Starfield: Should You Spare Or Kill Ron Hope [Best Choice]

Learn the consequences of each choice and which choice is the best.

As players reach the end of the Hammer Fall quest, they will be given the choice to either kill or spare Ron Hope. Since this choice can drastically change the outcome of the quest, one must know of all the Starfield Ron Hope choice options that they can choose, alongside the consequences that may come with each choice.

Key Takeaways
  • Near the conclusion of the Hammer Fall quest in Starfield, players will be presented with four choices.
  • Arresting and killing Ron Hope is more morally rewarding as players will receive approval from their companions.
  • If you choose to spare Ron Hope in Starfield, then that allows him to walk free with no consequences while allowing you to be slightly richer.

Who Is Ron Hope?

ron hope choice in starfield
Ron Hope in Starfield [Image Captured by eXputer]
Ron Hope is a wealthy businessman and the CEO of HopeTech Corporation while also being on the Council of Governors, which makes him an important figure in the world of Starfield.

Before I get into all the choices available to the player, you must also know some backstory so you’ll know which choice fits best with your morals. You find incriminating evidence that Ron Hope is guilty of poisoning Farmer’s Land to make it more mineral-rich than hiring mercenaries to try and force farmers to leave their land.

But arresting him may cause political instability as he is on the Council of Governors and owns the HopeTech Corporation. And Ron Hope already makes it clear that trying to arrest him will result in violence. This makes the choice much more heavy on the conscience of the players. 

Every Choice For Ron Hope In Starfield

The four choices available to the player are:

  • Arrest and kill Ron Hope.
  • Spare him by accepting his 20,000 credit bribe.
  • Use the negotiation skill and increase the bribe to 50,000 credits.
  • Spare him for free.

Consequence For Each Choice

ron hope choice in starfield
Meeting Ron Hope’s assistant after killing him [Image Taken by eXputer]
For me, arresting and killing Ron Hope is the best choice for the Hammer Fall quest. 

Even though Ron Hope claims that killing him will cause instability, even if you kill him, nothing bad happens. One could say that they were just empty threats.

Here is what will happen if players decide to kill Ron Hope:

  • Players will have to fight Ron Hope and his security detail.
  • After killing Ron Hope, his assistant will claim that HopeTech will most probably endure despite this.
  • Players will also get approval from their companions.
  • Players can also loot Ron Hope and his security detail for some minor credits and ammo after killing them.

But if players decide to accept the bribe, then basically two things will happen:

  • Ron Hope will not face any consequences, and players will get a sizable amount of credits. 
  • Players will have to lie to the Marshall by saying that the trail went cold once you go back to the Rock. If you need credits, consider reading the Starfield Money Glitch guide.

With this, I conclude my guide about Ron Hope Choice for Starfield. Aside from this, consider reading the Best There is, Eye of the Storm, No Sudden Moves, and Due In Full quest guides as well. Do let me know what you think about Starfield in the comment section below.


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