RE4 Remake Gemstone: Types, Bonuses & Use

This guide covers all the types, bonuses, and general uses of gemstones in RE4 Remake, so you earn and spend pesetas much more quickly.

Gemstones are an easy guide to making short stacks of pesetas in RE4: Remake. Like the treasure items, you can exclusively use these stones for selling purposes in the game. However, unlike the original, they have a lot more versatility compared this time around thanks to the new and improved looting system. And with the right treasure item and gem collection, you can even pair them together to tremendously raise their price!

Key Takeaways

  • Gemstones in Resident Evil 4 Remake are jewelry items primarily used for selling purposes at the Merchant’s Shop.
  • There are 6 different gemstones with unique rarities and values, which include:
    1. Ruby – 3000 Pesetas.
    2. Sapphire – 4000 Pesetas.
    3. Emerald – 5000 Pesetas.
    4. Alexandrite – 6000 Pesetas.
    5. Yellow Diamond – 7000 Pesetas.
    6. Red Beryl – 9000 Pesetas.
  • These can typically be obtained by completing Extended Map Treasure side quests, defeating specific enemy types, trading Spinels at the Merchant’s shop, or simply finding them laying around once or twice per Chapter.
  • Besides direct-selling, these gemstones can be inlaid into Treasure items to get bigger rewards.
  • Players can start inlaying them by going into the Key Items & Treasures menu in the inventory, selecting a Treasure Item, and clicking on the “Inlay Gemstones” option.
  • Applying several gemstones onto a single Treasure Item triggers a Gemstone Bonus, a multiplier perk that adds a percentage increase to the total selling price.
  • These Gemstone Bonuses vary between combinations, and players can find their exact multiplier when inlaying the jewels.
  • A gemstone’s shape, either Round or Rectangle, determines whether or not it can fit into a Treasure Item’s open slot.
  • Players should try on stacking up similar gemstones and inlaying them into Treasure Items with 4 or 5 open slots to get a better multiplier and thus, more currency.

Types Of Gemstones

There are 6 unique types of gemstones that you can collect in Resident Evil 4: Remake. You can usually find most of them as random drops during enemy encounters or exploration segments. Alternatively, you might also find some as purchasable items from the Merchant, or as farmable loot from certain enemy types.

GemstoneColorShapeSelling Price
RubyRedRound3000 Pesatas
SapphireBlueRound4000 Pesatas
EmeraldGreenRectangle5000 Pesatas
AlexandritePurpleRectangle6000 Pesatas
Yellow DiamondYellowRound7000 Pesatas
BerylRedRectangle9000 Pesatas
  • Gemstones, once obtained, can be sold at any time at the Merchant’s shop.
  • You can usually find them once or twice per Chapter depending on their rarity, or as discoverable loot from specific Extended Map Treasures.
Yellow Diamond RE4: Remake
A Yellow Diamond (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
    • Some mobs also guarantee these precious jewels as drops after you kill them, like the Regeneradors and the Masked Cultists in red wear assuring Ruby and Red Beryl drops respectively.
    • Additionally, you can obtain certain gems as rewards for taking down notably strong foes, like the amped Iron Maiden in the Wandering Dead Merchant Request that drops an Alexandrite once killed.
Alexandrite RE4 Iron Maiden
Collecting the Alexandrite from the Iron Maiden (Image by eXputer)
    • Another uncommon way of getting them is by trading the Spinels you get from Blue Notice Requests or as random loot at the Merchant’s shop.
Trade Items list with Merchant at his shop
Yellow Diamond tradable at the Merchant’s Shop for 3x Spinel (Image Captured by eXputer)

Uses Of Gemstones

  • Alongside simply selling off the gemstone as it is, one important feature the remake adds is the capability of inlaying several of these gemstones into treasure items which ultimately become more valuable than their constituents.
  • These Treasure Items have unique slots for you to fill with several jewels.
Inlaying Gemstones in Treasure items
Inlaying a Treasure Item with Sapphire and Yellow Diamond (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
    • One of the major distinguishing factors of a gemstone that determines whether or not it’s compatible with a specific slot of a treasure item is its shape.
    • Once a gemstone fits into the item, the newly-made artifact gains the value of the standalone gemstone and treasure item combined.
    • On top of that, you can also get a Gemstone Bonus, which is an extra multiplier of the artifact’s value, raising it by a considerable margin.

How To Inlay Gemstones?

  • Open your inventory and head to Key Items & Treasures menu.
  • Here, you’ll find all the keys, gemstones and Treasure Items you’ve collected thus far.
  • Click on any Treasure Item with an open slot and select “Inlay Gemstones.”
  • Now, you can insert the jewels into the treasure’s rectangular or circular gem slots.

Just remember that you can only fit Rubies, Sapphires, and Yellow Diamonds into the circular slots and Alexandrites, Red Beryls, and Emeralds into the other. And since most Treasure items can be inlaid with several gemstones simultaneously, you’ll want to be more mindful of their shape requirements. For a complete list of decorative Treasure items in RE4 Remake, you can find them below along with other details:

Treasure ItemBase Selling PriceGemstone Slots
Flagon4000 Pesetas2 Round
Splendid Bangle4000 Pesetas2 Rectangle
Elegant Bangle5000 Pesetas2 Round
Elegant Mask5000 Pesetas3 Round
Butterfly Lamp6000 Pesetas3 Round
Chalice of Atonement7000 Pesetas3 Rectangle
Extravagent Clock9000 Pesetas1 Rectangle + 1 Round
Golden Lynx15000 Pesetas1 Rectangle + 2 Round
Elegant Crown19000 Pesetas3 Rectangle + 2 Round

What Are Gemstone Bonuses?

  • Fitting a pair or trio of jewels into a single treasure item can yield bonuses that ultimately give the item extra value.
  • This mechanic is arguably the biggest way how RE4 Remake’s gemstones guide the player to fully maximize their inventory’s potential for maximum profit.
  • Bonuses differ with each jewel combination, and since the bonuses are multipliers rather than fixed currency boosts, you’ll gain more Pesetas for inlaying rarer and more expensive gemstones into one treasure item.
  • For more detail, here’s a list of all the gemstone combinations and the bonuses they turn in: 
Combination NameCombination DescriptionBonusSample Combination
Two ColorsTwo gemstones of differing colorsx1.11x Ruby | 1x Emerald
DuoTwo gemstones of the same colorx1.22x Yellow Diamond
Three ColorsThree gemstones of differing colorsx1.31x Emerald | 1x Sapphire | 1x Ruby
TrioThree gemstones of the same colorx1.43x Alexandrite
Two DuosTwo Duo gemstone combinationsx1.52x Ruby | 2x Sapphire
Four ColorsFour gemstones of differing colorsx1.61x Red Beryl | 1x Sapphire | 1x Emerald | 1x Alexandrite
QuartelFour gemstones of the same colorx1.74x Red Beryl
Duo and TrioOne Duo and one Trio combinationx1.82x Yellow Diamond | 1x Emerald
QuintelFive gemstones of the same colorx1.95x Sapphire
Five ColorsFive gemstones of differing colorsx2.01x Red Beryl | 1x Ruby | 1x Alexandrite | 1x Emerald | 1x Sapphire
  • As seen, the Bonuses become much more significant as more jewels are inlaid into a single Treasure Item.
  • For the best possible payout, wait for a 4 or 5-slot Treasure item and stack as many gemstones as possible into that item since more gems will equal a higher incentive due to the multiplier.
  • This way, you can guarantee the best value for all the jewels with you at the same time.
Re4 remake gemstone bonus system
All Gemstone Bonuses on Treasure Items (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
Important: Notice how you’ll get a bigger bonus when you pair up the same gemstones. This is another aspect of RE4 Remake’s revamped looting system, encouraging you to collect rather than spend jewels until you have a set of the same type.

Final Remarks

That wraps up our RE4 Remake’s gemstone guide that can easily reward you a fortune with a bit of strategizing. This modernized looting system is a warm welcome to the franchise, teaching players not to be hasty and instead wait for the right time to cash in their precious valuables. It’s a simple concept that even this Subreddit Post explains well while also going into further detail.

If you’re struggling to kill Regeneradors for farming gemstones, you might want to read our guide on getting the Thermal Scope beforehand. For more intriguing selling items in Resident Evil 4 Remake, check out our Viper locations guide to learn more about an extra earning source. And for simply progressing the main game, consider reading up on how to defeat all the in-game bosses.


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