How To Make An Armor In Little Alchemy 2 [Explained]

Direct armor creation may not be possible in Little Alchemy 2, however, there are ways available to create it by combining base elements.

The main objective of Little Alchemy 2 revolves around combining different elements to form new substances and items, and one such interesting challenge within the game is the pursuit of armor. The concept of armor adds an element of strength, protection, tenacity, and resilience. Although direct armor creation may not be possible in Little Alchemy 2,  there are ways available to create one using combinations of base elements.

Key Takeaways
  • In order to create Armor in Little Alchemy 2, players must follow three steps:
    1. Create a Metal using combinations of Fire, Earth, Air, Fire, Stone, and Heat.
    2. Create a Fabric using different combinations of Thread, Wheel, Tool, and Machines.
    3. Finally, combine Metal and Fabric to create Armor.
  • After creating Armor, players can use it as a base ingredient for several recipes, including Armadillo, Bulletproof vest, Knight, Robots, and other metal-related items.

1. Create Metal 

Metal is the first basic material you’ll need for armor in Little Alchemy 2. It’s fairly easy to make since it is a Core element you can use as an ingredient for several recipes.

Metal in Little Alchemy 2 (Image by eXputer)

There are several methods available for creating Metal in Little Alchemy 2, details of which are given below:

First Method 

  1. Combine Air and Air to make Pressure.
  2. Then, combine Earth and Pressure to form Stone.
  3. Finally, combine Stone and Fire to create Metal.

Second Method 

  1. Combine Air and Air to form Pressure.
  2. Then, combine Earth and Pressure to make Stone.
  3. Next, combine Fire and Fire to make Energy.
  4. Combine Air and Energy to create Heat.
  5. Finally, combine Heat and Stone to produce Metal.

Third Method 

  1. In this method, combine Ore and Heat to form Metal.

Fourth Method 

  1. You can also combine Ore and Fire to create Metal.

Fifth Method 

  1. Another way of creating Metal is by combining Tool and Ore.

2. Create Fabric 

The next step in creating armor is to create Fabric. Since there is no direct way to create a fabric in Little Alchemy 2, players can use basic elements to achieve their purpose.

Fabric in Little Alchemy 2 (Screenshot by eXputer)

There are three main methods available for creating a fabric:

First Method 

  1. Start by combining Metal and Human to form a tool.
  2. Then, combine Tool and Tool to make a Machine.
  3. Next, add together Earth and Life to make Soil.
  4. Mixing Soil and Life together will make a Plant.
  5. Generate Mist by combining Water and Air.
  6. Add Earth and Earth to produce Land.
  7. Now, combine Land and Land to form a Continent.
  8. Adding Continent and Continent together will make a Planet.
  9. Atmosphere can be created by combining Planet and Mist.
  10. Combine Atmosphere and Mist to make a Cloud.
  11. Combine Cloud and Plant to generate Cotton.
  12. Merge Tool and Cotton to produce a Thread.
  13. Combine Thread and Machine to form Fabric.

Second Method 

  1. Combine together Metal and Human to create a tool.
  2. Combining Earth and Life will make Soil.
  3. Integrating Soil and Life together will make Plant.
  4. Adding Water to the Air makes a Mist.
  5. Add Earth to Earth to form Land.
  6. Mixing Land and Land will form a Continent.
  7. Adding Continents and Continents will produce a Planet.
  8. Create an Atmosphere by combining Planet and Mist.
  9. Create a Cloud by adding Mist and Atmosphere together.
  10. Adding Cloud to the Plant will result in Cotton.
  11. Combine  Tool and Cotton to make Thread.
  12. Finally, combine Tools and Machines to form Fabric.

Third Method 

  1. Combine Thread and Wheel to form a Fabric.

3. Create Armor 

  1. Combine Metal and Fabric to create Armor.

An alternative method of creating armor involves combining steel and Fabric.

Armor in Little Alchemy 2 (Image by eXputer)

After creating an armor, you can use it as a base element to create many new items, such as:

  1. Animal and Armor = Armadillo
  2. Armor and Bullet = Bulletproof vest
  3. Armor and Cat = Armadillo
  4. Warrior and Armor = Knight
  5. Dog and Armor = Armadillo
  6. Gun and Armor = Bulletproof vest
  7. Armor and Golem = Robot
  8. Armor and Human = Knight
  9. Car and Armor = Tank
  10. Life and Armor = Robot
  11. Armor and Glasses = Safety Glasses

Thus, in conclusion, after exploring the world of Alchemical armor crafting in Little Alchemy 2, you can find that while the game may not offer direct armor creation, it invites players to get creative and use their imagination to discover the potential within each combination of elements. While at it, don’t forget to check out the detailed guide on Little Alchemy 2 All Cheats.

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