Grounded Minotaur Maze Key: Location, Chests, Guide

This guide entails the location of Minotaur Maze Key along with what is required to get it and the purpose of the Key in Grounded

The survival video game: Grounded has a number of hidden quests that you might not be aware of. Although these quests are not vital for the main storyline, you can complete these quests in order to get a chance for gaining extra items that are unique. Minotaur Maze comes under such a category in Grounded and for that, you will first need to get your hands on its Key.

Key Takeaways

The Minotaur Maze Key unlocks a chest and rewards players with a Picnic BURG.L chip. To obtain the key, follow these steps:

  1. Wait until later in the game to pursue the key, as it’s not easily accessible in the early stages.
  2. To reach the key, you need to cut down Soggy Roots. You can do this with either a Spider Fang Dagger or a Bone Dagger.
  3. To craft a Spider Fang Dagger, you’ll need Spider Fang, Spider Venom, and Silk Rope.
  4. To craft a Bone Dagger, you’ll need Sunken Bone, Silk Rope, and Diving Bell Spider Chunk.
  5. Bratburst the Leaning Shovel to move it closer to the Picnic Table.
  6. To climb onto the picnic table, you’ll need an Insect Hammer.
  7. The key can be found near the biggest water body between the Picnic Table and the Sand Box, near a white pipeline.

Minotaur Maze Key In Grounded

Grounded: Location of Minotaur Maze Key
The Minotaur Maze Key [Image Credit: eXputer]
Obtaining the Minotaur Maze Key in Grounded is essential for powerful rewards, including the Picnic BURG.L chip. To unlock the chest on the Picnic Table in the Maze, follow these steps:

  1. Timing is Key: Don’t rush to get the Key early in the game. Wait until later stages when you have the required tools.
  2. Requirements: To reach the Key, you must clear Soggy Roots along the way. Craft either a Spider Fang Dagger or a Bone Dagger, both Tier II tools, and you’ll need a Workbench to craft them.
    Use the Spider Fang Dagger to get Minotaur Maze Key in Grounded
    The Spider Fang Dagger [Image Credit: eXputer]
  3. Crafting the Spider Fang Dagger: Requires one Spider Fang, three Silk Rope, and four Spider Venom. Obtain Web Fiber from spiders, then craft Silk Rope. Kill Infected Wolf Spiders or Wolf Spiders for Spider Fang and Spider Venom.
  4. Crafting the Bone Dagger: Requires two Sunken Bone, two Silk Rope, and two Diving Bell Spider Chunk. Find Sunken Bone in Pond Depths, Pond Lab, or Turbine Outpost. Face a Diving Bell Spider for Diving Bell Spider Chunk.
  5. Bratburst: Craft this explosive tool with two Fungal Growth, one Red Ant Egg, and four Dry Grass Chunk at a Workbench. You’ll need it to move the Leaning Shovel near the Picnic Table.
  6. Insect Hammer: Discover the Cooler Box on the Picnic Table and use the Insect Hammer to reach the bench. Craft the Insect Hammer with four Stinkbug Part, four Berry Leather, and one Boiling Gland, as it’s a Tier II upgrade from the Pebblet Hammer.

Once you have these items and tools, you can successfully navigate the Minotaur Maze and unlock the coveted chest on the Picnic Table for your rewards.

Location Of Minotaur Maze Key

Minotaur Maze Key Location in Grounded
Location of the Minotaur Maze Key [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now that you have everything that you need in inventory. It is time for you to set up your Minotaur Maze journey. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare Your Inventory: Ensure you have the necessary items and tools, including the Spider Fang Dagger or Bone Dagger, Bratburst, and Insect Hammer.
  2. Head to the Water: Go to the largest water body situated between the Sand Box and the Picnic Table.
  3. Find the Broken Pipeline: Search around the pond until you discover a white broken pipeline. You can enter it from the bottom.
    White Broken Pipe in Grounded
    The White Broken Pipe [Image Credit: eXputer]
  4. Dive In: Inside the pipeline, head towards your right and dive into the water. Keep swimming forward until you encounter the Soggy Root.
    Soggy Root to be Cut by Spider Fang Dagger
    The Soggy Root Underwater [Image Credit: eXputer]
  5. Use Dagger to Clear Root: Equip the Spider Fang Dagger or Bone Dagger and use it to chop the Soggy Root, allowing you to proceed.
  6. Retrieve the Key: Continue moving forward underwater. Within thirty seconds of effective navigation, you’ll find the Minotaur Maze Key, completing this part of your journey.

With the key in hand, you’re ready to unlock the chest on the Picnic Table within the Minotaur Maze and claim your rewards.

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Minotaur Maze Key’s Use

Grounded Minotaur Maze Key: Leaning Shovel
Location of the Leaning Shovel [Image Credit: eXputer]
Once you get your hands on the Key, it is time for you to put it to good use.

Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Leaning Shovel: After obtaining the key, head east on the map. There, you’ll find a large rock beneath which the Leaning Shovel is hidden.
  2. Use the Bratburst: Equip the Bratburst item, throw it under the large rock, and detonate it. This will break the rock into smaller pieces, causing the Leaning Shovel to fall onto the Picnic Table.
    Leaning Shovel through Bratburst
    Use Bratburst on the Shovel to Lean it [Image Credit: eXputer]
  3. Ascend the Shovel Safely: Climb up the Leaning Shovel onto the Picnic Table. Consider carrying a Dandelion with you to soften your landing, as the drop from the table can be harmful.
  4. Navigate to the Cooler Box: Move left behind the Yellow Lunch Box, cross the Bench using the Plastic Spoon, climb up the books, and reach the Cooler Box. Use the Insect Hammer to tilt the Cooler Box’s handle with the red circular joint.
  5. Enter the Maze: Once the Cooler Box is tilted, climb onto the Picnic Table. Head towards the left side, where you’ll find a maze made of grey stones. Enter through the main gate.
    Minotaur Maze Entrance in Grounded to use Key
    Entrance of the Minotaur Maze [Image Credit: eXputer]
  6. Maze Navigation: Inside the maze, take the first left, then the second right at the end. Proceed with the second right again, leading to an open door. Enter this door, and you’ll find yourself in a hallway.
  7. The End of the Maze: In front of you, there’s another door. Inside this door, you’ll discover the end of the Minotaur Maze. Open the chest within this room using the Minotaur Maze Key.
    Grounded: Minotaur Maze Key and Chest
    Chest of Minotaur Maze [Image Credit: eXputer]
  8. Claim Your Rewards: Upon opening the chest, you’ll receive various rewards, including the Picnic BURG.L Chip, SCA.B, two Cool Style Nuggets, four Style Nuggets, and Mega Milk Molar. The Picnic BURG.L Chip can be returned to the Oak Lab to unlock the Sign Set: Food and Stuff and the SCA.B Scanner: Milk Molars. Additionally, obtaining the chip unlocks the powerful two-handed weapon, the Mint Mace.

With these rewards in hand, you’ve successfully made use of the Minotaur Maze Key in Grounded.

Grounded: Minotaur Maze Key and Chest
Chest of Minotaur Maze [Image Credit: eXputer]

Final Words

All in all, the Minotaur Maze Key is worth going after in Grounded. Apart from discovering new areas, using it will provide you with rare items. You will finally be able to craft the Mint Mace: a powerful two-handed weapon. However, for the players in the early stages, we recommend you pursue it later in the game. The Key requires lots of materials which can only be made from the Workbench and Spinning Wheel. Therefore, do not hurry and have patience.

Most importantly, to increase the chances of your survival, you will need the BEST Grounded Weapons and the BEST Armor. In case you are struggling with the Assistant Manager, consider reading our How To Beat The Assistant Manager guide.


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