MHR Large Herbivore Bone: Farming, Uses & Locations

In This Guide We Discuss The Large Herbivore Bone In Detail Including The Farming Ways And It's Uses.

Monster Hunter Rise recently got an expansion by the name of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. With the new Sunbreak expansion came many new items, materials, and a new rank called the Master Rank. Also, the developers added some new monsters that are very fierce and dangerous. However, to take on these monsters, they also added master rank items that require some new materials to craft and upgrade, like the Gold Lite Ore and Fucium Ore. Another new material is the Monster Hunter Rise Large Herbivore Bone.

What Is Large Herbivore Bone In Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise‘s Gameplay

The Monster Hunter Rise Large Herbivore Bone is a new resource that is different from the other new materials. For example, ores can be acquired through mining outcrops. However, to acquire the Large Herbivore Bone, you have to complete certain quests, looting the environment, or carving special Monsters.

The monsters, as suggested by the name, have to be herbivores. The game describes the Large Herbivore Bone as The thick, sturdy Bone of a herbivore. Up there with the best of them.”

What Is It Used For

Armors In Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster Hunter Rise Large Herbivore Bone is primarily used to craft and upgrade certain armor pieces or to craft a decoration piece called the Medicinal Jewel. The pieces that can be crafted or upgraded by the Large Herbivore Bone are:

  • Slagtoth Cloak X
  • Slagtoth Hood X
  • Rhenoplos Greaves X
  • Rhenoplos Coil X
  • Rhenoplos Braces X
  • Rhenoplos Mail X
  • Rhenoplos Helm X
  • Dober Greaves X
  • Dober Vanbraces X
  • Orangaten Coil X
  • Death Stench Brain X

All these Armors provide us with different skill sets such as Artillery, Special Ammo Boost,
Load Shells, Pierce up, and Tremor Resistance.

These perks are significantly useful in different situations. The Artillery helps us to enhance your attacking power to be more aggressive on the battlefield. The Load Shells will increase your magazine capacity and the number of bullets that you can load into your Gunlance.

The Special Ammo Boost is most suitable while using Bowgun and Dragon Piercer because it greatly enhances the power of their ammo and enables them to deal more amount of damage. Pierce up is another useful skill in the Rhenoplos Armor set that significantly increases the damage of “Piercing Ammo” used by the Bow.

Lastly, the Tremor Resistance is a special buff that enables some immunity to the ground tremors when you’re facing the massive monsters.

How To Acquire The Large Herbivore Bone

Now, to acquire the Large Herbivore Bone, you have to carve certain types of monsters. The monsters are Slagtoth, Rhenoplos, and the Gowngoat. However, the chance of dropping the Large Herbivore Bone upon carving the monster is different depending on the monster. There are certain ways through which you can increase the chance and amount of the Monster Hunter Rise Large Herbivore Bone. 

The players that will use the Feather of Mastery will be able to carve a monster four times. Now, to acquire the Feather of Mastery, you have to complete the six Arena Quests with every type of weapon. Also, the Dango Skill can be used to increase the number of materials collected upon carving. You can gain this skill through completing the Seven Star Hub Quest called the Seared Situation.

Farming Monsters For Large Herbivore Bone

Now, we will be discussing the farming aspect of the three monsters, Gowngoat, Rhenoplos, and Slagtoth, that can drop Herbivore Bone upon carving them. We will include every stat and strategy that could help farm the Large Herbivore Bone


Rhenoplos In Monster Hunter Rise

The Rhenoplos is a small herbivore monster that can be farmed for the Large Herbivore Bone. This monster can be located in two main regions that are the Lava Caverns and Sandy Plains

However, we recommend looking for the Rhenoplos in Sandy Plains first as there are five spots where you can find them in huge amounts. The Rhenoplos can be found in zone 1, zone 3, zone 6, zone 8, and zone 10 of the Sandy Plains map.

Also, the Rhenoplos can be found in zone 4 and zone 5 of the Lava Caverns map. But, remember that you should look for them in the Sandy Plains first. Now, we will mention the materials that can will drop after carving the Rhenoplos. Also, we will mention the percentage chance of the drop.

    • Rhenoplos Carapace 35% chance
    • Rhenoplos Scalp 20% chance
    • Large Herbivore Bone 20%chance
    • Raw Meat 25% chance


A Slagtoth In-Game

Now, the Slagtoth is another small monster from which you can farm to acquire the Monster Hunter Rise Large Herbivore Bone. Just like the Rhenoplos, the Slagtoth can be found in two regions Flooded Forest and Lava Caverns.

However, this time we recommend that you first explore the Flooded Forest and then later explore the Lava Caverns to find the Slagtoth. We recommend it because the Flooded Foreset has four spots where the Slagtoth can spawn.

The four zones in the Flooded Forest are zone 1, zone 2, zone 4, and zone 5. Also, the zones in the Lava Cavern where you can find the Slagtoth are zone 1 and zone 2. Furthermore, the items that can be dropped by the Slagtoth pon carving them are:

  • Slagtoth Oil has a 35% chance
  • Slagtoth Hide+ 35% chance
  • Large Herbivore Bone 20% chance
  • Raw Meat 15% chance
Slagloth Materials
Slagloth’s Materials List


A Gowngoat In Monster Hunter Rise

Now, the last herbivore monster that can drop the Large Herbivore Bone is the Gowngoat. The Gowngoat is a rare monster that was added with the new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Up till now, the Gowngoat can only spawn in the Citadel map, which is also a part of the Sunbreak Expansion. 

The two known spawn zones of the Gowngoat are zone 1 and zone 2 of the Citadel map. They are also regarded as passive monsters that will not attack you until you provoke them. Upon carving the Gowngoat, you will receive the following:

  • Gowngoat Thickfur 42% chance
  • Large Herbivore Bone 28% chance
  • Gowngoat Fleeceball 20% chance
  • Raw Meat 10%

Amongst these three monsters, the Gowngoat is the best source of Monster Hunter Rise Large Herbivore Bone because they have a 28% chance of dropping the Large Herbivore Bone. However, they spawn only in two zones which means that they are rare.

Slagtoth And Rhenoplos In Flooded Forest During Quests

Flooded Forest
Flooded Forest In Monster Hunter Rise

There are few expectations to the list above as the Rhenoplos and Slagtoth can also spawn in the Flooded Forest during certain quests. Also, they still do spawn in specific zones. Now, we will list the quest and, during that quest, where the monsters would spawn.

For Rhenoplos

  • Normal Quest: Zone1 and Zone 8.
  • The Outbreak Of Kestodon: Zone 1 and Zone 8.
  • The Outbreak Of Delex: Zone 1 and Zone 8.
  • The Outbreak Of Rhenoplos: Zone1, Zone 3, Zone 6, Zone 8, Zone 10, and Zone 11.

For Slagtoth

  • Normal Quest: Zone1, Zone 2, Zone 4, and Zone 5.
  • The Outbreak Of Ludroth: Zone 2 and Zone 5.
  • The Outbreak Of Altaroth: Zone1, Zone 2, Zone 4, and Zone 5.
  • The Outbreak Of Wroggi: Zone1, Zone 2, Zone 4, and Zone 5.


The game is very competitive, so it is best to know the Best Weapons and Best Armors. Also, the game has a variety of characters and bosses ranging from the Boss Sergios to the NPC Bahari. However, to get to the boss, you will require good equipment, for which you will need resources like Money, Inferno Sac, and the Large Beast Gem.

However, if you are worried about your amount of money, then resolve to some farming techniques that we discuss in the Monster Hunter Rise Money Farming Guide. And, if you are looking for a strong build to conquer the monster world, then read our Sunbreak Best Builds guide.

Furthermore, if you are bored with the game for some reason, then try out the Layered Weapons and some of the Best Monster hunter Rise Mods to spice things up. 

Final Thoughts

You should remember that although the monsters mentioned above drop the Large Herbivore Bone, it is not a guaranteed reward. If you fail to get the Large Herbivore Bone on the first try, then you do not need to panic but need to hunt some more monsters. Once you get a considerable amount of Large Herbivore Bones, you can finally upgrade your special armor pieces, including the Rhenoplos Greaves and Dobey Greaves Armor.

With the discussion on the Monster Hunter Rise Large Herbivore Bone being completed, we also conclude our guide on it. We discussed every aspect of the Large Herbivore Bone in detail, including how to farm and find it. However, if you feel we left something out, then please let us know through the comment section down below. This sums up our guide on Large Herbivore Bone in Monster Hunter Rise.

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