, and she is solely there to be an indispensable asset. 

In the Best Pure Teams, she can act as a deadly support, being able to increase attack as well as Advance Forward Jingliu’s turn. 

She can use the Messenger Traversing Hackerspace for her relics, and the Past and Future set:

  • Headpiece: HP%
  • Hand: ATK
  • Body: Crit 
  • Feet Speed


Last but not least, Luocha is the final binding character for this team, and he is a five-star Abundance character belonging to the Imaginary element

He cannot only heal his teammates, but he can also remove any debuffs that might have been applied to players. 

For his relics, he can use the Passerby of Wandering Cloud: 

  • Headpiece: HP%
  • Hand: ATK
  • Body: Healing
  • Feet Speed or ATK% 

My Thoughts On The Best Pure Fiction Teams In HSR

HSR Game Time
HSR Game Time

After spending 800+ hours on HSR, I believe that Argenti is one of the best characters for Pure Fiction, while Jingliu can also be a solid option for the 1.6 patch update Pure Fiction. With that, let’s wrap up the Honkai Star Rail Best Pure Fiction Teams guide! If you want to know more about a few tips for Pure Fiction, check out this video uploaded to YouTube by Enviosity

While you’re here, I’d recommend reading up on the Honkai Star Rail Review by Abdul Haddi which dives deeper into its gameplay.

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