Overwatch 2 Zarya: The Definitive Guide

Everything about Zarya in Overwatch 2 has been discussed in this guide to help you know everything about her.

On October 4th, 2022, the popular hero shooter made its return with an updated sequel called Overwatch 2. Despite a rocky start, the game is already receiving much attention from gamers and fans worldwide, owing to the new five vs five gameplay. Zarya, who was originally present in Overwatch 2 and now appears in Overwatch 2, is the character we will discuss in our guide.

Key Takeaways
  • Zarya is a tank character in Overwatch 2, a Russian who uses her physical powers to defend her teammates on the front lines of combat.
  • Zarya has a resource called Energy which she can use to boost the effectiveness of her Particle Cannon weapon, a beam weapon that can also shoot explosive projectiles in a secondary firing mode.
  • The Particle Barrier creates a shield around Zarya to protect her from damage for a short time and has a 200 damage absorption rating.
  • The Projected Barrier allows Zarya to create a shield bubble around an ally, protecting them from damage.
  • Zarya’s Graviton Surge ability creates a black hole that sucks in and slows enemies caught in it, making them easier to attack.
  • Her Ultimate ability is called Supercharger, which allows Zarya to deploy a device that increases the damage output of allies within its radius.
  • Zarya has experienced upgrades in Overwatch 2, including increased hit points and shields, making her more resilient than in Overwatch 1.
  • Players can use Zarya’s abilities to protect their team and take the initiative to victory by mastering them.

Overview of Zarya in Overwatch 2

Overview for Zarya in Overwatch 2
Zarya In The Game (Image Credit: eXputer)

Zarya is one of the best choices for any team composition. She fulfills the role of a tank and is excellent at using her skills to limit opponent damage. With a few successful fights, Zarya may, in the proper hands, alter the outcome of a game.

In terms of her background, she is a Russian athlete from Krasnoyarsk who aspires to offer all to the people. She abandoned her sports aspirations just to defend her people. Zarya is now using her physical prowess to defend her teammates while remaining steadfast on the front lines of combat.

Zarya has experienced various upgrades. Her HP has increased to 250 (from 200), and her shields have increased to 225 (from 200). She is now more resilient than she was in the first Overwatch, and she can be a real benefit to her teammates by boosting their endurance.

Checkout all the summarized information on Zarya: 

Particle Cannon
Particle Cannon Alt Fire
Particle Barrier
Projected Barrier
Graviton Surge

Zarya’s Weapons and Abilities

Weapon and Abilities for Zarya in Overwatch 2
Weapons and Abilities of Zarya (Image Credit: eXputer)

While Zarya will essentially play similarly to how she did in the first game, several of her abilities have been changed to account for the shortcomings of a one-tank meta.

Players will see certain modifications to her ability to protect herself and her teammates, as well as a modest improvement in her overall enduring power as a result. You may protect your squad from damage and take the initiative to victory by mastering her abilities.


Zarya has access to a special resource called Energy through her passive ability, Energy, which she may utilize to boost the particle cannon’s effectiveness. Whenever the Projected Barrier or Particle Barrier halts the damage, Zarya gains energy.

The more Energy Zarya has, the more she will shine. The rate of energy degradation has increased from 1.8 each second in Overwatch to 2.2 per second. It means that Zarya must constantly create Energy for her particle gun to deal more damage.

Particle Cannon

Effect TypeBeam
  • At 0%: 85 dmg/sec
  • At 100%: 170 dmg/sec
Max Range15 meters
Area Of EffectBeam Width: 0.15 meters
Rate Of Fire (ROF)20 rounds/sec
Reload Time1.5 secs

The Particle Cannon is Zarya’s signature weapon and her primary technique of doing damage to opponents in Overwatch 2. Using 20 of the magazine’s 100 rounds per second, the Particle Cannon’s primary firing function fires a beam toward the adversary.

A player’s weapon must be reloaded in 1.5 seconds. The Particle Cannon deals 75 basic damage per second with a 0% Energy charge and up to 170 damage per second at a 100% Energy charge. As a result, players will attempt to deflect as many enemy attacks as possible to hurt their opponents more.

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Effect Type
  • Arcing Projectile 
  • Area Of Effect
  • At 0%:
    • Enemy: 9.4 – 47 dmg
    • Self: 4.7 – 23.5 dmg
  • At 100%:
    • Enemy: 19 – 95 dmg
    • Self: 9.5 – 47.5 dmg
Move Speed5 m/s
Projectile Speed25 m/s
Area Of Effect
  • Explosion: 2.5-meter radius
  • Projectile: 0.2 meter radius
Rate Of Fire (ROF)1 shot/sec
Ammo Usage25 rounds/shot
Reload Time 1.5 secs 
Casting Time0.01 secs + 0.4 secs recovery for primary

Additionally, the Particle Cannon has a secondary firing mode. In this mode, the particle cannon can shoot explosive projectiles, but each shot consumes 25 ammo. In this mode, the particle cannon’s rounds will explode, inflicting AoE damage on all foes within a 2.5-meter radius.

The shooting technique can inflict up to 47 damage at 0% and 95 damage at 100% energy charge to enemies. Zarya might potentially hurt herself if she uses this ability too closely.

Particle Barrier

Effect TypeSelf
Health 200 hp
Area Of Effect1.5-meter radius
Duration2 secs
Cooldown10 secs

The Particle Barrier, as its name suggests, forms a bubble barrier around you that protects you from harm for two seconds. The Particle Barrier can help you deflect all incoming blows because it has a 200 damage absorption rating.

It is simple to stumble into foes’ traps, and things might get out of hand rapidly. Particle Barrier is advised at this point to withstand 100% damage and help your character get back on course. Finally, the catch: the Particle Barrier converts any damage it takes to the Particle Cannon.

Utilizing the Particle Barrier is undoubtedly a fantastic resource for supporting not only individual players but also the entire squad. To regulate the gameplay, it also has a 10-second cooldown, although this is nothing to be concerned about.

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Projected Barrier

Effect TypeTargeted On Allies
Health 200 hp
Max Range30 meters
Area Of Effect1.5-meter radius
Duration2 secs
Cooldown10 secs

Zarya has another great ability after the Particle Barrier: the Projected Barrier. You will now be able to employ both shield bubbles using Zarya for the first time to enhance the tanking capabilities.

By using the Projected Barrier, you may surround your comrades with a bubble shield that can withstand up to 200 incoming attacks from the other team. You can now use this damage as Zarya Particle Cannon energy.

It should be remembered that the Projected Barrier will only be effective for your teammates for two seconds. Players will then need to wait 10 seconds for a cooldown before using the shield abilities on their team once again.

Graviton Surge

TypeUltimate Ability
  • On Impact: 5 dmg
  • Over Time: 5 dmg/sec up to 17.5 dmg
Projectile Speed25 m/s
Area Of Effect
  • Gravity: 6 meter radius
  • Projectile: 0.2 meter radius
Casting TimeInstant + 0.4 secs recovery
Duration3.5 secs
Ultimate Cost2,270 points

Last but not least, She introduces the Graviton Surge ultimate ability to Overwatch 2. Zarya also utilizes it as a temporary ability, like the majority of heroes’ ults. Essentially, the Graviton Surge is a gravitational weapon that continuously deals damage to all foes.

Your enemies will be imprisoned within the gravity for more than 3.5 seconds after using the ult, and they will take 5 more damage every second. Although during battle, it might not feel like enough. But when used properly, Zarya will enable players to escape the difficult situation and come up with a plan to eliminate the opponents forever.

Zarya’s Playstyle

Zarya might be a powerful tank, but getting the hang of her takes a lot of practice. She can deal a lot of damage if she can charge the Photon Cannon, although doing so requires precise application of the Particle Barrier or Projected Barrier.

She can easily beat most enemies when fully charged. With her Ultimate Ability, she can also produce some of the most devastating combos in the game. Zarya may be used to escort the team to accomplish its goals, but with some teamwork and the ideal character combo, you can quickly boost Zarya’s performance in the game.

For instance, using the side-to-side ult during a battle where Zarya and Reaper are teammates on your team might be fatal. The reason for this is that Reaper will deliver enormous damage to all foes while Zarya’s ult will trap them with gravity, providing your team a decisive advantage in the fight.

Working with high levels of energy while utilizing Projected Barrier and Particle Barrier is the most efficient method for mastering Zarya. Players can use their finest tank skills while dealing out huge damage in this manner.

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Last but not least, effective teamwork is essential if you want to use combos to sweep and clear the area quickly. In the correct hands, Zarya has the potential to be a potent tank that can both defend her squad and inflict damage.

She does have a learning curve, but those who take the time to master her in Overwatch 2 will be capable of leading their team to victory.

Best Zarya’s Attack Strategy

Strategy for Zarya in Overwatch 2
Zarya’s Strategy in Overwatch 2 (Image Credit: eXputer)

Zarya is a tank, and her job is to be the team’s first line of defense and the damage reducer. She can now take more damage thanks to the adjustments made for Overwatch 2, but it all hinges on how effectively you manage her shields.

The Graviton Surge makes Zarya shine; therefore, farming should be your first goal. So, when playing Zarya, your major focus is determining the best angle from which to launch energy grenades to poke foes and charge your ultimate.

Your secondary objective should be to concentrate on monitoring the shield and Energy level due to the way her equipment operates. Without the need for a charge of the Particle Barrier to shield herself, she won’t be able to do anything in combat.

Aside from that, the best course of action is always to engage an opponent with strong intensity. Always try to draw the enemy’s attention while using your shield. A Particle Shield should not be used to foresee harm when doing that.

Wait to perform your talent until you are damaged because Zarya has a huge base shield. The Projected Shield follows the same logic, do not spend it by attempting to predict the harm your colleague will sustain. The last and most important aspect of playing Zarya successfully is understanding when to utilize your ultimate.

To determine whether your teammates are prepared, check their ultimates. Being able to capture four foes with your ult but not being able to follow up is the worst scenario for a Zarya.


Even by herself, the hero ranks among the greatest DPS characters in Overwatch 2. She excels in clearing the way for her teammates by remaining on the front line. Therefore, be careful to thoroughly comprehend Zarya’s abilities and traits before launching into the game’s competitive modes.

That concludes our Zarya Guide. Do you think utilizing one of the top Overwatch 2 tank heroes will benefit you? Please share your opinions in the space provided below.

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