Elden Ring Mohg’s Shackle Location & Item Usage

Our detailed guide will help you find the Mohg's Shackle location in Elden Ring that will help you in the Mohg boss battle.

Elden Ring offers a ton of tools in the form of souls to make the journey of the players in the Lands Between easier. These items can be used for a variety of situations in combat. You can use them for offense and defense. They are reusable items that can assist the player in many parts of the gameplay. This includes basic communication as well as making the boss encounters somewhat easy. One such tool is Mohg’s Shackle, similar to Margit’s Shackle. Finding the Mohg’s Shackle Location in Elden Ring can be quite a challenge. However, this tool, along with your weapons, will help you a lot in the battle with the boss battle.

Key Highlights
  • Mohgwyn’s Shackle is a special item that allows the player to pin down Mohg during the bossfight for a while and grants the opportunity to deal a decent amount of damage.
  • To find the Mohgwyn Shackle, players first need to reach Leyndell, Royal Captial. On the grounds of Leyndell players can find a sewer that takes them to the lower part of Leyndell.
  • Follow the path until you arrive at the Underground Roadside Site of Grace. On the left, there is a ladder that takes the players to the center of Sewers.
  • Keep jumping down below until you reach the gutter part of the Sewers. Once there, a giant lobster will emerge from the waters. Avoid its attacks and go into the hole to the left. On the other side of the hold, there will be a staircase that leads to Leyndell Catacombs Site of grace.
  • After resting at the Site of Grace, head towards the sewage water that is gushing off the wall to your right. Mohg’s Shackle can be found on the pile of muck there.
  • Using Mohg’s Shackle during Mohg’s bossfight binds him to the ground and makes him completely vulnerable to all types of attacks.

Mohg’s Shackle Location

We have listed a step-by-step process about how to collect Mohg’s Shackle unique item in Elden Ring. Continue reading our guide and you will be able to learn the whereabouts of the item in the game. The item basically allows you to temporarily disable Mohg so that you can deal some serious damage or launch the Comet Azur spell and one-shot the boss, should you have the Comet Azur build in Elden Ring. All in all, if you still cannot beat the boss then consider reading our Elden Ring Mohg Cheese method guide.

Avenue Balcony Site of Lost Grace

Elden Ring Mohg's Shackle Location
Avenue Balcony in Elden Ring

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First, the player would have made their way to the well that is the primary entrance of the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. This area is guided by a Giant Lobster, and the nearest Site of Lost Grace here is the Leyndell Catacombs.

Now make your way from the East Capital Rampart Site of Lost Grace all the way to the top of the wall. This wall will be heavily guarded by the Oracle Envoys. Now use the lift in the opposite building to go to the ground level and the main street.

Go southwest from here and turn right. You’ll enter the ruined district of the Capital. Keep an eye for the Erdtree Avatar that will drop in the neighborhood near the gateway.

You will now reach the Avenue Balcony Site of Lost Grace as shown in the image above. On your right, you will see a staircase. Go down and make a left. Jump over the railing ahead to go into the courtyard. On the north, you’ll see well in a corner. This is where you can enter the city’s sewers. Keep an eye out for the Albinauric Crawlers nearby that would try to attack the tarnished.

Underground Sewers

Elden Ring Mohg's Shackle Location
Beware of the Albinauric Crawlers near the well.

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This is where you can enter the city’s sewers. Keep an eye out for the Albinauric Crawlers nearby that would try to attack you.

Make your way through the first few sewers all the way to a dark room. This room is crawling with giant rats so keep an eye out for them. You will see a door right ahead. Make your way through this door and turn left. Now you will have to jump down into a massive corridor. This corridor is also filled with plenty of enemies.

Elden Ring Mohg's Shackle Location
Keep an eye out for the Giant Rats in the corridor.

To your right, you will see a room. Enter this room to find the Underground Roadside Site of Lost Grace. On your left, you will find a ladder near a locked room opposite the Room of Grace. This will lead you to the center point of the sewers. There would be several pipes and wooden platforms here. While you’re at it, consider reading our best spells in Elden Ring guide to help you equip spells that will make your journey through these enemy filled sewers a bit easy.

Elden Ring Mohg's Shackle Location
Center point of the underground sewers in Elden Ring

Leyndell Catacombs Site of Lost Grace

Elden Ring Mohg's Shackle Location
Sneak past the Giant Lobster

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Now turn right and jump down into the pipe beneath you. Jump down again and you will reach the sewer floor. There is a Giant Lobster here waiting to attack you. It is best for you to dodge his attacks and make your way into the hole in the wall to your left side.

Now you’ll see a staircase on your right side. Go down this staircase and rest at the Leyndell Catacombs Site of Lost Grace for some time. Now that the hostility of enemies has been reset you can return to the entrance. You will see sewage water gushing out of the wall to your right. 

Elden Ring Mohg's Shackle Location
Get the Mohg’s Shackle from the muck beside the drainage outlet

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The Mohg’s Shackle tool will be located on the pile of muck. This muck is on the left side of the drainage outlet. Keep an eye out for the Giant Lobster nearby waiting to attack you when you pick the Mohg’s Shackle up. 

Mohg’s Shackle Usage In Elden Ring

Elden Ring Mohg's Shackle Location
Mohg’s Shackle in Elden Ring

This is a very useful tool in Elden Ring and you can use it to ease the battle with the Blood Lord Mohg. This tool can temporarily bind the boss to the ground making him vulnerable to your attacks. Use some of the best weapons like Rivers of Blood katana after binding him down to defeat this boss quickly.

Tarnished also found another use for the Mohg’s Shackle, that it can be used as a trigger that can freeze the Demigod and you can then cheese this boss of the Mohgwyn Palace. This item can be very hard to find as it is located in the deep depths of the sewer under Leyndell, Royal Capitol. While on the subject of cheesing, make sure you check out our Elden Ring Radahn Cheese Method guide.

This concludes our guide on The Mohg’s Shackle location along with its uses and effects. If you plan on taking the Blood Lord in a cool and efficient way, then this tool is a must-have.  

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