Horizon Forbidden West Kratos Face Paint Location

Our Horizon Zero West Kratos or God of War face paint step-by-step guide entails how to get the unique red-colored paint for Alloy.

First of all, players have to find three hidden war totems to get the Kratos signature red-colored face paint. They are located in totally different regions of the game’s world. In this guide, I will be guiding you towards the location of Totems and how to unlock Kratos paint.

Key Highlights
  • The Kratos face paint requires three hidden war totems
  • Totem of Brotherhood there is no exact map guide for this totem. Therefore you have to make a successful guess and head to the location of Totem of Brotherhood
  • Totem of War is located on the left portion of the map. Players have to mark it on the exact location. The Trial has many references to the God of War games making it exciting for fans of Kratos
    Totem of Youth is located on the bank of the island’s far west side on the map. You have to use a mark on the map. There you should be surrounded by palm trees, and in those trees, arrows are fired. You have to use your Focus to get to the trail which will lead you to a crumbling building.

Kratos Face Paint In Horizon Forbidden West

Totem Of Brotherhood

Totem of brotherhood is the first of three Totems of War. There is no exact location guide on a map in this game therefore, you have to go to the map and set a marker by successful guess like in the following image, I am setting the marker on the location of Totem of Brotherhood. 

Horizon Forbidden West Kratos Face Paint
Marker Totems of Brotherhood

Then, travel there on a flying creature. The marker will lead you to the sandy surface with water on its side. Move towards the marked area which will lead you to the Totem of Brotherhood to collect your first God of War of Totems. These totems are unique collectibles that are necessary to unlock God of War paint. After getting the first totem it will become easier for players to acquire remaining because we know how to find and collect them.

stylize aloy
Flying towards Marked place

After jumping on the surface and following the mark you will come right in front of the dead machine you have to scan or examine the machine you will find the hammer in it.   

side quest to unlock new features
Examine The Dead Machine.

Then you have to follow the trail by using focus. That will take only a few seconds and leads you to the cave-like hole in the mountain located in the pictures. There it is first War of Totems the Totem of Brotherhood. Pick it up and get ready to start a journey towards the second one.      

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Horizon Forbidden West Kratos Face Paint
Follow the trail
collect totems for unique reward
Totems of Brotherhood.

After acquiring the Totems of brotherhood as I guided you when you check the notebook in option the totem is visible but there are question marks on two empty boxes which means you have to collect two more. Check the following image. 

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Horizon Forbidden West Kratos Face Paint
Totems of Brotherhood on Notebook.

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Totem of War

After the acquirement of the Totem of Brotherhood, the next one is the Totem of War. It is located on the left portion of the map. Players have to mark it on the exact place. Getting this totem is the most enjoyable experience in this game due to its detailed graphical reference to God Of War therefore playing Horizon Forbidden West brings natural nostalgia to anyone who has controlled both Aloy and Kratos.

totem of war location
Trial spot.

When you get there you will find the shelter and trees which are located in the following picture under the Totem of War heading. Start the trial by using the focus ability of Aloy.

Horizon Forbidden West Kratos axe
Kratos Axe

Trial through focus will lead you to snowy mountains here you have entered a territory that is designed like Kratos own home and surroundings where you will see axe stuck in the tree probably it is axe of Kratos which means Totem of War is near now.

Further following the trial Aloy will involve in fighting with the enemy. During this whole quest of finding the Kratos paint, this is the only place where the possibility of the clash is high check out the following image in which Aloy is shooting at machine creatures. She must finish them all to continue the quest of acquiring the Totems.

Kratos Face Paint
Scenes of Clash

Once you are done with the enemy. The next thing player has to do is to follow the trail which will lead Aloy to climb snowy mountains. She then reaches close to Krato’s home and Aloy goes to the backside of the house to collect the Totem of War. Following pictures will make it easy to understand. Collect this and you’re near to unlocking Kratos face paint in Horizon Forbidden West.

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Kratos look-a-like Home Easter Egg
Kratos Home Easter Egg
Horizon Forbidden West Kratos Face Paint
Totem of War

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Totem of Youth

Now let’s talk about the third and final Totem which is located on the bank of the island far west side on the map. There is a similar way to reach there like the first two Totems of War by using a mark on the map. When we reach the mark we will be surrounded by palm trees and in those trees, arrows are fired we have to scan them and that’s where we have to trail by using focus as we used in getting the first two Totems. That will lead us to a crumbling building that’s where we get the third and final Totem of War named Totem Of Youth.

totem of youth location
Island on the west side of the map.
Kratos Home Easter Egg
Surrounded by Trees.
Kratos Face Paint
Crumbling Building.

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Applying Kratos Face Paint In Horizon Forbidden West

We can’t apply Kratos face paint right away after collecting all three Totems of war. We have to travel to the painter and pay the merchant ten metal shards so the Kratos face paint appears on our face.

Look at the following picture. This is how Kratos face paint will be looked on the face of Aloy when players equip it. This facial appearance of Aloy will remind everyone of Kratos protagonist of God of War. This paint is named after Kratos’s signature red face paint. 

Applying mark of war face paint
Kratos Paint equipped

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This wraps up our Horizon Forbidden West Kratos face paint guide. Horizon Forbidden West is a decent addition to this game series. Its success is a great achievement by Guerrilla Games and they delivered the next-generation level sequel along with cool easter eggs such as featuring Kratos paint and bringing aesthetic value to the game. My guide is all about telling players how to get this God of War paint.

The open world of Horizon Forbidden West is rich and full of surprises. There is just too much on your plate to do, from the sprawling danger of machines to hostile human NPCs and exploring the beautiful landscape in the game. However, the sequel features face paints, and you can stylize Alloy with unique designs.

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