Diablo Immortal Gems Tier List [February 2024]

You can utilize our Diablo Immortal Gems Tier List to find the best gem for usage in the game.

In Diablo Immortal, choosing the most powerful Gems for your character will allow you to defeat foes easily in every situation. These come to you from Elder Rifts randomly, so which one do you level up, or which ones should you convert to Gem Power? Make these crucial decisions for your Legendary Gems using our Diablo Immortal Gems Tier List as a reference.

Key Highlights
  • Matching its character collection, Diablo Immortal offers 28 equipable Gems to all its players.
  • Gem ranking is based on skill execution and learning curve.
  • Top choices: Everlasting Torment, Power & Command, Fervent Fang, Seeping Bile, Blood-Soaked Jade.
  • Worst choices: Echoing Shade and Mocking Laughter Gems.
  • Unreliable Gems are not recommended.
  • Wise Gem selection is crucial for success, so stick to the best ones for better chances of winning.

Here’s a summary of the Diablo Immortal Gems Tier List:

Diablo Immortal Gems Tier List Ranking Table
Tiers Gems 
S-Tier Everlasting Torment, Fervent Fang, Power & Command, Seeping Bile, Blood-Soaked Jade, and Berserker’s Eye
A-Tier Trickshot Gem, Lightning Core, Cutthroat’s Grin, The Chip of Stone Flesh, Blessing of the Worthy, Ca’arsen’s Invigoration, and Chained Death
B-Tier Bloody Reach, Battleguard, The Hunger, Howler’s Call, Phoenix Ashes, Respite Stone, Black Rose, Zod Stone, and Seled’s Weakening
C-Tier Nightmare Wreath, Defiant Soul, Pain of Subjugation, Unity Crystal, Echoing Shade, and Mocking Laughter

Now that you know the rankings, let’s briefly overview the effects of these gems:

CategoryGem NameSpecial Effect
S-TierBlood-Soaked JadeFaster movement, more damage, reduced by damage taken.
S-TierSeeping BilePoison debuff chance on strikes.
S-TierPower & CommandSwitches between command & power states, buff & debuff.
S-TierFervent FangStacks damage increase on hits, shared by allies.
S-TierEverlasting TormentCritical hits cause bleed effect.
S-TierBerserker’s EyeIncreased DMG, reduced protection.
A-TierBlessing of the WorthyReflects 20% damage to adjacent enemies.
A-TierChip of Stone FleshTimer bomb on disoriented foes.
A-TierCutthroat’s GrinBackstab success increases crit rate.
A-TierLightning CoreCharges with attacks, deals bonus DMG.
A-TierTrickshot GemReduces major skill energy consumption.
A-TierChained DeathAccumulates damage, deals to targets.
A-TierCa’arsen’s InvigorationIncreases main attack mobility.
B-TierPhoenix AshesInvulnerability for 6s, prevents lethal damage.
B-TierHowler’s CallSummons charging bull for AoE damage.
B-TierThe HungerRestores % of base DMG after defeating an enemy.
B-TierBattleguardReduces incoming DMG by 8%.
B-TierBloody ReachDamage increases based on distance.
B-TierSeled’s WeakeningIncreased damage after elite monster kill.
B-TierZod StoneIncreases ultimate duration by 16%.
B-TierBlack RoseSummons vines to immobilize attackers.
B-TierRespite StoneStackable DMG reduction based on lost health.
C-TierEchoing Shade15% chance to summon shadow clone for support.
C-TierUnity CrystalHalves damage received for group.
C-TierPain of Subjugation5.5% DMG increase on targets in loss of control.
C-TierDefiant SoulBlocks attack, releases damaging effect.
C-TierNightmare WreathCauses fear in nearby enemies after defeating an enemy.
C-TierMocking LaughterTaunts primary targets to attack you.


Diablo Immortal Gems S-Tier

The best Gems found in Diablo Immortal are displayed at the S-Tier of our Diablo Immortal Gems Tier List. They are in high demand and, because of their powerful skills, can control the flow of a fight.

Blood-Soaked Jade

The Blood-Soaked Jade Gem is an incredibly offensive Legendary Gem that relies on you being the aggressor. Your movement speed will increase by 10%, and you will inflict up to 8.0 percent more damage.

However, the amount of damage you sustain will reduce this benefit. Take care to hold onto the advantage as firmly as you can.

Seeping Bile

The Seeping Bile enhances your strikes with a 4% chance of causing the opponent to take a poison debuff. The health of the impacted opponents will deplete at a rate of (25 percent initial DMG + 263) DMG per second. The cooldown for the ability is 20 seconds, and its duration is 6 seconds.

Power & Command

State-based passive Power and command changes every 9 seconds. While switching to the command state gives players a 10% opportunity to negate/dispel debuffs, the power state might enhance your primary attack.

Fervent Fang

Every single hit you land increases the amount of damage that Fervent Fang starts piling. You might conceivably achieve a limit of 18 percent additional damage on each hit if the combination isn’t broken.

Surprisingly, you aren’t the only one who can use the damage modifier. Instead, anybody striking the victim while the combination is active will inflict more damage.

Everlasting Torment

All critical hits are effectively converted into bleed effects by Everlasting Torment. Over time, your damage causes the adversary to sustain heavy hits even while they engage in combat. However, the object can perform this action once per 20 seconds. It remains a really helpful entry-level choice, though.

Berserker’s Eye

Damage-increasing gem Berserker’s Eye increases your DMG ratio by 5.5 percent. However, there is a drawback to this improvement. Your protection is reduced by utilizing Berserker’s Eye to the level where you take 6 percent more damage.

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Diablo Immortal Gems A-Tier

The A-Tier Gem roster of our Diablo Immortal Gems Tier List includes several great Gems that may be effective in most circumstances. Although not as effective as the S-Tier, these gems can still be good enough to annihilate most PvP or PvE opponents.

Blessing of the Worthy

A gem designed specifically for tanks that wish to deliver health-based damage is called Blessing of the Worthy. It functions as thorn mail with a 20% chance to deal adjacent opponents back the damage that was dealt to them. Because this DMG scales with maximum health, it is quite helpful.

The chip of Stone Flesh

You can effectively set a time bomb on any disoriented opponent with Chip of Stone Flesh. Once the cursed timer starts ticking, the adversary will sustain an additional 45% of the previously supported DMG.

As you might have predicted, the cooldown for this skill is 20 seconds for each target. As a result, you won’t be able to repeat it on a solo adversary.

Cutthroat’s Grin

As the name implies, Cutthroat’s Grin is a specialized Gem for killers and players that favor hitting from behind their foes. Every time you perform a successful backstab, your critical strike rate increases by 8%.

Even though it may not appear to be much, several classes lack critical in their kit. Thus, possessing a critical chance might slightly increase your damage ratio.

Lightning Core

The more you attack, the more energy the Lightning Core charges you. It is perfect for melee classes since after the player is ultimately charged, your subsequent strike will deliver an additional 1134 flat damage in addition to 90% of the base damage.

The biggest drawback of this gemstone is that it only charges lightning from physical assaults. Any skills or spells won’t, therefore, speed up the charge.

Trickshot Gem

Your major skills might use less energy, thanks to Trickshot Gem. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, the ability to throw a few more punches may sometimes change the course of events.

Chained Death

In 1v1 battles, accumulating DMG is always a welcome bonus. While you may use the Chained Death to your advantage, the damage ratio isn’t insignificant.

As a result, you will only deal 1.5 * 3% of the DMG to the targets. The good news is that it can only be applied to a maximum of three targets, allowing you more leeway to experiment.

Ca’arsen’s Invigoration

Simple Ca’arsen’s Invigoration increases your main attack mobility by 5.5 percent. Thankfully, there are no conditions connected. You’ll be able to strike far more quickly as a result. However, unless there is a tank gem in your party, this ability might often feel a little pointless in a game where you must respect the boss‘s damage.

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Diablo Immortal Gems B-Tier

Gems that function admirably when the conditions are ideal can be found in the B-Tier of this Diablo Immortal Gems Tier List. These gems have few applications, yet their passive abilities allow them to destroy most opponents.

Phoenix Ashes

The Phoenix Ashes Gem, which is the best protection, shields you from any harm for six seconds while also preventing lethal damage, giving you plenty of time to heal and attack again.

Howler’s Call

Every one of your main attacks can summon a charging bull that rushes in one direction and deals a tonne of damage to whatever it comes in contact with. The region of effect damage unleashed by Howler’s Call, even though it can only be utilized once per 20 seconds, is nearly ridiculous.

The Hunger

When you beat an adversary while wearing The Hunger, a percentage of your base DMG is repaired. Although the talent first appears broken, the modification isn’t very large. As a result, it is only effective when used in conjunction with large-scale AOE assaults while battling against huge groupings.


A protective spell called Battleguard reduces incoming DMG by 8%. Unfortunately, elemental damage is not compatible with this. As a result, you can frequently be left on your own. Without a doubt, damage mitigation of any kind is a fantastic asset in the Diablo Immortal universe.

Bloody Reach

Based on how far away you are from the adversary, the Bloody Reach gem increases your damage, and it is decent for wizards and demon hunters. It requires ideal play and partly depends on RNG for things like rift layouts.

Seled’s Weakening

You can do more damage after defeating an elite monster thanks to the legendary gem Seled’s Weakening. 
The boost lasts minute, and the modifier can only increase by 6%. As result, it will only be applied in very limited circumstances.

Zod Stone

Your ultimate duration will increase by 16%, thanks to the Legendary gem known as the Zod Stone. You may use this with extensive AOE barrages to create a respectable weapon. However, depending on the ultimate, it can be either advantageous or damaging, so be careful to devise a plan before rushing in.

Black Rose

With Black Rose, you can call up vines. It has a 10% probability of immobilizing an aggressor upon hit. You must sustain damage for this effect to activate. While it is all well and good, the immobilization period is too brief, and the cooldown is only 20 seconds.

Respite Stone

Respite Stone gives a stacking DMG reduction boost, which gets bigger each time your life drops by another 10%. As long as you’re ready to consider the benefits associated with other gems, it might be useful when utilized with novice Crusades.



When you locate higher-ranking gems, it is advised to swap out the Gems in the C-Tier of the Diablo Immortal Gems Tier List. Their performance is quite underwhelming in terms of skill. They do, however, typically manage to complete the task.

Echoing Shade

Every time you attack with this ability, there is a 15% chance that a shadow clone will be summoned. The copy created with Echoing Shade lasts 8 seconds and has just a small portion of your skills. In Diablo Immortal, having additional helping hands during a battle is always quite helpful.

Unity Crystal

A protective gem known as Unity Crystal effectively halves the harm received. However, the fact that the bonus is given to the entire group is its single redeeming quality. You may anticipate that supports will be the only ones to use because the damage reduction isn’t that great.

Pain of Subjugation

A momentary Legendary gem called Pain of Subjugation increases your attack DMG by 5.5 percent while your victim is in a state of loss of control. If you use a counterattacking build, this could work. Nevertheless, it is advised to replace it as quickly as possible.

Defiant Soul

In Diablo Immortal, avoiding damage is a rather typical occurrence. If you effectively block an attack, The Defiant Soul boosts that effect by launching 64 percent +777 damage across a broad area.

Nevertheless, blocking in a bunch of adversaries is terrifying in and of itself. As a result, in most situations, you won’t be able to discover many uses for the gem.

Nightmare Wreath

When you murder a foe’s family members, Nightmare Wreath effectively makes all nearby foes dread you. Despite the extremely brief dread length, taking a break is still beneficial. Though it will only happen once per 20 seconds, consider it a welcome surprise each time it activates.

Mocking Laughter

A tank-based gem called Mocking Laughter tricks your primary targets into attacking you. It is useless in solitary play, as you may have predicted. The taunting lasts only two seconds and is ineffective against top monsters, which is a further insult.

What Are Legendary Gems In Diablo Immortal?

Legendary Gems offer Resonance, Combat Rating, and potent special effects. The following six pieces of equipment can be worn simultaneously on the Main Hand, Helm Off-Hand, Chest, Shoulders, and Pants. These gems gain incredible bonuses as their power increases up to rank 10.

These Legendary Gems may be divided into three categories based on their star level: 1, 2, and 5. A few of these Gems are far more prevalent than others. At Rank 3, all Gems unlock a new Attribute. As levels increase, all Attributes get stronger.

A randomized star count from 2 to 5 is assigned to 5-star Gems when dropped or created. Since 5-star gems are far more effective than the one and two-star Legendary gems, it makes sense to incorporate one wherever you can into your build.

Once a player reaches rank 10, they can utilize legendary gems to awaken legendary equipment.

Drop Chances

Depending on the kind of Crest utilized in the Elder Rift, different Legendary Gems have different drop probabilities and star counts.

You will always get a 5 Star Legendary Gem for every 50 Legendary Crests you utilize. This guarantee count is distinct from the one for the Eternal Legendary Crest obtained through the shop with Eternal Orbs. The data is as follows:

Legendary Chests

  • 1 Star: 75.395% Drop Rate
  • 2 Star: 20.105% Drop Rate
  • 5 Star: 4.5% Drop Rate
  • If a 5 Star Gem drops, the following is the chance to roll quality 2-5:
  • 2 Star Quality: 75% Drop Rate
  • 3 Star Quality: 20% Drop Rate
  • 4 Star Quality: 4% Drop Rate
  • 5 Star Quality: 1% Drop Rate

Rare Chests

  • 1 Star: 5% Drop Rate

Tier List Criteria

We studied all gems that may result in significant damage and gem abilities that couldn’t be decided fairly. Some diamonds are tough to obtain despite their power. Gems’ stats, DMG, and abilities must all work well together with the least amount of unnecessary effort.

We have taken every step to ensure you know the greatest Diablo Immortal Gems. We still advise staying with the S-A Tiers since they will function better for you. However, it is totally up to you who to include on your squad.

Your tastes might or might not match how we evaluated the courses because tier lists are essentially arbitrary. Do you think differently than we do? If so, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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