Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: 15 Tough Bosses [How To Defeat]

Even the best strategies would crumble in front of these 15 hard-to-kill bosses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty!

In the captivating world of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, bosses hold a pivotal role in shaping the player’s journey through the game. We have listed the 15 toughest bosses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty who do not appreciate you killing them. Encountered within their distinct, isolated arenas, these powerful bosses boast massive health bars and an arsenal of exceptional abilities, testing the player’s skill and determination.

Key Takeaways
  • Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has a total of 21 main bosses for players to fight and emerge triumphant. 
  • At least 15 bosses in the game are the toughest ones you will encounter. Here is a quick look at some of the bosses you will end up facing:
    • Dong Zhuo.
    • Sun Ce and Sun Jian.
    • Yuan Shao (Wo Long).
    • Yan Liang/Wen Chou.
    • Yu Ji/Embodiment of Demonic Qi.
    • Baishe.
    • Liu Bei.
    • Taotie.
    • Zhang Liao (Wo Long).
    • Aoye.
    • Zhang Rang (Wo Long).
    • Zhang Liang (souls-borne).
    • Lu Bu (souls-borne).
    • Zhang Liang.
    • Lu Bu’s.
  • Each boss fight requires a different strategy and players must be aware of their moves and weaknesses before heading into battle against them!

Let’s first briefly overview these Wo Long Bosses:

Boss NameMissionDropsWeakResistant
Dong ZhuoTyrant's Final Banquet,Crouching Dragons' Battle RoyaleTyrant Overlord Set Triumphant ConquestFireMetal, Wood
Sun JianHuman: Like Father, Like Son
Demon: Darkness Over the Hanshui River, The Crouching Dragon's Trial, Crouching Dragons' Battle Royale
Set pieces for the Vicious Tiger Set Guding BladeEarth, Fire, Water (Demon), All elements (Human)Wood (Demon), N/A (Human)
Sun Ce Like Father, Like SonSet pieces for the Young Conqueror SetAll ElementsN/A
Yuan ShaoDecisive Battle of Guandu, Pride of the Yuan Clan, Crouching Dragons' Battle RoyaleXuanwu (excluding gauntlet), The Leader of Lords SetEarth, Metal, WoodFire
Wen ChouBehold the Glaive of RighteousnessSet pieces for the Curse Star of Hejian Set, Set pieces for the Dread Star of Hejian Set, Drought Demon Blade, Quake Griffin HammerFire, Metal, WoodEarth, Water
Yan Liang Behold the Glaive of Righteousness, Crouching Dragons' Battle RoyaleSet pieces for the Curse Star of Hejian Set, Set pieces for the Dread Star of, Hejian Set, Drought Demon Blade, Quake Griffin HammerWater, Wood (Yan Liang)Fire, Metal (Yan Liang)
Embodiment of Demonic QiDecisive Battle of GuanduHeishan Bandit Set, Dread Star of Hejian SetCounter/RecoveryElemental-type damage
Yu JiDecisive Battle of Guandu, Crouching Dragons' Battle RoyaleEvil Taoist SetN/AAll Elements
BaisheFall of the Corrupted EunuchHeavy Cavalry SpearFire, Water, EarthWood
Liu BeiBehold the Glaive of Righteousness, Caliber of a HeroSet pieces of the Man of Benevolence Set, Pair Swords of AspirationAll elements (Human), Fire, Metal, Water (Demon)N/A (Human), Earth, Wood (Demon)
TaotieCenturies of Glory Burned AwayDong Zhuo Soldier Set equipment piecesSpirit Attack to weak spotElemental-type damage
Zhang LiaoThe Way of the Warrior, The Fearless BladeDire Tiger, Bixie, Valorous Vanguard SetDeflection/Posture (when not buffed), Earth (damage), Metal (5 phase)Earth (5 phase), Fire, Metal (damage), Water, Wood
Blindfolded BoyThe Crouching Dragon RoarsDivine Beast Yinglong (NG)Counter/DeflectionAll Elements
Zhang RangFall of the Corrupted EunuchSet Pieces for the Wuhuan Cavalry Set, Set Pieces for the Yellow TurbanFire, MetalEarth, Water, Wood
Lu BuThe Battle of Hulaoguan Pass, Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men, Crouching Dragons' Battle RoyaleSet pieces for the Flying General Set, Sky-Piercing HalberdEarth, WaterFire, Metal, Wood

Dong Zhuo

Dong Zhuo

Dong Zhuo is one of the bosses encountered in Tyrant’s Final Banquet, a game known for its challenging and intense boss battles. As a formidable opponent, Dong Zhuo is not optional and cannot be skipped. Furthermore, there are no reinforcements to aid the player in defeating him.

As such, players must prepare for a difficult fight and bring their best skills. Dong Zhuo’s reputation as a fierce boss adds to the game’s overall appeal, and defeating him can be a rewarding experience for players up for the challenge.

Attack Patterns

2-3 Hit Combos Hits the player two or three times with his glaive in close-range.
Charging Spear Charges forward with his glaive, dealing high damage.
Front Kick Counters the player’s attacks with a front kick in close-range.
Spinning Jumping Slash Jumps and spins with his glaive, dealing high damage.
Grab and Head Butt Grabs and headbutts the player, dealing high damage.
Fire Spell Casts a fire spell that deals damage in long-range.
Knife Throw Throws knives in long-range.

How To Defeat

How To Defeat Dong Zhuo Boss
  1. To defeat Dong Zhuo, study his attack patterns and wait for the right moment to attack.
  2. Keep your distance from Dong Zhuo and dodge his attacks, as getting too close may result in being grabbed or kicked.
  3. Utilize spells like Focus Zone and Lightning Weapon to deal additional damage to Dong Zhuo.
  4. Take advantage of Dong Zhuo’s downtimes after his attacks to counter-attack.
  5. Be prepared to adapt to Dong Zhuo’s increased speed at 50% HP to avoid getting hit by his attacks.

Sun Ce And Sun Jian

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – Sun Ce & Sun Jian

Sun Ce and Sun Jian are bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and players must face them in a 2-on-1 fight. To defeat them, players must be quick on their feet, engage aggressively, and use the right strategy to wear them down. Otherwise, if you make too many mistakes then you will not survive this duo-boss battle.

Attack Patterns

Attack Patterns Sun Ce Sun Jian
Charging attack Charges forward and attempts to land an attack Charges towards players while glowing red
Range combat Throws Tiger Fang Dual Halberds N/A
Basic melee combat Series of slashes, strikes, and stabs Uses tail to deal damage
Jumping attack Lunges forward and lands with a strike N/A
Ground slam attack N/A Slams the ground, dealing area-of-effect damage
Critical blows Tail attack and charging attack Tail attack and charging attack
Divine Beast abilities N/A Uses Divine Beast abilities to deal fire damage over time.

How To Defeat Both Bosses

how to beat Sun Ce & Sun Jian Boss
  1. Engage Sun Ce aggressively from the start to force him into defense.
  2. Exploit openings when Sun Ce’s stamina drops, using these moments to knock him back or down for extended damage.
  3. Block or deflect Sun Jian’s tail attacks to decrease his Spirit Gauge and expose him to posture breaks.
  4. Dodge away from Sun Jian’s ground slam attack to avoid area-of-effect damage.
  5. Deflect Sun Jian’s critical tail and charging attacks to break his posture for a Fatal Strike.
  6. Use the Divine Beast ability to inflict fire damage on Sun Jian, particularly when his HP is below 50% but be cautious as he increases his combo attacks.
  7. Remain patient and observant, carefully watching for attack patterns, weaknesses, and striking opportunities against both opponents.

Yuan Shao

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Yuan Shao

Yuan Shao is a demon-type boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, encountered in the Decisive Battle of Guandu mission. He is a general from Ruyang County of the Runan Commandery and is at odds with his brother, Yuan Shu. During the fight, players must destroy their shield and snake arm to make sure they are destroyed, and the boss does not rise up again.

Attack Patterns

Attack Name Description
Shield Bash Uses his shield to bash the player, dealing moderate damage.
Snake Strike Utilizes his snake arm to strike the player, dealing light damage.
Ice Cannon After his shield arm is destroyed, Yuan Shao transforms it into an ice cannon and uses it to blast around the battlefield, dealing moderate damage.
Ice Storm When using the ice cannon, Yuan Shao can also throw a few ice-style attacks at the player, dealing light to moderate damage.
Unblockable Strike The Boss can perform an unblockable strike, which deals heavy damage. This attack is easy to manage, however, as it has a long wind-up time.

How To Defeat

how to defeat Yuan Shao
  1. Prioritize destroying Yuan Shao’s shield and snake arm to make it easier to deal damage to him and prevent certain attacks.
  2. Don’t rush in for the strike – be patient and dodge and parry his attacks before attacking.
  3. Circle around him to get behind and deal more damage. Use the Whistling Vortex skill to break his guard and execute a fatal strike if you can’t break his shield.
  4. Avoid his attacks when he transforms his shield arm into an ice cannon after it’s destroyed.
  5. Heal when you have the opportunity, like when his arms are destroyed.
  6. Watch out for his unblockable strike, which deals heavy damage, but has a long wind-up time.
  7. Overall, focus on exploiting his weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and don’t take unnecessary risks.

Yan Liang And Wen Chou

Yan Liang and Wen Chou Boss

While playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the boss battle between Yan Liang and Wen Chou is a difficult encounter that calls for careful planning and execution. The fight features two bosses, Yan Liang, and Wen Chou, with their own health bars, and players must deplete them at the same time to prevent resurrection. It is suggested to bring friends to the fight to distract one boss while focusing on the other, but solo players can also use tips like switching targets often, parrying attacks, and watching their surroundings. With proper strategy and preparation, players can overcome challenging fight and progress in the game.

Attack Patterns

Attack Patterns Yan Liang Wen Chou
Blade Combo Swings his sword three times Swings his hammer from side to side
Sword Smash Smashes his sword in front Performs an overhead smash with his hammer
Chain Slash Slashes in a wide arc with his extended chain sword Spins around with his hammer while approaching you
Dive Bomb Throws his sword before dive-bombing at you Delivers a heavier overhead smash, followed by two somersault smashes

How To Defeat

how to defeat Yan Liang and Wen Chou
  1. Team up for an advantage, or adopt a strategic approach if solo.
  2. Alternate focus to keep Yan Liang and Wen Chou’s health decreasing evenly.
  3. Parry attacks to avoid Fatal Strikes and significantly reduce the Spirit Gauge.
  4. Stay aware of the bosses’ positions to dodge unexpected attacks.
  5. Ensure both bosses are defeated simultaneously to prevent resurrection.
  6. Use ranged attacks to deal damage from a safe distance.
  7. If solo, focus your efforts on one boss at a time for effective management.

Yu Ji/Embodiment of Demonic Qi

how to defeat Yu Ji & Embodiment of Demonic Qi

The Yu Ji/Embodiment of Demonic Qi boss fight is a challenging encounter in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. This boss fight is composed of two phases, each with its unique set of mechanics and challenges. Players must defeat Yu Ji in the first phase to trigger the second phase, where Yu Ji merges with a demonic dragon and transforms into the Embodiment of Demonic Qi. This battle requires skillful maneuvering, dodging, and deflecting to defeat both Yu Ji and the Embodiment of Demonic Qi.

Attack Patterns

Yu Ji Attacks Description
Multiple Swords Yu Ji summons five swords and swings them five times
Flying Attack Yu Ji flies around and tries to grab the player
Elemental Attacks Yu Ji uses elemental attacks, such as lightning and poison bubbles
Attack Type Description
Multiple Swords Summons multiple swords and swings them aggressively at the player
Energy Ball Shoots a ball of energy that needs to be deflected back
Dragon’s Grab The boss tries to grab the player with its mouth
Dragon Wing Slash The Embodiment of Demonic Qi slashes its wing on the ground
Tail Attacks Strikes with its tail in two different ways: striking into the ground and following up to the player’s position, or striking the player’s position quickly
Elemental Attacks Uses elemental attacks, such as lightning that follows the player around, poison bubbles that follow the player’s footsteps, and larger ground spikes that the player must avoid

How To Defeat

Wo Long_ Fallen Dynasty Yu Ji & Embodiment of Demonic Qi Boss Fight

Yu Ji Fight

  1. Learn and dodge Yu Ji’s attack patterns.
  2. Counterattack during openings.
  3. Stay mobile to avoid AoE attacks.
  4. Parry and dodge to break posture.
  5. Deliver Fatal Strikes when posture is broken.

Embodiment of Demonic Qi

  1. Constantly move to evade attacks.
  2. Avoid elemental hazards.
  3. Deflect critical blows to reduce posture.
  4. Counter sword moves and dodge aerial/ground attacks.
  5. Execute Fatal Strikes after posture break.
  6. Attack cautiously, avoiding unnecessary risks.


Baishe BOSS Fight

Baishe is a demon-type boss with a snake-like appearance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, encountered during the Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch quest. Her abilities include large area-of-effect attacks and area denial through poison pools.

To defeat her, players can use earth-based elemental attacks and spells like the earthquake spell, bring an NPC ally to distract her and learn her attack patterns and timings, particularly her critical attacks. Avoiding her poison pools and tail sweeps while dodging or deflecting her attacks is also crucial.

Attack Patterns

Attack Pattern Description
Snake Strike Swings her arm, followed by one of the snakes on her back, covering a wide range.
All-Out Slam Jumps into the air and slams onto the ground, causing AoE damage.
Tail Sweep 1 Uses her tail to sweep, with a higher range and faster speed.
Tail Sweep 2 Wraps her tail close to her before sweeping, with a slower speed and for close range.
Ranged Dash Dashes toward the player, knocking them down and poisoning them.
Poison Elemental Baishe spawns and throws off poison orbs, creating small poison pools.
Critical Attack 1 Her face glows red, and she extends her back snakes to grab and bite the player.
Critical Attack 2 Baishe runs on the arena’s walls and jumps onto the player, causing significant damage.

How To Defeat

Baishe How To Beat Her
  1. Use earth elemental attacks and spells to stun Baishe.
  2. Bring an NPC ally with high health and damage for distraction.
  3. Learn Baishe’s attack patterns to effectively dodge and counter.
  4. Utilize both dodging and blocking against Baishe’s attacks.
  5. Target Baishe’s vulnerabilities with elemental or critical hits.
  6. Have plenty of healing items ready for use during the battle.
  7. Remain focused and patient, exploiting openings in Baishe’s defenses.

Liu Bei

how to defeat BOSS LIU BEI

Within the immersive world of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, players must face the formidable Liu Bei as a challenging Huan/Demon-type boss. Although formidable in his own right, players can enlist his aid as one of their own reinforcements.

However, Liu Bei’s fate takes a dark turn when he is cruelly captured and forcibly transformed into a demon by the treacherous Yuan Shao. This unexpected twist culminates in a dramatic confrontation, as Liu Bei becomes the ultimate adversary in the climactic Behold the Glaive of Righteousness mission.

Attack Patterns

Attack Pattern Description
Flying Descend Attack Can fly and descend anywhere near the player.
Lightning Orbs Throws two orbs that release electricity rings that spread across the arena.
Sword Combo Liu Bei can perform various attacks and give four consecutive hits with his sword.
Uppercut Combo Performs an uppercut combo that can cause significant damage to the player’s spirit gauge.
Red Beams Shoots red beams toward the player
Standard Combo The first two of his slashes are horizontal, the third is vertical, and the fourth is a spinning slash.

How To Defeat

  1. Summon Zhang Fei and Guan Yu for assistance.
  2. Jump over spreading electricity rings to avoid lightning attacks.
  3. Dodge Liu Bei’s four-hit sword combo to evade damage.
  4. Deflect the start of the uppercut combo to damage his Spirit Gauge.
  5. Block Liu Bei’s red beam attacks.
  6. Parry critical attacks, mindful of the impact on your spirit gauge.
  7. Maintain focus and precision for parrying due to Liu Bei’s speed.
  8. Strategically use health potions, special abilities, and weapons.


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taotie BOSS Fight

The appearance of Taotie is striking, with a monstrous and imposing physique composed of different animal and demon parts. It has a goat head, a cow’s mouth, and a protruding arm, all adding to its intimidating presence. Defeating Taotie requires the player to navigate through a boss battle with three distinct phases, each presenting unique challenges and attack patterns.

Attack Patterns

Phase Attack Description
1 Fireballs Spews fireballs in front of itself as a deterrent.
1 Tail spin If the player is behind Taotie, it may do a 180-degree tail spin to turn around and face them.
1 Jump Launches itself into the air, landing somewhere else in the arena.
1 Red spikes Large, crimson, sharp, and viny spikes emerge from the ground and, if the player is struck, they will be knocked down.
1 Critical Blow – Foot stomp The boss raises its right foot and slams it down, causing a shockwave.
1 Critical Blow – Fist slam Raises its right fist and slams it down, causing a shockwave.
2 Red shard orbs Fires two red shard orbs that slowly home in towards the player.
2 Horizontal sweep Taotie reaches out with its massive crimson right hand and makes a horizontal sweep.
2 Poison pools The boss spits pools of venom in front of it, doing AoE damage.
3 Sweeps With a lengthy arm sticking out of its cow’s mouth, the boss does sweeping attacks.
3 Critical Blow – Charge He charges at the player with a Critical Blow attack.

How To Defeat

Taotie How To Beat

Phase 1: 

  • Approach fireballs from sides or behind.
  • Stay close to feet to dodge tailspin.
  • Sprint towards Taotie’s jump landing spot.
  • Move away from or destroy red spikes.
  • Deflect Critical Blows by targeting the right body part.
  • Aim attacks at the goat head.
  • Summon Liu Bei for distraction.

Phase 2:

  • Deflect red shard orbs.
  • Deflect horizontal sweep.
  • Dodge poison pools by staying to the sides or behind.
  • Target weak spots for maximum damage.
  • Use spells and martial arts to damage and stagger.
  • Focus on depleting the Spirit Gauge.

Phase 3:

  • Dodge or deflect sweeping attacks.
  • Deflect critical charge to perform a Fatal Strike.
  • Use all damage methods during stagger.
  • Lower the Spirit Gauge for stagger opportunities.
  • Perform final Fatal Strike by climbing the protruding arm.

Zhang Liao

In the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Zhang Liao plays a pivotal role. In the primary mission, “The Way of the Warrior,” he appears as a boss and a competent fighter. Very loyal to Cao Cao, he would do whatever to see that his master prevailed. He has a reputation for being an aggressive fighter who uses quick strikes and the powerful Dire Tiger sword.

Attack Patterns

Attack Name Description
Electric Imbuement Zhang Liao imbues his weapon with electricity, causing bolts of lightning to shoot down in a circular AOE around him.
Vertical Slash Launches into the air and performs a vertical slash down with his sword, fully charged and illuminated with electricity.
Fast Slash Combo A number of fast slashes culminated in a series of rapid aerial spins, slashing diagonally down toward the player.
Charging Horizontal Swipe He charges his sword and performs a charging horizontal swipe, lunging toward the player.
Consecutive Kicks The boss performs two consecutive kicks, spinning in the air to launch into the kick.
Forward Lunge A forward lunge with his sword, denoted by the usual red glow, and Zhang Liao pulls his sword back towards his right side.
Spinning Blade Attack Launches into the air and performs a number of spins down to the player.

How To Defeat

  • Upgrade Gear: Improve your character’s armor, weapons, and accessories for better damage and resistance.
  • Learn Attack Patterns: Study Zhang Liao’s moves to dodge and counter effectively.
  • Master Defense: Use deflection or dodging followed by counterattacks.
  • Use Wizardry Spells: Apply spells for damage or staggering, managing your MP carefully.
  • Employ NPC Allies: Let allies like Zhang Fei and Liu Bei distract Zhang Liao for strategic advantages.
  • Activate Flags: Increase Morale Rank by activating Battle and Marking Flags for an edge in battle.
  • Be Patient: Stay cautious, exploit openings, and gradually reduce Zhang Liao’s health for the win.

Blindfolded Boy

As players begin their journey in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, they are introduced to Blindfolded Boy, who serves as a guide in helping them understand the game’s mechanics and features. 

However, as the game progresses, Blindfolded Boy becomes possessed by the vengeful spirit of Yu Ji, a fearsome warrior who seeks to defeat the player character at all costs. This possession transforms Blindfolded Boy into the ultimate challenge for players, as they must face him in the final boss fight of The Crouching Dragon Roars.

Attack Patterns

Attack Pattern Description
Elemental Spells Blindfolded Boy will use elemental spells for AoE damage.
Sword Attacks The boss will fly up in the air and strike his sword in the player’s position.
Critical Blows His Critical Blows include Grab Critical Blow, Swing Slash Critical Blow, and Energy Ball Critical Blow. 
Red Orb of Demonic Energy Blindfolded Boy will glow red and fly up before launching a large red orb of demonic energy toward the player. 
Charging Attack with AoE The boss will fly up with his hands upwards and start charging an attack, which can lead to one of three large AoE attacks that deal with different elements.

How To Defeat

  • Block and deflect sword attacks for counter opportunities.
  • Dodge or parry Red Orb Assault to avoid major damage.
  • Quickly move away from Charged AoE attacks.
  • Deflect critical blows for posture breaks and Fatal Strikes.
  • Avoid elemental spell areas.
  • Keep the fight centered in the arena for easier dodging.
  • Attack swiftly as the boss grows stronger.
  • Focus on reducing the health bar, not the Spirit Gauge.
  • Use tactics learned from the Yu Ji fight.

Xiahou Dun

Xiahou Dun is a prominent character who initially serves as an NPC ally and Reinforcement for the player’s army. However, in the main mission titled “War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely,” Dun transforms into a demonic being after being struck in the eye by a mystical arrow. As a result, the player must face him in a challenging boss fight that takes place at the end of the mission.

Defeating Xiahou Dun in the boss fight is crucial, as it awards the player pieces of his armor and the Vermilion Bird Greataxe. The transformation of Dun adds a significant twist to the game’s story, revealing the consequences of the overarching conflict and adding urgency to the player’s mission to defeat him.

Attack Patterns

Attack Pattern Description
Scythe Sweep Flies toward the player with a scythe, causing rock spikes.
Small Fireballs Kicks out small fireballs that create AOE spots.
Spiral Dive Spirals into a homing dive.
Overhead Slam Slams the scythe overhead.
Four-Hit Move Performs a four-hit scythe combo.
Charge Attack Charges and flies toward the player.
Flying Forward Roll Rolls and whips feathers.
Aerial Fireballs Drops fireballs from the air.
Stomps Stomps twice in the air.

How To Defeat

  • Keep moving to avoid scythe attacks.
  • Dodge Xiahou Dun’s AOE attacks by staying out of hazardous zones.
  • Deflect his four-hit combo and charge attack.
  • Use dodge for overhead slams and flying forward rolls.
  • Escape from aerial fireball zones quickly.
  • Maintain distance during his stomp attack, then counterattack.
  • Attack from a distance with magic and ranged weapons.
  • Use Xiahou Yuan’s support for opportunities to attack.
  • Brace for more aggressive attacks as Xiahou Dun’s health drops.
  • Watch his attack patterns, adapt, and remain patient.


Aoye is a mandatory and formidable boss fight in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, appearing at the end of the In Search of the Immortal Wizard quest. Players will face off against Aoye, a massive demonic cow with dark energy-infused hair that it uses to fashion various deadly appendages.

The boss fight against Aoye is not optional, and it also appears as a normal or empowered enemy in succeeding Main or Sub Missions. During the boss fight, Hong Jing accompanies the player, providing support and backup to help defeat Aoye.

Attack Patterns

Attack Name Description
Critical Blow A one-shot attack that can be deflected
Leaping Attack Deflectable, leaves Aoye stunned for the counterattack
Hair-Tentacle Multiple tentacle attacks, which can be deflected
Crawling Attack Tentacle slams while Aoye crawls toward the player
Mouth Attack Grab-attack attempt from Aoye’s underside
Water/Ice Attack Area attack after Fatal Strike, avoid the front of Aoye
Ice Magic Attack Line attack that can be dodged or dashed away

How To Defeat

  1. Brace for the initial Critical Blow or Leaping Attack.
  2. Time deflects for Critical and Leaping Attacks accurately.
  3. Attack from distance with spells or items.
  4. Retreat from or deflect tentacle attacks.
  5. Strike after Aoye’s winded attacks or utilize Martial Arts.
  6. Block two Critical Attacks to enable a Fatal Strike.
  7. Deflect tentacle stab for Spirit damage.
  8. Dodge sideways to avoid tentacle slams.
  9. Evade the under grab attack.
  10. Move to the side or behind after a Fatal Strike to avoid Water/Ice Attack.
  11. Dodge the ice line attack.
  12. Focus on lowering Aoye’s Spirit Gauge to win.

Zhang Rang

Zhang Rang Clones

Zhang Rang plays a crucial role in the Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch quest as a boss character. It is noteworthy that the boss fight against Zhang Rang is mandatory, indicating that he is an essential part of the game’s narrative and advancement.

His clones add to the challenge of the fight, requiring players to make strategic decisions and prioritize targets. This further emphasizes that Zhang Rang is not merely an ordinary enemy but a formidable boss character that must be defeated to progress in the game.

Attack Patterns

Attack Pattern Description
Ranged Lightning Attacks Copies of Zhang Rang use ranged lightning attacks from various angles.
Physical Sword Strikes Zhang Rang clones use physical sword strikes.
Lightning Spells The boss himself calls down powerful lightning spells that hit multiple times.
Whirlwinds of Lightning He creates whirlwinds of lightning that can debuff you.
Copy Summoning Summons the clones again after you kill the previous ones.

How To Defeat

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty ZHANG RANG – Acid Pool
  1. Eliminate copies first to weaken Zhang Rang.
  2. Deflect/block copies’ lightning and physical attacks.
  3. Dodge/deflect Zhang Rang’s multi-hit lightning spells.
  4. Use allies to distract Zhang Rang while targeting copies.
  5. Prefer blocking/deflecting over dodging against Zhang Rang.
  6. Retreat from or defend against lightning whirlwinds.
  7. Continue attacking copies and Zhang Rang until he’s stance-broken.

Zhang Liang

Zhang Liang Wo Long First Phase

Zhang Liang poses a significant challenge as the first boss of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. This aggressive boss is notorious for being a tricky opponent, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the game’s parry-centric combat mechanics. With two distinct phases to overcome, players must remain alert and focused throughout the fight to emerge victorious.

Attack Patterns

First Phase Attacks Description
Mace Swing Swings his mace at the player.
Jumping Slam Zhang Liang jumps into the air and slams his mace down on the player. The attack speeds up at the end.
Uppercut The boss glows red and swings his mace in an uppercut.
Running Charge He glows red and charges at the player with his mace.
Critical Strike Glows red and unleashes a powerful attack that can be deflected to reduce his Spirit Gauge.
Phase 2 Attacks Description
Mace Swing He swings his weapon at the player.
Jumping Slam Jumps and slams his weapon down on the player.
Shockwave Zhang Liang punches the ground, creating a shockwave that damages the player.
Running Charge The boss charges at the player.
Spike Arm Fires his spiky arm at the player from a distance.
Stone Spikes He sends out spiking stones toward the player.

How To Defeat

Zhang Liang Wo Long Fallem Dynasty 2nd phase

First Phase Strategy

  • Deflect to lower Zhang Liang’s Spirit Gauge.
  • Focus on deflecting red-glow critical blows for major Spirit Gauge reduction.
  • Use quick attacks post-deflection to chip away at his Spirit Gauge.
  • Dodge his jumping mace slam, uppercut, and running strikes.

Second Phase Strategies:

  • Bait and deflect red critical strikes.
  • Deflect spike arm strike to stun and reduce Spirit Gauge.
  • Avoid thrusting charge and stone spikes.
  • Use jade power (Y+B on controller) at half health to shorten the fight.
  • Prioritize deflecting and countering critical strikes.

Lu Bu

Lu Bu is one of the greatest boss fights in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Lu Bu is one of the greatest boss fights in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Lu Bu, a formidable boss encountered who presents a challenging battle for players. Appearing in two missions, namely “The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass” and “Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men”, he is known for his aggression and the ability to quickly build up a negative spirit leading to a quick defeat. To emerge victorious, it is crucial to use key strategies such as deflecting critical blows, shrinking his negative spirit bar, and focusing on deflecting his spear attacks.

Attack Patterns

Attack Pattern Description
Basic Spear Attacks Swings his spear downward.
Basic Arrow Attacks Shoots two types of arrows.
Flame Arrow Attacks Lu Bu shoots deadly fire arrows.
Critical Attacks (On Horseback) The boss has two critical attacks while mounted.
Spear Attack Combos Swings his spear in combos.
Ground-Based Arrow Attacks He shoots arrows while on foot.
Critical Attacks (On Foot) The boss has three critical attacks while on foot.

How To Defeat

Phase 1 Lu Bu
The First Phase | Image By eXputer
  • Stay patient; Lu Bu is challenging and requires practice.
  • Deflect critical blows when he’s on horseback to unmount him.
  • Use martial arts to reduce Lu Bu’s spirit bar for easier dismount.
  • Avoid over-relying on guarding; it can lead to quick defeat.
  • Equip a low-cost ice spell to extinguish flames on his spear.
  • Focus on deflecting spear attacks and learning his patterns.
  • Be wary of his critical attacks, both on horseback and on foot.
  • Upgrade gear at the blacksmith in the Hidden Village.
  • Emphasize timing and precision throughout the fight.

This wraps up our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty bosses guide. What was your experience like? Did you find these 15 bosses tough as well in your gameplay experience? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, before you go, you must read our Best Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Armor Sets, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty BEST Virtue, and How To Find Missing Husband guides.


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