Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Viper Locations

Do the Venomous Ventures & complete the Viper Hunter Requests in Resident Evil 4 Remake

One of the Merchant requests called the “Viper Hunter,” tasks Leon to go and hunt down 3 vipers and sell them to the Merchant. You can find the Vipers simply by listening to the sound of hissing. When you hear the hiss, it means you are close to it.

Before You Start: Viper Hunter is the 3rd Merchant request. And to get this request, you must complete the first two to unlock this one.

Key Highlights
  • Resident Evil 4 Remake has a new set of side quests known as Merchant Requests.
  • The fourth Merchant Request is known as Viper Hunter.
  • The player must kill 3 vipers and sell them to the Merchant to complete this request.
  • There are 3 locations where you can find the vipers, which include: Cliffside Path, Town Hall, and Fish Farm.
  • The viper in the cliffside path is in a cabin. Town Hall viper can be found in a crate which you can see as soon as you enter it.
  • There are 4 vipers located on the fish farm. All of them are scattered around the area.
  • The reward for completing the request is 4 Spinels and 3000 Pesetas

Cliffside Path Viper Location

cliffside viper
Location of the Cliffside Path Viper on the Map.

There is one Viper that can be found on the Cliffside path. When you are crossing the wooden pathway that connects the Church to the Quarry, you can find a cabin there. The cabin will have one table with a crate on top of it. Break the crate, and you will find the Viper sitting in it. However, to pick up the viper, you must kill it first. Use your knife to kill the viper to save ammo. 

Town Hall Viper Location

Town Hall viper
Location of the Town Hall Viper on the map.

One viper can be found in the town hall in the village. However, you cannot open it unless you have the Vertigo Key on you. Once you have found the Vertigo Key, go to the town hall. As soon as you enter the town hall, you can see a shelf on the left side. There is a crate on that shelf. Break open the crate, and you will find another viper. 

Important: The Town Hall Viper is only available if you haven’t gone through the Church. In fact, if you have gone past it when you revisit, the Viper is no longer there. 

Fish Farm Viper Locations

Fish Farm locations
All the Fish Farm Viper locations are on the map.

The fish farm is an area filled with vipers. In fact, the area is actually used as a farming spot for vipers. Moreover, you don’t even need to care about the 2 vipers in the above-mentioned locations. This area has enough vipers for you to complete the Viper Hunter request. There are actually 4 vipers scattered around this entire area. All of them are listed below.

  • First Viper: When you enter the Fish Farm, you can see a Wooden Ramp leading to a bridge. The viper is sitting on the ramp. 
  • Second Viper: You can find the second viper in the center of the fish farm on a wooden platform. 
  • Third Viper: It can be found at the northernmost end of the fish farm. It will be inside the water, so you must hear its hissing to find it.
  • Fourth Viper: The last viper can be found in the west of the fish farm. This one is near a cabin on the western end of the fish farm.

Once you have killed and collected 3 vipers, go to the merchant. After selling them, the Merchant will give you the reward and hence complete the Merchant Request. 

Important: The reward for completing this request is 4 Spinels and 3000 Pesetas.

My Experience Finding Vipers

After ending Resident Evil 4 Remake multiple times and having several dozens of hours of playtime on my Future_Bird Steam Profile, vipers were not something I was initially too aware of. The one advice I would give to players is not to be fooled into thinking that there are only three snakes hidden in the area and you have to break every box in order to try and find them.

re4 playtime
My RE4 playtime on Steam

While there is one snake chilling inside a wooden box, there are four more snakes just having the time of their lives swimming in the waters of the fish farm, basically begging you to kill them and complete the quest. So, don’t worry much about it, as you will very easily be able to spot at least three snakes in the fish farm.


Resident Evil 4 Remake is a survival horror game, just like the original. However, many new things have been added to the game. In fact, one of the new additions includes the Merchant Requests. These are side quests given to you by the Merchant in Resident Evil 4. One of these requests in RE4 Remake is the Viper Hunter request. This is the third Merchant Request. The first is Destroy the Farm Blue Medallions, and the second is Pest Control. The one after Viper Hunter is the Grave Robber request.

In order to complete the Viper Hunter request, you must know all the Viper Locations in Resident Evil 4 Remake. There are 3 locations where you can find vipers. They include Cliffside Path, Town Hall, and Fish Farm. Moreover, you need to kill 3 vipers in order to complete the request. In fact, you can find a total of 6 vipers in these locations. That wraps up all you needed to know about the Viper locations in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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