How To Get Nar’s Cup In God Of War Ragnarok

Learn everything there is to know about the crafting material called Nar's Cup in GOW Ragnarok.

Story Highlights
  • There are tons of crafting components in GOW Ragnarok that will require players to hunt them down while exploration
  • An exception is the Nar's Cup, a special crafting component needed to craft a relic known as the Hilt of Tyrfing
  • The material can only be found by defeating a boss fight who is found in the game's main questlines towards the mid to late-game events
  • The boss fight is primarily a buffed up version of a major enemy you encounter in the game and can be taken down with relative ease

Besides Asgardian Ingot, Nar’s Cup is another rare crafting material in God Of War Ragnarok that you will need in order to craft one of the best relics called Hilt of Tyrfing. It is worth stating that you will need the Hilt of Tyrfing in order to obtain the Collector Trophy for the game, which is required for 100 percent completion.

The Nar’s Cup specifically is dropped by a boss fight called Blatonn during one of the late-game main quests in GOW Ragnarok. We will try to keep everything spoiler free but be warned, the boss itself is mostly a reskin of one of the enemies you encounter in the game.

Location Of The Nar’s Cup In God Of War Ragnarok

God of war ragnarok nar's cup
Blatonn Location (image credit: eXputer)

As shown in the image above, the location of the Blatonn boss fight, which will drop the Nar’s Cup, is located in the Abandoned Village area in the realm of Vanaheim. You will first need to dock at the Western Barri Woods boat site and make your way through the area until you reach the fight itself.

However, the important detail here is that the boss will only be available during the thirteenth main quest of the game, called the Creatures Of Prophecy. The quest will essentially involve you battling through tons of enemies with 3 different boss fights in between the quest until the end, and one of these three will be Blatonn. So in case you were planning to go here early, the Nar’s Cup will, unfortunately, be only available via the questline.

Blatonn Boss Fight Guide

Blatonn god of war ragnarok
Blatonn (image credit: eXputer)

The Blatonn boss fight is pretty straightforward enough as it involves you fighting a Wulver who is beefed up to become a boss-type foe. The moveset of the boss itself is simple enough as you will have more than likely fought the Wulver enemy multiple times throughout the game normally. The boss can be quite tricky for someone who isn’t used to aggressiveness and the constant barrage of attacks from their foes.

However, some tips that you should note is that his fast claw swipes can all be parried with the right timing, and if you have the Dauntless Shield, then it should make short work of him in an instant by filling up his Stun Bar in a matter of a minute or so if you have the sharp skills.

Furthermore, you can also evade each of the strikes, at least for the majority of the first half of the fight. Be extra careful of his unblockable attacks indicated by the red ring, as he will lunge at Kratos, shaving off quite a bit of health. Preferably, you should dodge it by evading to the side, as the window of evasion from the attack is considerably short.

Blatonn gow ragnarok
Evading Blatonn’s claw swipes (image credit: eXputer)

But in the chance that you are unable to land your parries successfully, then we highly recommend using the Stone Wall Shield, which is arguably one of the Best Shields in God Of War Ragnarok. The Stone Wall shield will allow you to block and absorb a flurry of attacks, and then by pressing L1 twice, Kratos will slam the shield into the ground, causing damage to foes within close proximity.

Make sure to apply the frost status effect on him using your Best Skills of the Leviathan Axe and the Burn status effect from the Blades of Chaos. Using both weapons in conjunction with each other while one of their effects is active will allow you to unload massive amounts of damage within seconds.

Once you get his health down to at least half or somewhere close along the lines, he will transform into a berserk-like state where his attack will become more aggressive than usual plus he will add an unblockable claw swipe at the end of his swipe combos. As long as you keep your distancing up and focus on dealing an absurd amount of damage, you will be able to stop most of his attacks and beat him with ease.


God of war ragnarok hilt of tyrfing
Rewards (image credit: eXputer)

In addition to receiving the Nar’s Cup from the boss fight, you will also be rewarded with an enchantment called the Boon of Valor which will enhance the properties of the Valor Spartan Rage ability.

Once you are done with the boss fight, make sure to complete the questline itself fully, and if you have the Lost Pages required for the relics themselves to be available in the shop, then you should be able to craft the Hilt of Tyrfing in either Brok or Sindri’s blacksmith workshop.


God Of War Ragnarok is slowly on the rise of becoming the greatest game to be released by Playstation Studios, even going as far as to top the predecessor title that launched all the way back in 2018. Fans had eagerly anticipated the release for quite some time, and now that Kratos and Atreus are back in style, their rollercoaster journey comes to a standoff against the Norse Pantheon as Filmbulvintr engulfs the world in the wake of Ragnarok.

While returning elements such as the Nornir Chests may sound appealing to some players with their newly defined puzzles, other unique activities such as the Draugr Holes are sure to challenge you with their tough boss battles, especially on higher difficulties. If you’re going up against these bosses and more during the post-game cleanup scenario, then you’d best be well off in equipping powerful armor such as the Raven Tears Armor Set.

This concludes our guide on how you can get the Nar’s Cup crafting material in GOW Ragnarok. If you have any more questions related to the guide or want to let us know your experience with the game, then be sure to let us know all about it in the comments section below!

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