Final Fantasy 16: Orchestrion Rolls [Locations & How To Unlock]

Discover, collect, and play your favorite Final Fantasy 16's Orchestrion Rolls to customize your in-game soundtrack in the Hideaway.

With Final Fantasy 16 Orchestrion Rolls, you can continue to listen to your favorite in-game soundtracks. These collectible items allow players to curate their own in-game soundtrack at The Hideaway, heightening their immersion in this epic fantasy world. From found items to expensive purchases, each roll adds a new melody, making the quest for all rolls an engaging endeavor.

Key Takeaways
  • Orchestrion Rolls are collectible items for custom soundtracks.
  • They can be played on the Orchestrion machine in the Hideaway.
  • Each roll adds a unique melody to your soundtrack.
  • Obtain rolls from main quests, side quests, purchases, and hidden discoveries.
  • Earn rolls as rewards for accumulating Renown points.
  • Customize the Hideaway’s background music by playing collected Orchestrion Rolls on the machine.

What Are The Orchestrion Rolls?

In the expansive universe of Final Fantasy 16, Orchestrion Rolls serve as a unique collectible. They are music tracks that a player can gather throughout their journey. Each of these Orchestrion Rolls unlocks a specific melody, enhancing the ambiance of The Hideaway, FF16’s main hub. They can be purchased, found, or won, making each acquisition a rewarding milestone in the gameplay.

Final Fantasy 16 Orchestrion Rolls
Orchestrion Rolls (Credit: FoggyProductions)

List Of All Orchestrion Rolls And How To Obtain Them

In the epic world of Final Fantasy 16, one of the unique features is the Orchestrion machine, allowing players to enjoy various soundtracks throughout their gameplay. To fully utilize this, here’s your guide to Final Fantasy 16’s Orchestrion Rolls Locations, detailing how and where to find these hidden gems.

Hide, Hideaway Unlocked automatically through story progression
Our Terms Unlocked after the second time skip in the storyline
Twilight Unlocked after completing the ‘Fire in the Sky’ quest
Where the Heart Is Unlocks on first use of the Orchestrion device
Sorrow’s Faded Form Unlocked by completing the ‘Home, Sweet Home’ quest
Good Bones Unlocked upon completion of the ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’ quest
Forevermore Found in a Treasure Chest in Martha’s Rest
The Founder’s Footsteps Available at Martha’s Rest shop for 20,000 Gil
Histoire Found in a Treasure Chest in Lostwing
Idylls of the Empire Sold at Lostwing shop or by Charon at the Hideaway for 40,000 Gil
Sand and Stone Available in a Treasure Chest in Bokland
The Thousand Tables Sold at Dalimal Inn shop for 40,000 Gil
Indomitable Found in a Treasure Chest in Eistla
The Lion and the Hare Sold at Dravozd Shop after completing ‘Blacksmith’s Blues III’ quest
Lovely, Dark, and Deep Sold at Eastpool shop or at Hideaway by Charon for 40,000 Gil
Before the Storm Available at Northreach shop for 50,000 Gil
A Rose is a Rose Available at Patron’s Whisper at Hideaway after acquiring 135 Renown
Into the Mire Sold at Moore shop or at Hideaway for 40,000 Gil
Betrayal Sold at Bokland shop for 40,000 Gil
Night Terrors Sold at Amber shop or at Hideaway by Charon for 20,000 Gil
On the Shoulders of Giants Available at Tabor shop for 20,000 Gil
No Risk, No Reward Unlocked at Patron’s Whisper at Hideaway after acquiring 1120 Renown
To Sail Forbidden Seas Available at Patron’s Whisper at Hideaway after acquiring 2850 Renown
The Sound of Silence Unlocked after completion of the ‘Wings of Change’ quest

Explore these Orchestrion Rolls Locations, a guaranteed method to enrich your in-game music experience. Keep enjoying your adventures in the Final Fantasy 16 universe

How To Unlock The Orchestrion?

Unlocking the Orchestrion in Final Fantasy 16 is an integral part of your gaming experience, allowing you to explore and enjoy various soundtracks of the FF16.

Follow the steps below to unlock this distinctive feature and start your musical journey with Orchestrion Rolls:

  1. Progress The Story: The Orchestrion feature becomes available as you progress through the main storyline of Final Fantasy 16. You won’t need to complete any particular quest or task to unlock it, but you will need to reach a certain point in FF16.
  2. Unlock The Hideaway: The Hideaway, a special location in Final Fantasy 16, is where the Orchestrion is located, and you need to unlock this place first before you can use the Orchestrion.
  3. Interact With The Orchestrion Machine: Once the Orchestrion feature is unlocked, you need to interact with the Orchestrion machine inside the Hideaway for the first time to begin your collection of Orchestrion Rolls.
Final Fantasy 16 Orchestrion Rolls Orchestrion
Orchestrion Machine
  1. Collect Orchestrion Rolls: The Rolls are the collectible music tracks you play on the Orchestrion machine. They can be obtained from various sources like main quests, side quests, shops, and chests scattered across the FF16 world. Each Roll adds a new song to your collection, enhancing your Hideaway’s ambiance.
  2. Playing The Music: Once you have an Orchestrion Roll, interact with the Orchestrion machine, select the Roll from your inventory, and enjoy the music. You can change the background music anytime by interacting with the Orchestrion machine and selecting a different Roll.

Remember, collecting all the Orchestrion Rolls will not only give you a diverse range of music to enjoy but may also contribute to in-game achievements or rewards. 

Methods To Obtain

In Final Fantasy 16, Orchestrion Rolls are a prized collectible that contributes to the immersive experience by providing a variety of soundtracks to play at the Hideaway. You can obtain these unique items in several ways, including main quests, special purchases, and hidden discoveries around the FF16 world.

Here’s your detailed overview of how to get your hands on Final Fantasy 16’s Orchestrion Rolls:

  1. Main Quests: Many Orchestrion Rolls are obtained automatically as you progress through the main story quests. For instance, ‘Hide, Hideaway’ is unlocked as you progress the story, and ‘Our Terms’ is earned after a specific time skip in the main storyline.
  2. Side Quests: Some Rolls are linked to side quests that you can complete for various NPCs around the FF16 world.
    • An instance of this is ‘The Lion and the Hare’, which can be purchased at Dravozd after completing the side quest ‘Blacksmith’s Blues III’.
  3. Purchases: Several merchants across the FF16 sell Orchestrion Rolls for Gil, the in-game currency. For instance, ‘The Founder’s Footsteps’ can be purchased at the Martha’s Rest shop for 20,000 Gil, and ‘Lovely, Dark, and Deep’ is sold in the shop at Eastpool or by Charon at the Hideaway for 40,000 Gil.
  4. Discoveries: Certain Rolls are hidden within treasure chests located in different regions of the FF16. The ‘Forevermore’ Roll, for example, is found in a chest in the northwest area of Martha’s Rest.
Final Fantasy 16 Orchestrion Rolls Treasure Chests
Treasure Chests
  1. Renown Rewards: By obtaining a certain amount of Renown in the FF16, you can earn special Rolls as rewards at the Patron’s Whisper.


In the expansive realm of Final Fantasy 16, Orchestrion Rolls can also be procured through the rewarding system of Renown points at Patron’s Whisper, a feature of the Hideaway. Acquiring Orchestrion Rolls in this manner provides players an additional avenue to collect these captivating melodies, further enhancing the richness of their in-game experience.

Final Fantasy 16 Orchestrion Rolls Patron's Whisper
Patron’s Whisper
  • Renown Points: Engaging with various in-game activities and quests can reward players with Renown Points. These can then be accumulated to acquire specific Orchestrion Rolls. The more you play and interact with the world of FF16, the more Renown you gather.
  • A Rose is a Rose: Once you attain 135 Renown, you unlock the ‘A Rose is a Rose’ Orchestrion Roll. This delightful piece of music can be claimed from the Patron’s Whisper at the Hideaway.
  • No Risk, No Reward: When your Renown tally reaches 1120, you gain access to the ‘No Risk, No Reward’ Orchestrion Roll. This track is a stirring reminder of the adventures and challenges you’ve surmounted in your journey.
  • To Sail Forbidden Seas: The ultimate Orchestrion Roll that can be unlocked via Renown points is ‘To Sail Forbidden Seas’. It is awarded once an impressive 2850 Renown has been amassed.

As you explore, fight, and journey through the breathtaking world of Final Fantasy 16, be sure to participate in as many activities as possible. This engagement not only enriches your gaming experience but also brings you closer to obtaining these coveted Orchestrion Rolls.

How To Play Music In The Hideaway

As you journey through the captivating world of Final Fantasy 16, you will have the pleasure of immersing yourself in a variety of enchanting melodies. Your collection of Orchestrion Rolls not only serves as mementos of your travels but also allows you to customize the background music (BGM) in your Hideaway. The following guide will assist you in utilizing these precious items to their full potential:

  1. Accessing The Orchestrion: First, make your way to your Hideaway.
  2. Here, locate the Orchestrion, which is typically positioned in a central, easy-to-find spot.
  3. Interact with the device to open its interface.
  4. Playing An Orchestrion Roll: Within the interface, you’ll see a list of all the Orchestrion Rolls you’ve collected.
  5. Highlight your preferred track and press the appropriate button (usually the △ button) to initiate playback.
  6. Setting The BGM: If you find a melody particularly appealing and wish for it to serenade your in-game activities continuously, simply select the track and press the designated button (commonly the X button) to set it as your Hideaway’s background music.

Remember, you can change the BGM at any time, allowing you to choose the perfect soundtrack to accompany your ever-evolving adventures in Final Fantasy 16. Whether you prefer the soothing tones of ‘Hide, Hideaway’ or the triumphant chords of ‘Into the Mire’, the power to shape your auditory experience is at your fingertips.

In conclusion, Final Fantasy 16’s Orchestrion Rolls offer players a unique way to curate their in-game soundtrack, adding depth and immersion to the already captivating world of FF16. Whether obtained through quests, purchases, discoveries, or Renown points, each roll contributes a distinct melody, making the collection of all rolls a fulfilling endeavor.

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