Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Computer [All Recipes]

Unlock the alchemical power of your mouse clicks with a detailed step-by-step guide on How to Make a Computer in Little Alchemy 2.

In the fun-filled game of Little Alchemy 2, making a computer is like hitting the jackpot! Once you have a computer, you can make tons of new, exciting items. Just as computers have revolutionized the real world, in Little Alchemy 2, they open up the doorway to a bunch of cool digital-themed stuff you can create.

Embracing its spirit of creativity and exploration, Little Alchemy 2 offers players not one but five diverse recipes to discover the magic of crafting a computer in-game.

Key Takeaways
  • Creating a computer in Little Alchemy 2 opens up numerous possibilities for digital-themed creations
  • The ‘Hacker’ is essential for making a computer in 4 out of 5 recipes
  • To create a Hacker, combine Humans and Glasses.
  • The 5 different recipes to create a Little Alchemy 2 Computer include:
    1. Hacker + Machine
    2. Hacker + Tool
    3. Hacker + Wire
    4. Hacker + Electricity
    5. Container + Email
  • Making a Machine involves combining Tool + Tool, which is obtained by mixing Stone + Human
  • Wire can be created by a sequence that involves Air, Earth, Fire, and Metal
  • Electricity can be obtained by combining Fire and Sun
  • To make a Container, follow the sequence that involves Glass, Human, Mud, Brick, and Philosophy
  • Making an Email involves a sequence that includes Wood, Earth, Fire, Paper, and Pencil
  • Once you have a Computer, you can create various digital-themed items such as a Robot Vacuum, Doge, Internet, Printer, Laptop, and more

Recipes To Make A Computer

Embarking on the journey to create a computer in Little Alchemy 2 is an exciting and rewarding quest. While making a computer seems daunting at first glance, don’t fret – once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as pie. 

Out of the five different combinations that can bring a computer into existence in Little Alchemy 2, four recipes explicitly demand the presence of a ‘hacker.’ So, the quest of how to make a computer predominantly revolves around the process of creating a ‘hacker’ first.

The five magical recipes that guide you on how to make a computer are as follows:

  • Hacker + Machine
  • Hacker + Tool
  • Hacker + Wire
  • Hacker + Electricity
  • Container + Email

The key to success lies in the creation of the ‘hacker.’ It’s like turning the key in the ignition – once you’ve got it, you’re ready to roll. So, let’s delve into the process of making a ‘hacker,’ the fundamental prerequisite in the endeavor to learn how to make a computer in Little Alchemy 2.

Creating A Hacker From Scratch

making a hacker in little alchemy 2
Making a hacker [image by eXputer]
The ‘hacker’, just like in real life, is the master of codes and digital manipulation. Once you create a hacker, you’re on your way to unlocking the full potential of the computer. This step is important because the hacker helps in advancing your game by opening up new combinations and possibilities. 

Below is the simplest method of making a hacker in little alchemy 2:

  1. Join Air with Air to get Pressure
  2. Combine this Pressure with Earth to get Stone
  3. Now, mix this Stone with Air to unlock Sand
  4. Heat up this Sand with Fire to get Glass
  5. Combine Glass with another Glass to get Glasses (spectacles)
  6. Combine Water and Earth to create Mud
  7. Next, mix Mud with Stone and you’ll get Clay
  8. Now, add Water to Water, and you’ll end up with a Puddle
  9. Adding more Water to your Puddle forms a Pond
  10. Continue this process: Water plus Pond makes a Lake
  11. Again, add Water to the Lake and you get a Sea
  12. Switch gears for a bit. Combine Fire and Earth to create Lava
  13. Then, an interesting mix – Lava and Sea – produces Primordial Soup
  14. Earth combined with Lava forms a Volcano
  15. A significant step here: combine the Volcano with the Primordial Soup, and you create Life
  16. Mix Life and Clay together, and you’ve just created a Human
  17. Now that you have a Human, combine him with Glasses and you have a Hacker

The journey of figuring out ‘how to make a computer’ in Little Alchemy 2 now seems more achievable than ever, with the hacker, a vital ingredient, ready and waiting in your arsenal. 

Method # 1: Hacker + Machine

Recipe 1 of creating a computer
Recipe 1 of making a computer [image by eXputer]
Now, after managing to create a Hacker, the very next quest on your alchemical adventure is to conjure up a ‘Machine’. Wondering how to make a machine? Well, the answer is simpler than you might think

The simplest method of getting a machine is:

  1. Stone with Human gives Tool
  2. Tool + Tool = Machine

And here comes the grand finale in your quest to make a Computer in Little Alchemy 2. Combine the master of digital manipulation, the Hacker, with your freshly created Machine. And voila!

Method # 2: Hacker + Tool

Hacker + Tool = computer
Combining Hacker and Tool to get Computer [image captured by eXputer]
Wondering why you should take the longer route of crafting a machine when a shortcut exists to reach your goal? Well, in the pursuit of learning ‘how to make a computer in Little Alchemy 2’, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know there’s an easier way.

Rather than busying themselves with the creation of a machine, players can conveniently take a shortcut. All they need is a tool, which they can easily combine with a talented hacker. This simple yet efficient combination can unlock the creation of a computer in-game.

This way, players are not only saving time and energy but also moving quickly through the steps of creating a computer in Little Alchemy 2. After all, who doesn’t love a clever shortcut in the magical world of alchemy?

Method # 3: Hacker + Wire

hacker and wire give computer
We can get a computer by combining hacker and wire too [image source: eXputer]
If you’re seeking an alternative method to create a computer in Little Alchemy 2, combining a Hacker with a Wire could be your preferred route. This approach might require a few additional steps, but the outcome is just as rewarding as you’re rewarded with a shiny new computer in your alchemy world.

Following are the steps to create a wire in little alchemy 2:

  1. Kick off your creative process by fusing two Air elements, which results in Pressure
  2. Following that, combine an Earth element with the Pressure you just created to yield Stone
  3. Heat things up a bit by adding a Fire element to Stone to make Metal
  4. Next up, combine two Earth elements to form Land
  5. To expand your world, add two Land elements together to create a Continent
  6. Then, merge two of your Continents to craft a Planet
  7. Add a fiery twist by combining the Planet with a Fire element, and you’ll get a Sun
  8. Now, bring in energy: combine two Fire elements to create Energy
  9. With the Energy and Sun, you can now create a Solar cell.
  10. Harness the power of the Sun again with the Solar cell to generate Electricity
  11. Lastly, fuse Metal and Electricity to create a Wire. 

Now, remember the Hacker you created earlier? The next part is combining your freshly crafted Wire with the Hacker. And just like that, you’ve mastered how to make a computer in Little Alchemy 2!

Method # 4: Hacker + Electricity

Hacker and electricity can give computer
Combining hacker with electricity to get computer [image credits: eXputer]
Creating a computer in Little Alchemy 2 can be a truly exciting endeavor, and one of the methods to achieve this involves using the Hacker and Electricity elements. “But wait, getting Electricity sounds like quite the task!”, you might say.

Well, while it’s true that the process can seem daunting, fear not! This journey is made simpler for you with a dedicated guide on ‘How to Make Electricity in Little Alchemy 2′. Once you’ve followed the steps in this guide and successfully created Electricity, your next task is to team up this newly created force with your indispensable ally, the Hacker. 

But hold on, there’s an alternate way to get to this goal too! You can also opt to follow the ‘wire-making’ instructions till the point where Electricity is brought into play. Then, it’s just a matter of combining this spark of Electricity with the savvy Hacker, and voila! You’ve learned how to make a computer in Little Alchemy 2!

Method # 5: Container + Email

making a computer from email and container
Making a computer from Email and Container [image by eXputer]
Though slightly more involved, this method lets you explore every avenue to create a computer in Little Alchemy 2. Just remember, you may need to refer back to some earlier steps or related articles for certain elements. Regardless, this guide has got you covered on this journey to learn how to make a computer

Here is a step-by-step overview of how to make a computer in little alchemy 2 with the container and an email:

  1. Start by combining Glass with Electricity to produce a Light bulb
  2. Then, an exciting step: pair a Human with a Light bulb to ignite an Idea
  3. Explore the depths of thought by combining a Human with an Idea, resulting in Philosophy
  4. Now, let’s go back to basics. Combine Mud with Fire to create a Brick
  5. Layer two Bricks together to build a Wall
  6. Assemble four Walls and you’ll end up with a House
  7. Finally, bring together Philosophy and House to create a Container
  8. Merge Wood with Water to make Paper
  9. Then, mix Earth with Air and you’ll create Dust
  10. Spice things up by combining Fire with Dust to get Gunpowder
  11. Now, add a bit of spark by adding Fire to Gunpowder, which results in an Explosion
  12. A bit morbid, but combine a Human with an Explosion to create a Corpse
  13. Using Fire on the Corpse will give you Charcoal
  14. Combine Wood and Charcoal to create a handy Pencil
  15. Now, it’s time to write! Use the Pencil with the Paper and you get a Letter
  16. Modernize your message by adding Electricity to the Letter to create an Email

Combine the Email with the Container to get your hands on a computer. 

Uses Of Computer In Little Alchemy 2

Now that you’ve crafted a computer in Little Alchemy 2, what’s the next step? Don’t worry, your new digital creation isn’t just for show! The computer is a powerful tool that opens up a plethora of exciting opportunities in the exciting world of Alchemy.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the fantastic elements you can create using your new computer:

  1. Combine a Computer with Broom and you’ve got a Robot Vacuum
  2. Pair Computer and Dog to create the internet sensation, Doge
  3. Combine Computer with Human to get a Hacker
  4. Mix Computer and Net to discover the Internet
  5. Adding a Newspaper to your Computer results in a Printer
  6. Try shrinking things down by combining Computer and Small, and voila, you have a Laptop!
  7. Pair Computer with Vacuum Cleaner and you’re introduced to another household helper, the Robot Vacuum
  8. Combine a Computer and a Wire and, surprisingly, you end up with the Internet
  9. Mixing Computer and Paper also results in a Printer
  10. Combine Computer with the Web and, once again, you’ve formed the Internet
  11. Add Computer to Mouse and you create a handy Computer Mouse
  12. Now, if you pair Computer and Cat, you’ll get the legendary Keyboard Cat
  13. When you mix Computer and Letter, you get an Email
  14. Pairing Computer and Animal also give you a Computer Mouse
  15. And finally, double your computing power: Combine two Computers to create the Internet

And there you have it! You’ve now mastered the art of creating a computer in Little Alchemy 2. Remember, the creation of a computer is just the beginning. It’s your digital key to a universe of new combinations and fun-filled adventures. Keep experimenting, continue combining, and let your virtual world expand. Happy alchemizing!

While you’re here, don’t miss the comprehensive guide on ‘All Cheats & Combinations in Little Alchemy 2‘. This resource will broaden your horizons about the myriad of exciting creations you can make in Little Alchemy 2. If you’d like to see more guides like this, share them in the comments section below.

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