Prince of Persia The Lost Crown: Final Boss Fight Guide

The following are the detailed steps based on my experience to beat the final boss easily in-game!

Who Is The Final Boss In Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

Vahram, the leader of Immortals, is the final boss you have to encounter in-game.

You fight Vahram three times in your journey, and the third time is when he actually gets serious. By serious, I mean he transcends from being a human by absorbing Simurgh’s Heart. Once he is in that form, defeating him is pretty difficult as it is a four-phase fight. It is the longest fight you will have in-game, so you better be prepared fully. 

Key Takeaways
  • Vahram is the last boss in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.
  • A total of three immortals are the main bosses in-game.
  •  Vahram appears three times to fight you.
  • The final fight in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown features four phases.
  • The third phase is the most difficult, but using Bahamut’s Rage makes it pretty simple. 
  • The last phase is the easiest one, as Sargon gets the power of Simurgh.
  • In the end, Vahram sacrifices himself to protect Persia.
Important: Make sure you have equipped Bahamut’s Rage and don’t waste your Athra in the first or second phases. You should save it for the start of the third phase to deal massive damage to Vahram.

How To Beat Vahram

Defeating Vahram might seem difficult, but it is pretty easy. The boss features some moves that are easy to avoid, especially in the first and second phases. The third phase is a little troublesome, but once you manage to beat all three phases, the fourth stage will be extremely easy.

The First And Second Phase

Follow these steps to beat the first and second phases of Vahram easily:

  1. Starting Tips: First of all, make sure you have upgraded your weapon along with the amulets. Also, you need to practice Shadow of the Simurgh along with the Fabric of Time.
  2.  Tips For The First Phase: Once you get inside a crystal-like object and start making circles around you, don’t run away from it. Try to destroy the object and use Shadow of the Simurgh ability to get out of the circle. 
    Destroy Simurgh’s heart (Image by Us)
  3. Second Phase Is Easier: Vahram will then reverse time to get the heart back, and the second phase will start. He will bring out a sword in the second phase, but it gives you more chances to parry. Other new attacks are easily dodgeable, too. 
    Punish (Image Source: eXputer)

The Third And Fourth Phase

Third Phase (Image Captured By Us)

The third phase is where it gets a little troublesome. However, I have figured out a way to end this phase quickly.

Follow these steps based on my experience to dominate the third and fourth rounds:

  1. Finish Third Phase Instantly: As soon as the third phase starts, Vahram will make a clone of himself. So, once the third phase starts, use Bahamut’s Rage. Your positioning doesn’t matter, as you will be in the middle by default. The Athra Surge will take out more than half of Vahram’s health.
    Sargon’s New Look (Screenshot By eXputer)
  2. Easiest Part: Then, once you enter the fourth phase, there won’t be much to do, as Sargon will get Simurgh’s Power. The fourth stage will be the easiest one, so defeat him and save Persia. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the final boss in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. While you are at it, you should take a look at the guides on the Lower City Wheel Puzzle and the Pirate Captian Parrot Location. When done with that, you should check out all Main Bosses’ guides along with how to solve The Three Gongs puzzle.

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