RE4 Remake: All Hidden Secrets & Easter Eggs

There's more to what meets the eye in these RE4 Secrets.

RE4 Remake boasts many hidden secrets that can be found by players. These secrets reference the original Resident Evil 4 game or enhance the gameplay by opening up new approaches.

Important: There will be hefty spoilers below detailing some surprises, so be mindful of them if you wish to carry on.
Key Takeaways

Here are some interesting secrets most players may miss:

  • Sitting on Salazar’s Throne triggers a special scene in RE4 Remake.
  • Skip the village ambush by shooting the church bell with a Sniper.
  • Shooting the Del Lago lake triggers a jumpscare where the monster eats Leon.
  • Save the Dog after the first encounter with Bitores Mendez; it aids in the El Gigante fight.
  • Leon’s Combat Knife is the same from Resident Evil 2, given by Marvin Branagh.
  • Throw eggs at NPCs like the merchant or Ashley for funny reactions.
  • Collecting 16 Clockwork Castellans unlocks the unbreakable Primal Knife.
  • Complete a Professional difficulty run without bonus weapons to get the Chicago Sweeper.
  • Attain an A rank in a Professional difficulty run to obtain the Handcannon

Here’s a quick summary of all the hidden secrets in RE4 Remake: 

Salazar's ThroneTriggers RE4 reference scene.
Skipping Village HordeShoot church bell to skip village ambush.
The Lake MonsterShoot lake for Del Lago jumpscare.
Leon's Best FriendSave dog to aid against El Gigante.
Leon's KnifeSame as Resident Evil 2.
Throwing Eggs at NPCsHumorous reactions with eggs.
Chicago SweeperUnlock SMG with infinite ammo, A rank on Professional.
Clockwork CastellansCollect 16 to unlock Primal Knife.
HandcannonUnlock Magnum, beat game on Professional without bonus weapons.

Salazar’s Throne 

  • In the original, once players found Salazar’s Throne in the Castle, they had the option to sit on it.
  • This triggered a special scene where Leon sat down on the throne.
  • In RE4 Remake, the scene makes its return as a nod to the original game.
RE4 Remake Salazar Throne
Leon Sitting On Salazar’s Throne | Image Credit: eXputer

Skipping The Village Horde

  • When players first start their playthrough of RE4 Remake,they will eventually encounter the iconic village section.
  • Also, during this part, a huge mob of Ganados and the chainsaw-wielding Dr. Salvador ambush Leon.
  • Players can clear this encounter by biding enough timeuntil the bell in the church rings.
  • However, players can ring the bell by themselves by using a Sniper rifle to shoot the bell from a distance away.
  • This can be done by running to the house that triggers the cutscene and immediately jumping out of the window upstairs toward the right.
  • Now, use your Sniper to shoot the church bell to ring it.
The Village Skip
The Village Skip In RE4 | Image By eXputer
  • This causes the Ganados to leave Leon alone instantly.

The Lake Monster 

  • In the original Resident Evil 4, players would get eaten alive by the Del Lago monster if they shot at the lake multiple times.
  • This iconic jumpscare makes its return in one of RE4 Remake secrets. 
  • Players can trigger this scene by shooting at the lake multiple times, just like in the original.
RE4 Lake Monster
The Lake Monster Juimpscare | Image By eXputer

Leon’s Best Friend

  • Capcom gave fans a big fright by showcasing a dead dog at the start of the game.
  • However, they simply changed the Dog’s location.
  • The dog is found after the first encounter with Bitores Mendez and can be saved.
RE4 Remake Secrets Leon Saves Dog
Leon Saving The Dog | Image By eXputer
  • After saving him, he helps Leon during the first fight with El Gigante. 
RE4 Remake Leon's Aid
The Dog Arrives To Aid Leon | Image Credit: eXputer
  • Capcom has done justice to the dog by making him play a bigger part during the fight.

Leon’s Knife

  • The Combat Knife used by Leon during RE4 Remake is the same one given to him by Marvin Branagh in Resident Evil 2.
Resident Evil 4 Secrets Leon Knife
Leon’s Combat Knife | Image By eXputer

It is a nice nod to RE2 and gives us insight into Leon as a character.

Throwing Eggs At NPCs

  • Eggs in RE4 Remake are usually used to restore Leon’s health by consuming them.
  • Alternatively, players can equip and chuck them at Ashley or the Merchant, triggering a funny reaction.
Egg Throwing Resident Evil 4 Secrets
Leon Throwing An Egg At Ashley | Image Credit: eXputer

Chicago Sweeper

Resident Evil 4 Remake Secrets Chicago Sweeper
The Chicago Sweeper | Image By eXputer
  • The Chicago Sweeper is a powerful SMG that can only be obtained after completing a run on Professional difficulty with an rank.
  • It has a perk that grants players infinite ammo, making it one of the best weapons in RE4 Remake.
  • For a more in-depth look into how to unlock the Chicago Sweeper, check out our guide.

Clockwork Castellans

  • Clockwork Castellans are hidden collectibles depicting Salazar that can be found throughout the entire game.
  • There are a total of 16 castellans which are divided into 1 per chapter.
  • After getting all 16 of these, players will unlock the powerful Primal Knife.
  • The best part about this knife is that it is completely indestructible.
  • Also, this is one of the more obscure secrets in RE4 Remake that was not present in the original Resident Evil 4.


  • The Handcannon is a powerful Magnum gun that can only be unlocked after beating the game at Professional difficulty.
  • The catch is players cannot use any bonus weapons during this playthrough.
  • These include the Infinite Rocket Launcher, Chicago Sweeper, and Primal Knife.
  • With these limitations, it is one of the harder secrets to unlock in Resident Evil 4 Remake.


Resident Evil 4 once again proves itself as the magnum opus of the horror genre with the new addition to the REmake series. It enhances the story by making the story more concrete, better-written characters, and enhanced combat. In addition, the parry system has left players addicted to combat. With the separate ways DLC that is currently in development, fans can rest assured of a horror experience that will last for decades.

And there you have it; with our guide detailing all secrets in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will appreciate the vivid detail and effort Capcom put into this remake.

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