Midnight Suns: Everything We Know So Far

Exciting new features such as a huge character roster, interactable scenarios, rich narrative, and immersive map!

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is generating tons of hype. Published by 2k games and under development by Fire Axis Studios in collaboration with Marvel, it’s safe to say that Midnight Suns is definitely in some good hands. The game is set to release on October 7th, 2022, alongside other exciting titles like Fifa 23. But its beta gameplay has been generating a lot of hype so far as we’ve got new information about the game! Here are things you will like about Midnight Suns!

The game is designed as a tactical role-playing game that departs from the regular conventions of normal comics-based videogames. There have been lots of leaks surrounding the game. Fire Axis studios even invited some individuals to try out the game in a beta version. And from all of that information, here’s what we’ve gathered so far.

Rich Yet Accessible

Marvel Midnight Suns things you will like
Marvel Midnight Suns -Tutorial Gameplay

If we talk about the gameplay for the game, then it takes a lot of inspiration from Fire Axis Studios’ other franchises, such as the well-received XCOM and XCOM 2, which we all enjoyed a few years ago. Fire Axis studios are using the same tactical RPG Formula and working on it from the ground up to provide a deeper yet richer gameplay experience.

Not everyone enjoys or finds tactical RPGs to be an enjoyable or easy-to-play experience, but trust us, it’s going to be fun and enjoyable for first-time players, as seen from early reviews of the game. These are the thing you will like about Midnight Suns’ gameplay!

The game provides players with easy-to-understand instructions, and then there’s an in-depth tutorial that allows players to get the hang of the game before they dive into the main gameplay. If you’re a veteran at tactical RPGs, you could basically skip the tutorial because it’s got all the tropes that you’re already used to.

But if you’re not a huge fan of tactical RPGs and want a change of pace then consider checking out: Skate 4: Everything We Know So Far. The game has a lot of skills, parkour and a lot more to keep you hooked! 


Roster of Characters
Marvel Midnight Suns – Character Roster

Marvel’s Roster of characters, heroes, and villains is pretty vast, and it’s safe to say that Midnight Suns makes great use of the variety of Marvel superheroes and villains. But, cutting out the characters and details we get to see on TV and cinema, not much has been brought to life until now.

However, Fire Axis Studios has made sure to pay homage to all the comic book fans that never got to see their favorite characters on the big screen or in video games.

The game takes inspiration from the comic book” Rise of the Midnight Suns” and incorporates it into Marvel’s Midnight Suns. We’re introduced to a roster of characters that we are familiar with and some that are not well known but all the more charming.

We get access to Blade, Ghost Rider, Magik, and Nico, along with a roster of 12 other characters. You’ll also get to use characters like Spiderman, Iron Man, and Captain America. But that’s not all. Players are introduced to a custom character by the name of the Hunter, which we can customize to our liking.

The Mystical Side Of Marvel

The aesthetic in Marvel’s Midnight Suns takes a specific direction. Ever since early development, the studio was dead set on exploring the mystical side of the Marvel Universe. They wanted to implement elements like magic, sorcery, and demons.

The game explores the mystical side as players are introduced to the main villain, Lilith, who is the mother of all demons and is scheming her very own master plan against the heroes to keep them in check. The protagonists learn that they need to go about some very unconventional methods to deal with these otherworldly affairs.

Loads Of Interactable Scenarios

Marvel Midnight Suns Interactable Objects Things You Should Know
Marvel Midnight Suns – Interactable Objects Gameplay

Going back to the gameplay, the game is indeed hand-crafted to cater to those newbies to the tactical RPG genre. There’s lots of depth and flavor for fans of the Marvel Universe to enjoy. It’s tons of fun to play as players are introduced to intricate level design.

Whenever you visit a different stage to fight against the combined forces of Lilith and Hydra, there are a few interesting points of interaction you come across. Players are given access to a limited number of moves, so they need to learn to become efficient and accustomed to the genre.

One way to do this is to interact with the environment and deal damage by throwing enemies at explosives or dealing damage with whatever the environment throws at you.

Exploring The Various Maps

Midnight Suns Map
Marvel Midnight Suns Map Shown by Trailer on IGN

But Marvel’s Midnight Suns is not only about taking on enemies and engaging in combat 24/7. Players can explore the corridors of the “Abbey” between missions and the various nooks and crannies of the map in search of loot, collectibles, and new items that can come in handy.

You can also interact with the various characters and heroes over at the headquarters and form better relations with them. These characters will then aid and help you in battle whenever you give them a call.

You can also learn more about their past and their lore as you chat them up over at the HQ. If you’re interested in character customization, upgrades, and modifications, you can do that too. There are loads of cosmetic items and upgrades that players can get their hands on and later equip at the HQ.

And that’s everything that we’ve liked about the new Marvel’s Midnight Suns that we’ve loved, and we’re sure you’ll love it too. It’s a rather unconventional game considering the Tactical RPG formula, but it’s sure to be a breath of fresh air from what we’re used to. After all, Fire Axis Studios has put some serious effort into the game.

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