How To Make Maguro Sushi In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Prepare Maguro Sushi, then feast it or sell it; your call!

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers a lot of high-quality content for people who love Disney films. It mainly serves as a love letter to these classics. It offers various activities that the player can partake in to keep themselves busy. One of these is cooking. Today our guide focuses on a recipe, which is Disney Dreamlight Valley Maguro Sushi. 

Key Takeaways
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley offers many types of Sushi for Sushi lovers. These include regular Sushi, Fugu Sushi, Kappa Maki &, of course, the Maguro Sushi. 
  • There are a total of over 167 Disney Dreamlight Valley Recipes
  • When the player is cooking, they can be accompanied by everybody’s favorite animal chef, Remy. 
  • To make the dish, you need 4 ingredients. All of these are fairly easy to acquire.
  • The Disney Dreamlight Valley Maguro Sushi recipe is easy to get despite it being a 4-star dish.
  • Unlike Maguro Sushi, some recipes in the game can only be acquired and cooked through a quest.
  • One piece of coal is required to start cooking. After it is cooked, it can be eaten, gifted to somebody, or sold for 413 Star Coins.

How To Cook Maguro Sushi?

Disney dreamlight valley maguro sushi cooking guides and where to get the ingredients
Maguro Sushi, a 4-star dish | From eXputer

Before you head over to your desired Cooking Station, make sure that you have some coal present in your inventory to start the fire. You can cook in multiple locations. It is all a matter of preference, and most players cook alongside Remy as they find the experience endearing and extra satisfying.

Furthermore, our guide will list all the ingredients you will need and exactly where you can get them. There are 4 ingredients in total that you will need and all of these are really easy to get.

Where To Get The Ingredients?

As mentioned before, acquiring all of these is easy. It is only a matter of going through different regions of the game, mainly The Forgotten Lands & The Glade Of Trust. Below are all the items you need.

  • Tuna x1: Get your fishing rods ready and head to either, the Forgotten Lands, or the Glade of Trust. Both places have Tunas, where you decide to get it from is up to you; we recommend the Forgotten Lands. In either of these areas, fish in random water bodies and you will eventually catch a Tuna. 
  • Ginger x1: While you are in the Forgotten Lands, you can also get your hands on some ginger. Collecting these is far easier than catching Tuna. Just keep your eye on the ground, and you will soon find many Ginger to collect. Once you locate one, simply approach it and press the button prompt. 
  • Rice x1: You buy Rice, and you can also buy the seeds to grow them in your own yard. Both the Rice and the seeds can be bought from Goofy’s Stall. We recommend that you grow it as it is also used in many other recipes.
  • Seaweed x1: Getting Seaweed is the easiest of all the ingredients. You can find it lying around fishing areas on every single map in the game, with the exception of the starting one. If you are somebody who loves exploring, chances are you already have Seaweed in your inventory. 

After you have collected all the required ingredients, make your way to the Cooking Station. Once here, just add in all the ingredients and you will successfully make the dish. To make the dish, you will exhaust 1,206 energy. If you decide to sell it then it will net you 413 Star Coins. 

Wrapping Up

The cooking activity is something that many fans of the game seem to fully enjoy, as is evident by the discussion under this Subreddit post. Why wouldn’t they? After all, they have so many recipes to cook, and even gathering the materials for these is fun. 

Almost all the players seem to love All Disney Dreamlight Valley characters. This is mainly due to the fact that most people grew up watching almost all of these films. As if the game already wasn’t full of charm, you can also get an animal companion. You can tell by playing it for a couple of hours that it is a labor of love. 

Most people are fully satisfied with what the game offers, and we are also among them. What is your opinion of the game? Are you a seasoned gamer, or do you just play this one? Who is your favorite Disney character? What dish do you love cooking? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. 

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