Little Alchemy 2: How To Create Cold [Step-By-Step]

Learn everything there is about making Cold in Little Alchemy 2 with a detailed step-by-step guide as well as its additional uses.

There are 7 different ways players can make Cold in Little Alchemy 2, leaving a wide door open for creativity. So, get ready, put on your alchemist hat, and let’s get freezing!

Key Takeaways
  • Crafting Cold in Little Alchemy 2 can be achieved through the following combinations:
    1. Rain + Human
    2. Mountain Range + Human
    3. Mountain + Human
    4. Snow + Human
    5. Wind + Human
    6. Storm + Human
    7. Space + Thermometer
  • Cold can be further combined with other elements to create Smoothie, Lizard, Ice Cream, Ice, Fridge, Dry Ice, and Chill

How To Make Cold In Little Alchemy 2 

In Little Alchemy 2, creating the Cold element step by step can be an engaging task. There are seven different recipes that players can use to make Cold. These options give you the flexibility to choose based on the elements you already have.

Here’s a breakdown of the seven different combinations that will lead you to create Cold:

  • Rain + Human
  • Mountain Range + Human
  • Mountain + Human
  • Snow + Human
  • Wind + Human
  • Storm + Human
  • Space + Thermometer

It’s interesting to note that out of the seven combinations, six require the use of the Human element. This highlights the significance of creating the Human element in-game. If you’re focusing on unlocking more complex elements and resources, having Humans available is essential.

Creating A Human From Scratch

Making human in little alchemy 2
How to Make a Human in little alchemy 2 [image by eXputer]
But before you dash off, let’s quickly peek at the easiest way to whip up a human in Little Alchemy 2:

Step Combination Result
1 Water + Water Mud
2 Earth + Earth Land
3 Air + Air Pressure
4 Earth + Pressure Stone
5 Mud + Stone Clay
6 Water + Water Puddle
7 Puddle + Puddle Pond
8 Pond + Pond Lake
9 Lake + Lake Sea
10 Earth + Sea Primordial Soup
11 Fire + Fire Energy
12 Primordial Soup + Energy Life
13 Clay + Life Human

Boom! You’ve got your human. With your newly crafted human, it’s smooth sailing to create cold. The recipes are now super straightforward, and you’re on your way to becoming a Little Alchemy whiz.

Recipe 1: Making Cold From Rain

Making cold from rain and human
Mixing Rain and Human to Get Cold [image by us[
Let’s unravel that mystery!

  1. Mixing one Earth element with another Earth element will give you Land
  2. Combining two Land elements will create a Continent
  3. By fusing two Continents together, you get a Planet
  4. Mix one Air element with the Planet to create an Atmosphere
  5. Combining the Atmosphere with a Water element will result in a Cloud
  6. Finally, mix the Cloud element with another Water element, and voila! You’ve made Rain
  7. Combine this Rain with the human element, and you get Cold

This combo of Rain and humans creating cold is such a cool nod to how weather affects humans in the real world. It’s also an awesome reminder of how Little Alchemy 2 can be not just fun, but a teensy bit educational too!

Recipe 2: With Mountain

Making cold from mountain and Human
Mixing Human and Mountain to get Cold [Image credits: eXputer[
Here’s how you guide your alchemy avatar up this frosty mountain in simple steps:

  1. First, get things heated up by blending Fire with Fire – and voilà, you’ve sparked Energy!
  2. Next, it’s time to shake things up. Combine Earth with that Energy you just conjured, and behold, you’ve created an Earthquake!
  3. Now, let’s get back to solid ground. Fuse Earth with your rumbling Earthquake, and like magic, you have sculpted a majestic Mountain!
  4. Finally, unite your Mountain with a Human. Picture your human reaching the mountain peak, taking a deep breath in the crisp air – and there you have it, the Cold element materializes along with a Skier!

Congratulations! In just a handful of creative steps, you’ve recreated the shivering sensation of cold, starting from a warm spark to the bracing mountain peak. This simple and fun journey is one of the most intuitive recipes to craft Cold. 

Recipe 3: Mountain Range

Making cold from mountain range
Using Human and Mountain to make cold (Image by eXputer)

Using the same core idea, you can effortlessly create Cold (and a Skier) by merging the human element with the mountain range element. This particular mix takes just one teeny-tiny step more than the earlier recipe – just combine two mountains, and voilà, you have a mountain range!

Now, here’s a golden nugget of advice: it’s a smart move to go down this route if you’ve already got the mountain range unlocked in your element arsenal. Why, you ask? Well, you can whip up Cold even faster by simply joining the mountain with the human, skipping a step, and saving some precious moments.

Recipe 4: With Snow

Making Cold from Snow
Mixing Snow with Human to get Cold [image captured by eXputer[
Here’s how to create Snow in Little Alchemy 2:

  • Start by combining one Earth element with another Earth element, and this fusion will produce Land.
  • Next, mix one Land element with another Land element, and they coalesce into a Continent.
  • Now, combine one Continent element with another Continent element, and watch as they merge to form a Planet.
  • Take one Air element and combine it with the Planet you just created. This mixture gives rise to an Atmosphere.
  • Mix one Atmosphere element with one Water element, and this combination results in a Cloud.
  • Combine one Cloud element with one Water element, and they together create Rain.
  • Now, make Energy by combining one Fire element with another Fire element.
  • Fuse one Earth element with the Energy element, and this interaction results in an Earthquake.
  • Next, mix one Earth element with the Earthquake element, and they assemble into a Mountain.
  • Finally, combine one Rain element with the Mountain element, and they come together to form Snow

All you need to do now is join Snow with the Human element to get Cold. This method is like an icy adventure where you whip up snowflakes and then bring in the human touch to unleash the chill of cold.

Players also get a bonus element of a Snowman and a Snowball through this combination. It’s quite a nifty way to utilize natural elements to create a frosty sensation in your Little Alchemy 2 world! 

Recipe 5: From Wind

Making cold from wind and human
Mixing humans and Wind to get Cold [image captured by us]
Creating the Cold element using Wind is remarkably straightforward and hassle-free, especially considering how simple it is to obtain Wind within the awesome world of alchemy.

To get started with Wind, all you need to do is combine two Air elements. This combination will produce Pressure. Once you have Pressure, combine it once again with an Air element. Voilà! You’ve successfully created Wind.

With Wind in your possession, the final step is a breeze. Simply combine the Wind element with the Human element, and this fusion will reward you with the Cold element.

Recipe 6: Cold Through Storm 

Making cold from storm and human
Combining Human and Storm to get Cold [image captured by us]
Here are the steps to conjure a Storm:

  1. Combine Earth with another Earth to create Land
  2. Merge two Land elements to form a Continent
  3. Join two Continents to forge a Planet
  4. Mix Air with another Air element to generate an Atmosphere
  5. Blend the Atmosphere with Water to create a Cloud
  6. Finally, combine two Cloud elements to unleash a Storm

Finally, with the Storm element swirling in your inventory, combine it with the Human element. The Storm engulfs the Human, and as the thunder claps and lightning flashes, the Cold element emerges from the chaos.

Recipe 7: Space + Thermometer

Making cold from Thermometer and Space
Combining Space and thermometer to get Cold [image captured by us]
In the intriguing universe of Little Alchemy 2, crafting the element Cold step by step can also be a bit of a challenge since it can be made by joining Space and Thermometer, which are not the simplest elements to obtain.

However, let’s delve into how to cleverly combine these elements to create Cold:

Air + AirPressure
Earth + PressureStone
Stone + FireMetal
Water + EarthMud
Mud + StoneClay
Water + WaterPuddle
Puddle + PuddlePond
Pond + PondLake
Lake + LakeSea
Earth + SeaPrimordial Soup
Fire + FireEnergy
Primordial Soup + EnergyLife
Clay + LifeHuman
Stone + AirSand
Sand + FireGlass
Earth + EarthLand
Land + LandContinent
Continent + ContinentPlanet
Glass + PlanetTelescope
Human + TelescopeScience
Water + ScienceLiquid
Metal + LiquidQuicksilver
Quicksilver + GlassThermometer
Planet + PlanetSolar System
Planet + FireSun
Air + PlanetAtmosphere
Sun + AtmosphereSky
Solar System + SkySpace

Uses Of Cold In Other Recipes

After the exhilarating journey of crafting Cold, it’s now time to uncover the myriad possibilities this element holds within your alchemy adventure. Cold, with its intriguing properties, can be the genesis of a multitude of innovative combinations.

Let’s take a glimpse into some of the fascinating elements you can derive from utilizing Cold:

  1. Mixing Cold with Fruit will give you a Smoothie
  2. Combining Blood and Cold results in a Lizard
  3. When you mix Cold with Milk, you get Ice Cream
  4. Adding Cold to a Puddle transforms it into Ice
  5. Combining Metal with Cold produces a Fridge
  6. Merging Carbon Dioxide and Cold results in Dry Ice
  7. Blending Air with Cold creates a Chill

By following these combinations, players can unlock the Cold element. Additionally, they can explore its potential in creating new and fascinating elements in the world of Little Alchemy 2.

And there you have it! Now you know how to create Cold in Little Alchemy 2 step by step. With Cold in your alchemy toolbox, you can explore making loads of other cool stuff like the fridge and Ice cream. The fun doesn’t end here since there are many more combinations to explore in-game. 

While you’re at it, explore making loads of other cool stuff like the night element, dough, fabric, thread, and even electricity. There is a detailed guide on every one of these elements and many more. 

Mixing and matching elements is super fun, and now the whole magical world of Little Alchemy 2 is in your hands. So, keep experimenting and see what amazing things you can whip up. Share your favorite combination in the comments below. Happy alchemizing!

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