How To Find & Use Art Museum Key In Warzone 2

Finding The Exact Location For The Art Museum Key In DMZ Version

Players find several items while looting, and one of the items may include the Art museum key in Warzone 2.0. Keys are an essential part of the game, as they allow you to enter specific buildings. The keys are spread all across the map, and the art museum key will be found on Al Mazrah map.

Story Highlights

  • Taking down the AI players is a good way to get access to the Museum key.
  • The best way to find the hiding enemies is by using the heartbeat sensor.
  • The front side of the building is not always the best way to enter.
  • Right after entering the Museum building, take the loot and leave quickly.

Location Of The Art Museum Key In DMZ

Warzone Art Museum Key
Where to Find the Art Museum Key in Warzone 2.0 [Image Captured by Us]
Before entering, you should know that Al Mazrah map is quite massive, and it may take you quite a while to roam all the locations. 

The key opens specific buildings for loot opportunities. To locate and unlock the Art Museum:

  1. Locate the Art Museum: Use the provided map to find the museum in the northeastern corner near Alma’s dress City. It’s marked for easy identification.
  2. Acquire the Key: The key can be obtained through ground loot, HVT contracts, or by defeating AI enemies. Protect the key from other squads to ensure access.
  3. Approach the Museum: Depending on your spawn location, you might need a vehicle to travel efficiently. The museum is guarded by AI enemies, so prepare for combat.
  4. Entry Points: The museum has multiple entry points. Doors are located at the front and sides, but an effective route is through the second floor, accessible via stairs.
  5. Combat Strategy: Engage the AI guards with caution as they are well-equipped. Use tactics like the heartbeat sensor for enemy detection and drill charges for breaches.
  6. Loot the Museum: Once inside and the area is secure, search the museum for valuable items including cash, weapons, ammo, armor plates, loadout drops, and more.


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