Elden Ring Best Flails: Top 4 Expert Picks

After spending more than 200 hours in Elden Ring, I consider these to be the best flails.

Similar to how there are Curved Swords, Greatswords, and even Thrusting Swords in the game, Elden Ring offers Flails as one of the many distinct weapon types that players can sport. They are quick, versatile, and can make a heavy punch, therefore, players who wish to finish a playthrough using a flail must know of all the Elden Ring BEST Flails.

Key Takeaways
  • Flails, like Nightrider, Chainlink, Bastard’s Stars, and Family Heads, excel in Elden Ring when used skillfully.
  • Nightrider Flail features a sinister design with three striking heads, reaching a formidable damage output of 696.
  • Chainlink Flail, with a menacing spiked club, can deal up to 699 damage.
  • Bastard’s Star is a remembrance weapon that can be unlocked after defeating Astel and boasts a powerful damage output of 830.
  • Family Heads flail is the highest-damaging flail in the game, mirroring Nightriders’ design and hitting up to 846 damage.
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Nightrider Flail  

The Most Easily Obtainable Flail in Elden Ring.
Elden Ring best Flails
Nightrider Flail

Here are some key details about the Nightrider Flail:

  • Physical Attack Power: 696
  • Guarded Damage Negation: 27
  • Scaling with Dexterity and Strength attributes, making it suitable for Melee builds.
  • Passive Effect: Causes blood loss buildup with a factor of 50.
  • Main Skill: Spinning Chain – A rapid flurry of circular attacks effective against enemies without a Greatshield.

The Nightrider Flail is a formidable weapon in Elden Ring, known for its menacing design featuring three striking heads.

I have listed down the steps you need to take to obtain the Nightrider Flail:

  1. You’ll need to face the optional boss, the Night’s Cavalry, in the Weeping Peninsula region near the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace.
  2. Defeating the one near Lenne’s Rise will reward you with the Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War skill, while other variants of this boss offer different rewards like Runes, weapons, and Ashes of War.
Important: The Night Cavalry only appears during the night in Elden Ring.
  • Can be obtained very early in Elden Ring.
  • Offers Blood loss buildup.
  • Scales very well with Dexterity.
  • Spinning Chain Weapon skill is very effective.
  • Offers only Physical damage.

Chainlink Flail 

The BEST Flail for Strength Build.
Chainlink Flail
Chainlink Flail

Here are some key details about the Chainlink Flail:

  • Maximum Physical Attack Power: 699
  • Average Guarded Damage Negation: 30.5
  • Attribute Requirements: You’ll need approximately 18 Strength and 12 Dexterity to wield this powerful weapon effectively.
  • Special Skill: The Chainlink Flail features the “Spinning Chain” move, similar to the Nightrider Flail.
  • Passive Effect: It causes blood loss buildup, which is beneficial for dealing with tough foes.

I have listed down the steps you need to take to obtain the Nightrider Flail:

  1. To obtain the Chainlink Flail, you’ll need to defeat Pumpkin Heads in the Lands Between.
  2. These sizable enemies often wield the Chainlink Flail themselves and have a chance to drop it.
  3. While there’s no specific location, you may have better luck finding it in the Altus Plateau region near the Bridge of Iniquity Site of Grace.
  4. Look for a roaming Pumpkin Head in that area and defeat it to check for the weapon drop. 
  • Scales very well with Strength.
  • Offers Blood loss buildup.
  • The spinning Chain weapon skill is very effective.
  • Obtaining it can feel grindy.
  • Offers only Physical damage.

Bastard’s Stars

The BEST Flail for Intelligence Build.
Elden Ring best Flails
Bastard’s Stars

The Bastard’s Stars is an impressive and unique Flail in Elden Ring known for its celestial design, high Physical Attack Power, and distinctive skill move.

Key Features of the Bastard’s Stars:

  • Maximum Upgradable Damage: 830
  • Average Guarded Damage Negation: 28.6
  • Attribute Requirements: To wield the Bastard’s Stars effectively, you’ll need approximately 22 Dexterity, 22 Intelligence, and 8 Strength.
  • Unique Design: It features a celestial design resembling planets and stars, making it visually striking.
  • Nebula Skill Move: The Flail’s default skill move is “Nebula,” which releases a line of stars and planets that explode, damaging enemies in its path. It deals magic-based damage.
  • No Blood Loss Buildup Passive Effect: Unlike some other Flails, the Bastard’s Stars don’t have a blood loss buildup effect.

To obtain the Bastard’s Stars, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Begin a quest given by the NPC Ranni the Witch.
  2. Progress through the questline until you reach the Lake of Rot.
  3. Cross the Lake of Rot to reach the Grand Cloister Site of Grace.
  4. Defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, in this area.
  5. Receive the “Remembrance of the Naturalborn” consumable item upon defeating Astel.
  6. Trade the “Remembrance of the Naturalborn” with Enia at the Roundtable Hold to obtain the Bastard’s Stars Flail.

The Bastard’s Stars is considered one of the best Flails in Elden Ring, thanks to its impressive damage output and unique skill move.

  • Scales very well with Intelligence and Dexterity.
  • Offers both Physical and Magic damage.
  • Offers impressive maximum damage.
  • Doesn’t offer Blood loss buildup.

Family Heads

The BEST Flail for Dexterity Build.


Family Heads is a distinctive Flail in Elden Ring with a chilling backstory, featuring three heads hanging from its end, said to be the skulls of the original wielder’s wife and children.

Key Features of the Family Heads Flail:

  • Maximum Physical Attack Power: 846
  • Average Guarded Damage Reduction: 28.5
  • Attribute Requirements: To effectively wield the Family Heads Flail, you’ll need 8 Strength, 18 Dexterity, and 16 Intelligence points.
  • Familial Rancor Skill Move: The Flail’s default skill move, “Familial Rancor,” raises the Flail to the sky and calls upon vengeful spirits to attack your foes, dealing significant damage. It takes some time to execute but is worth it.
  • No Ashes of War: Family Heads cannot be equipped with Ashes of War, so you’ll rely on its default skill move.
  • No Passive Effect: There is no Passive Effect associated with this weapon.

To obtain the Family Heads Flail, follow these steps:

  1. Travel to the Altus Plateau region in the Lands Between.
  2. Locate the Sage’s Cave Site of Lost Grace in the northwest direction of the Altus Plateau.
  3. Enter the cave and engage in a boss fight with Necromancer Garris.
  4. Defeat Necromancer Garris to obtain the Family Heads Flail.

While the backstory of Family Heads is chilling, it’s a powerful weapon that can be effective in the hands of Dexterity-based builds.

  • Scales very well with Dexterity.
  • Offers both Physical and Magic damage.
  • Offers impressive maximum damage.
  • Doesn’t offer Blood loss buildup.

My Experience

best flails in Elden Ring
My Elden Ring hours (Steam ID: Future Bird)

It was my fourth playthrough when I decided to start using flails and I personally used the Family Head for my playthrough as soon as I obtained it, perhaps because its backstory reminded me way too much of the Pinwheel boss from Dark Souls.

But before I obtained the Family Head, it was the Nightrider flail that mostly carried me through most of the game. And with that, my guide on Elden Ring BEST Flails, including how you can get your hands on them comes to an end.

Once you’ve had your fill of Flails in the game, check out the round-up of the overall best weapons in Elden Ring, should you want a taste of something different. Do let me know in the comments section about which Flail has turned out to be your favorite. 

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The Nightrider Flail makes the others look so inferior in both design and damage, so good!

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