BG3: Best XP Farm [How To Level Up Fast]

My Best XP Farm guide will teach you about the best spots to farm and what tricks you should use to level up as fast as possible.

You may have already experienced difficulty in some fights and might have been searching for ways to get stronger in Baldur’s Gate 3. Fortunately, the best XP farm in BG3 starts as early as Act 1. While no permanent farms in BG3 have unlimited spawns, certain scenarios result in loads of experience for you and your companions to juice up on.

Key Takeaways
  • There are no permanent XP farm spots in Baldur’s Gate 3 unless you cheese the Auntie Ethel cliff fight.
  • You can farm a lot of experience using strategic quests, fights, and passing skill checks.
  • The best place to farm XP in Act 1 is the Goblin Camp after defending the Emerald Grove.
  • The best way to farm XP in Act 2 is by fighting Shadows and Wraiths in the Shadow-Cursed Land.
  • Using characters like Gale and Wyll will make XP farming in BG3 more effective because of high Inspiration.

Best XP Farms In BG3

Farming Spot Goblin Camp
Goblin Camp XP Farm (Image credit: eXputer)

Many players, including myself, shoot for the max level as soon as possible. Even though I don’t run the classic Monk or Paladin builds that annihilate enemies, my sorcerer, Balthazar, can surely benefit from killing several wraiths from just one spell.

Important: The following sections are full of spoilers, so tread carefully

Listed below are some of my favorite farming spots from Act 1 and 2 that can earn you some hearty experience points:

Act 1 XP Farm

Best Farming Spots in BG3 Act 1.
Farming Spot Risen Road
The Risen Road Farming Spot (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: There are some notable events or locations in Act 1 that are optimal for Xp Farm in BG3.

 Naturally, you will not be the strongest during these events. Consequently, you may not see these events at all if you choose to go for the “Evil” or other specific unpopular routes in BG3.

Below, I have listed some notable places you can farm for a lot of experience.

  • You can massacre Goblin Camps after tricking Minthara at the Druid Grove in Act 1.
  • After rejecting Raphael near The Risen Road(X:-7, Y:515) north of Blighted Village, wait for more Gnolls to spawn from the dead Hyenas.
  • You can cheese the Auntie Ethel cliff fight as well near the swamp by throwing her off the cliff repeatedly and getting the experience of killing an enemy boss.
  • Killing enemies in the Underdark is a finite pool of fast experience if you’re daring enough to tackle Minotaurs left and right.

Act 2 XP Farm

Best Farming Spots in BG3 Act 2.
Shadow Cursed Lands Farming Spot
Masons Guild Farming Spot (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: You will get a lot of experience in Act 2 mainly because of the Shadow-Cursed lands.

There are many combat-based quests, especially in your path leading up to the Moonrise towers, which will give you a lot of experience. Nevertheless, you can just roam around in the dark and wait for Shadows to attack you for fun yet efficient XP farming. Naturally, you will likely reach the level cap at the end of Act 2.

Some notable places that I find efficient for farming are listed as follows:

  • Investigate the entirety of Mason’s Guild along with the Ruined Battlefield and kill all the Shadows and Wraiths lurking there.
  • Convince Malus Thorn to kill himself in the House of Healing using persuasion skills.
  • Making the Toll Collector (Penny Pincher) in the Toll House kill themselves after passing several persuasion checks.
  • You can try completing the Selunite vs. Shar lore quests in the Shadow Cursed Land for a lot of easy experience.

Best Strategy For XP Farming 

Dancing Lights Spell
Dancing Lights Spell (Image Captured by eXputer)

The overall strategy for farming is one that you’ll employ by default. But sometimes, especially if you’re a new player, the way you choose may be sub-optimal. Not to worry, though; Balthazar and I have been hard at work devising the strategy for the most efficient farming possible.

  1. Try to span out your rests to the best of your ability.
  2. Save your game when you enter a new area or just before starting a fight.
  3. Make the best use of your saves, and load them immediately if something very unfortunate happens.
  4. Make use of free-roam mode to cast spells that may help you in a fight to save up actions (Dancing Lights to securely farm Shadows).
  5. Try bringing Gale, Karlach (or Wyll if you already have a Paladin/Barbarian) for their high Inspiration utility.
  6. You can also use any other party composition with high Inspiration points for gaining experience faster when maxed out.
  7. Be sure to take long rests if the fight is going to go for a while to ensure you have all the spell slots you need.
  8. Try to salvage camp supplies for more frequent rests.
  9. Finally, evenly distribute the loot from farming among your companions to avoid being encumbered.

My Thoughts About XP Farming 

BG3 Best Xp Farming Save
House of Healing (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

If you go about the BG3 storyline naturally, I think you’ll never have to farm for experience at all. But seeing the huge XP numbers pop up in a fight is always fun. The best XP Farm in Baldur’s Gate 3 is ultimately for you to decide based on your chosen party. However, generally speaking, any area with a lot of enemies for you to kill or objectives to clear is more than enough to be a good XP farm area

That concludes the discussion on the best XP farm. There are many more locations that you may find in your playthrough that I couldn’t find in my campaign. However, if you liked this guide, then consider checking out a similar one like the Best Astarion character build. If that doesn’t pique your interest, you can always learn more about the best amulets in BG3.

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