FF16 Muddy Murder Hunt [Location & Rewards]

Navigate the challenge of tracking down FF16 muddy murder location by learning essential combat strategies and location tips.

The Muddy Murder in Final Fantasy XVI sends players on a perilous quest to confront and defeat the formidable Flan Prince. Embedded deep within this bounty hunt is a thrilling blend of strategy, combat, and ultimate rewards. These rewards make it an essential undertaking for anyone seeking to enhance their gameplay experience. By knowing the FF16 Muddy Murder location, players can track the elusive Flan Prince and navigate through the challenge with confidence and precision.

Key Takeaways
  • The Muddy Murder quest becomes available during the “Bolts from the Blue” main quest in Final Fantasy 16. Seek information from Nektar to start the quest.
  • To locate the Flan Prince, travel to the region of Rosaria, specifically near Hawk’s Cry Cliff.
  • The Flan Prince is an A-Rank enemy of level 38 with various elemental spells and physical attacks. Preparation and strategy are key to defeating it.
  • Maintain a balance between offense and defense during the fight. Utilize short, quick-animating abilities for dodging and counterattacking.
  • In the latter phase of the battle, employ a hit-and-run strategy to avoid the Flan Prince’s melee attacks.
  • Defeating the Flan Prince rewards players with 5200 EXP, 95 AP, 12000 Gil, and 30 Renown, along with a rare item the Gelatinous Mass.

Muddy Murder Location In Final Fantasy 16

ff16 muddy murder
The Flan Prince in the Muddy Murder Hunt [Image by Us]
The quest for the Muddy Murder, or the Flan Prince, becomes available during the “Bolts from the Blue” main quest in Final Fantasy 16. Players eager to challenge this A-rank hunt can seek information about it from Nektar.

Venture To Rosaria

To find the Flan Prince, your journey will lead you to the region of Rosaria. Specifically, you’ll have to venture near Hawk’s Cry Cliff. Here are some key points to guide you:

  • Start your hunt from the Obelisk, heading north, or from The Auldhyl Docks, going east.
  • The Flan Prince is located on a hill within the region.
  • On reaching the grassy plains in the northern area of Hawk’s Cry Cliff, the Flan Prince will emerge from the ground in a special scene.

Encounter And Map Marking

After your first encounter with the Flan Prince, a Notorious Mark icon will pop up at its location and remain there until you defeat this formidable foe. Being an A-Rank enemy of level 38, you should prepare thoroughly for the battle. Overcoming this challenge comes with several rewards.

ff16 muddy murder location
Muddy Murder Location Final Fantasy 16 [Marked in Yellow]

How To Defeat The Flan Prince?

Defeating the Flan Prince, also known as Muddy Murder, in Final Fantasy 16 is challenging. As an A-rank enemy of level 38, this boss offers a significant threat with a wide variety of attacks that are tricky to handle but not impossible to manage with the right strategy.

Arsenal Of Attacks

The Flan Prince wields an arsenal of elemental spells, including Firaga, Blizzaga, Thunderga, Tornado, and Quake. Watch out for these attacks and always be ready to dodge.

Its most dangerous attack is the physical one known as “Hands Down.” It begins with a one-handed smash, followed by two quick smashes, and ends with a leaping smash. Avoiding this combo is crucial, and using Titanic Block or well-timed dodges can help you survive it.

Understanding The Battle Phases

As the Flan Prince’s health depletes, it begins to Dualcast, combining its elemental attacks. Always stay alert during these phases and keep a safe distance to avoid heavy damage. The best chance to attack is when it uses its slow projectile. Use the opportunity to get close and deal as much damage as possible.

Fighting Strategies

Here are some useful fighting strategies against Flan Prince:

  • Maintain a balance between offense and defense when fighting the Flan Prince.
  • Be aware of the delay between the Flan Prince’s spell-casting time and the actual hit, providing an opportunity for evasion and counterattack.
  • Utilize short, quick-animating abilities to maintain mobility and readiness for dodging.
  • In the later phase of the battle, anticipate the Flan Prince’s melee attacks, which can be harder to dodge but are less damaging than its spells.
  • Apply a hit-and-run strategy to gradually diminish the Flan Prince’s health while avoiding its attacks.
  • Be prepared to retreat when the Flan Prince is preparing to launch an attack, prioritizing survival over maximizing your attacks.


Once you defeat the Flan Prince, your rewards include 5200 EXP, 95 AP, 12000 Gil, and 30 Renown, in addition to a rare drop, the Gelatinous Mass. With the guide and a dose of perseverance, you’ll be well-equipped to take down this Notorious Mark and claim your bounty.

My Thoughts On The Flan Prince

In my experience fighting the Flan Prince in the Muddy Murder Hunt and having over 100+ hours of experience with FF16, I found that the creature’s Twist attack was the easiest attack to telegraph. It’s the one where the Flan Prince tightens up the body and does a spinning attack using the arms. Overall this mini-boss isn’t too hard to defeat at all, especially if you’re well-versed with action games like I am.

This concludes my guide about the FF16 Muddy Murder Location. The Muddy Murder quest in Final Fantasy XVI involves a challenging fight against the formidable Flan Prince. The Flan Prince, a level 38 A-Rank enemy, wields a diverse range of elemental spells and physical attacks, requiring careful strategy and timing to defeat. Victory yields significant rewards, including EXP, AP, Gil, Renown, and a rare item, the Gelatinous Mass.

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