MW3 Zombies: Mission Automated Backup

Learn how to find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards and complete Mission Automated Backup .

In MW3: Zombies, you must complete Mission Automated Backup to progress in the game. The Automated Backup is the last mission in Act One, Tier 3. In this mission, players must find the required circuit boards and insert them inside the turrets to complete the mission’s objectives.

Key Takeaways
  • Automated Backup is the last mission in Act One, Tier 3 in MW3: Zombies.
  • To complete your mission, you must activate three Deadbolt Turrets using Ammo Mod Circuit Boards.
  • Finding Ammo Mod Circuit Boards can be challenging since they are rare.
  • Clear Infested Strongholds or Mercenary Strongholds to find the required Circuit Boards.
  • Once found, use the Circuit Boards to activate Turrets.

Make sure to also explore eXputer’s video tutorial on successfully completing the Automated Backup Mission:

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What Is Automated Backup MW3 Zombies?

mw3 automated backup
Mission Automated Backup [Image By Me]
The sole objective of Mission Automated Backup is to activate three Deadbolt Turrets using Ammo Mod Circuit Boards in MW3 Zombies.

These circuit boards are rare and not easy to find. You must locate and insert them into the turrets to complete your mission. Once the circuit boards are inserted, the Deadbolt Turrets will be activated, and your objective will be achieved.

Locating Ammo Mod Circuit Boards

mw3 automated backup
Ammo Mod Circuit Board [Image By Me]
As these Circuit Boards can be difficult to find, try searching in the following two locations:

1. Infested Stronghold

If you want an Ammo Mod Circuit Board, the most effective method is to clear out an Infested Stronghold. Follow the steps below to clear an Infected Stronghold:

  1. Equip a mask before entering the Stronghold.
  2. Once inside the Stronghold, destroy all the yellow pustules.
  3. Arm yourself with a powerful weapon, as you’ll be fighting a horde of zombies.
  4. After successfully clearing the Infested Stronghold, you’ll be rewarded with many Aether Caches.
  5. One of these caches is likely to contain the Ammo Mod Circuit Board.

Remember, there is a chance that the desired loot may not be found after clearing an Infested Stronghold. In that case, clearing another Infested Stronghold is recommended, where you may have better luck finding the Ammo Mod Circuit Board you’re looking for. You can try finding it in Medium or High Threat Zones as the rewards increase with the level of risk.

2. Mercenary Stronghold

If you don’t want to fight with zombies and clear out an Infested Stronghold, you must head to a Mercenary Stronghold instead.

  1. Before clearing the Mercenary Stronghold, you must obtain a Mercenary Stronghold Card.
  2. You can get this card by clearing out a Mercenary Camp or buying it from a Buy Station for 2000 Essence.
  3. Clearing out a Mercenary Stronghold will earn you Aether Caches as a reward.
  4. With some luck, you may find an Ammo Mod Circuit Board inside one of the Aether Caches.

Important: Mercenary Stronghold is a less reliable source for finding Ammo Mod Circuit Boards.

Activating Deadbolt Turrets

mw3 automated backup
Deadbolt Turret [Image By Me]
Once you have found the Ammo Mod Circuit Boards, you need to activate Deadbolt Turrets.

  1. Open your map to find the Deadbolt Turrets.
  2. Proceed to the nearest turret and interact with it.
  3. Insert the Ammo Mod Circuit Board into the turret to activate it.
  4. The Turret will start up and start targeting zombies nearby.
  5. You have to do this for all three turrets. 

Remember to look for Moded Turret Circuit Boards, such as the ‘Brain Rot Turret Circuit’, as they are specifically required for this mission. After activating all three turrets, your mission will be complete. You will receive the Death Perception Acquisition and a 1500 XP reward for completing the mission. 

This is all the information you need to complete the Automated Backup Mission in MW3: Zombies. For more helpful tips, read How To Do a Sentry Gun Gltich in MW3: Zombies and generate massive XP. Learn All Easter Eggs Locations in MW3: Zombies and earn free perks. Read How To Find A Doghouse And Use It in MW3: Zombies, which will allow you to have a pet Hellhound fighting alongside you against zombies.


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