RE4 Remake Mercenaries Characters [All To Know]

Finesse and style are key to earning that sweet S+ rank using the characters in the mercenaries mode of Resident Evil 4 Remake!

RE4 Remake’s Mercenaries’ characters are sure to delight anyone with their presence as they feature different loadouts and unique abilities. There are three distinctive maps available for you to choose from here and achieving an S rank or higher can allow you to earn a sweet reward for your efforts. There is also the possibility of a multiplayer coop in RE4 Remake’s Mercenaries mode. But before we can discuss that, learning about the game mode and its characters is crucial for any player jumping into it for the first time.

Key Takeaways
  • RE4 Remake features the return of the new and improved Mercenaries mode with three different stages and four characters.
  • Mercenaries is a horde mode-like mode where players use their favorite characters in a prolonged battle to survive for a certain period of time until they fully clear all enemies.
  • All four characters have significantly different loadouts than the other and as well as mayhem abilities which can provide you an edge during gameplay:
    1. Leon has the best of both worlds, with a balanced loadout covering both long and close distances as well as the mayhem ability to increase his power and maneuverability.
    2. Luis can use his Timed dynamite to cause AoE damage along with the Red-9, which is easily considered one of the Best weapons in RE4 Remake.
    3. Jack Krauser is one of Resident Evil 4 Remake’s main bosses who is playable now as he is able to transform into his mutant version as well as use his signature fighting knife.
    4. Hunk is a fan-favorite character who has a mayhem ability that makes his SMG ammo infinite, along with a special melee attack that can instantly kill any enemy.
Before You Start: You will only be able to use Leon at the beginning of the Mercenaries when you launch it for the first time, so you will have to unlock the rest of the three characters one by one.
Important: By achieving an S rank or above on all three stages using any character, you will be rewarded with the hand cannon magnum.

You may continue reading our guide or watch the following video on the Mercenaries mode:

You can also check out the summarized look at all of the Mercenaries in our comparison table below:

CharactersWeaponsMayhem AbilityHow to Unlock
Leon S. KennedySG-09 R, Stingray, Riot GunIncreased power and movement speedAvailable from Default
Luis SeraRed-9, SR-M1903Timed DynamiteAchieve an A rank in any mercenaries mode stage using Leon
Major Jack KrauserTMP, EJF-338 Compound BowMutant TransformationAchieve an A rank in any mercenaries mode stage using Luis Sera
HunkLE-5Infinite SMG ammoAchieve an A rank in any mercenaries mode stage using Krauser

Mercenaries Mode Explanation

re4 remake mercenaries
Post-battle rating in Mercenaries (Image Captured by Us)
  • Players can select up to four different characters of their choosing in this game mode to compete in a horde mode style battle where they need to accumulate as much of a high score as possible in an allotted time.
  • Each of the characters has a fixed loadout of weaponry, but you can also pick up other items, such as grenades and healing items, from enemies and crates too.
  • There are three different stages that you choose here; Village, Castle, and the Island.
  • All three have drastically unique layouts to them, and each character has a playstyle that can help you secure victory with ease.

It is worth noting that during each run, you will be able to increase the timer by collecting various pickups around the arena marked in green color. But what’s more interesting is that you can also collect yellow-colored pickups, which will grant you mayhem gauge energy. Mayhem is essentially a special technique for each of the characters, which allows them to have increased mobility, and damage, and dish out a special attack depending on the character.

As you slowly make your survival throughout each run, it will get increasingly harder as enemies will become more aggressive, and the game will even spawn tough enemies such as the Garradors. But now that we’ve explained the basics of the Mercenaries let’s discuss each of the characters you can use.

Characters In Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries

You can access four different characters in Resident Evil 4 Remake, all of which have unique mayhem abilities that can provide an edge during the run. While Leon will be the only character that you can use when booting up Mercenaries for the first time, the other three can be unlocked relatively easily by simply attaining an A rank across all three stages of the mode. But for now, let’s discuss each of these characters in detail:

Leon S. Kennedy

leon s Kennedy
Leon S. Kennedy (Image Captured by Us)
  • Weapons: SG-09 R, Stingray, Riot Gun
  • Mayhem Ability: Increased power and movement speed
  • How To Unlock: Available from Default

Our protagonist of the game and one that easily sets the pace down for this mode as most players will more than likely have finished the campaign and gotten used to his play style. The only limitation is that you may not like the fact that Leon uses his default handgun, the SG-09 R. Meanwhile, the riot gun and Stingray are excellent additions here to provide a balanced loadout for our fabled hero to survive almost any encounter.

Leon’s mayhem ability is also pretty self-explanatory because as soon as you activate it, he’ll gain a burst of momentum which will allow you to escape over-crowded situations swiftly. Moreover, you will also gain increased damage, so make sure to spam every shot from your weapon to gain critical kills easily. Leon has access to all of his iconic melee moves on stunned enemies, such as the German suplex as well as the roundhouse kick.

Luis Sera

re4 remake luis
Luis Sera (Image by eXputer)
  • Weapons: Red-9, SR-M1903
  • Mayhem Ability: Timed Dynamite
  • How To Unlock: Successfully achieve an A rank or higher in any mercenaries mode stage using Leon.

Fans of the charismatic Luis Sera can look forward to using him in Mercenaries, as his mayhem ability is easily a highlight of his loadout. Timed Dynamite allows you to place dynamite bundles on the ground, which can cause massive area-of-effect damage to enemies around it.

Ideally, you should easily be able to place two to three dynamite packs before the mayhem gauge runs out, especially on enemies who are chasing and cornering you. Furthermore, Luis uses a special melee animation where he will either charge at his foes or hit them with a lead pipe.

Luis being immune to his dynamite explosion damage is the best part, which makes it an excellent ability to use when you need a breather. Furthermore, in terms of weapons, the fan-favorite Red-9 provides excellent damage, but some players may find controlling ts recoil an annoyance without the stock. The SR-M1903 comes fitted with a thermal scope which can be great for taking out cultists and their plaga variants without any discomfort.

Major Jack Krauser

re4 remake jack krauser
Jack Krauser (Image by eXputer)
  • Weapons: TMP, EJF-338 Compound Bow
  • Mayhem Ability: Mutant Transformation
  • How To Unlock: Successfully achieve an A rank or higher in any mercenaries mode stage using Luis Sera.

If you’re like me and loved fighting Jack Krauser in the main campaign as one of the game’s secondary antagonists, then you will surely be delighted to know that he is fully playable in the mercenaries mode. Most importantly, though, the mayhem ability of Krauser allows him to transform into his mutant abomination variant for a short duration, the same one that you fight in the main campaign as Leon.

Krauser’s fighting knife is something that you need to take advantage of when playing this game mode since it has excellent damage and durability. So rest assured, you can use it as many times as you want to permanently kill any downed enemies which may be on the verge of transforming into their plagas variants.

  • The transformation is a fantastic ability to deal an absurd amount of damage to enemies but keep in mind that your mobility will be hindered to almost none.
  • The TMP is a great weapon to use if you can fire it in short bursts to stun enemies.
  • The compound bow has a slight charge-up time after each shot, but regardless of which, it should prove to be highly effective due to the explosive bow AoE damage at long-range distances.


re4 remake Hunk
Hunk (Image by eXputer)
  • Weapons: LE-5
  • Mayhem Ability: Infinite SMG ammo
  • How To Unlock: Successfully achieve an A rank or higher in any mercenaries mode stage using Krauser.

Fans would be happy to know that Hunk makes his glorious return as one of the Mercenaries’ mode characters in RE4 Remake. He was by far the most played Mercenaries character in the original game. Hunk is fully playable here, and thanks to the new Mayhem mode ability, he has some new tricks up his sleeve.

In the original game what made Hunk the most popular character were his melee moves. He comes with his own set of melee moves, which is his glorious Neck breaker. It instantly kills any stunned enemy, which includes all the minibosses. Keep in mind that, unlike before, Hunk doesn’t spawn with Flash Grenades. The player must collect them as the run continues.

Wasting Flash Grenades on regular enemies isn’t a wise idea as you should only use them when you are surrounded by 2 or 3 mini-bosses. Moreover, what makes Hunk even more broken in this game is his Mayhem mode. His already powerful SMG turns into an absolute beast that shreds through all enemies with its unlimited ammo. You don’t even have to reload the gun while Mayhem mode is active.

Is Coop Available In RE4 Remake Mercenaries?

As of now, there is no clear information from Capcom that the Mercenaries mode in RE4 Remake will receive new content or updates down the line, such as multiplayer or local coop. The original game’s mercenaries mode was also single-player so it was expected that the remake would follow in the same footsteps. But one cannot deny the fact that fans would’ve been ecstatic at the idea of a coop option of any kind in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

However, on the PC version of RE4 Remake, there has been a large number of mods rolling out these days, and we might expect a multiplayer mod soon since fans were able to craft a multiplayer coop mod for DMC 5, too, another game by Capcom and developed on the RE engine.

Summing It Up

According to a Subreddit Post, on the subject of potential or future RE4 Remake Mercenaries characters added in the mode later down the line, fans have requested Ada Wong as well as Albert Wesker too. While Ada seems like the best candidate, we will likely have to wait a while until her appearance in the potential RE4 Remake Separate Ways DLC down the line.

Aside from that, if you’re someone who absolutely enjoyed the campaign, then you should definitely try your hand at obtaining the special weapons known as the Chicago Sweeper as well as the Infinite Rocket Launcher. Furthermore, some of the Accessories in Resident Evil 4 Remake can save your skin, even helping you get an edge on the Professional difficulty in case you’re attempting the platinum trophy.

But for now, this concludes our guide to the Mercenaries characters in the game as well as a brief overview of the mode and its mechanics. If you have any questions regarding the guide, then let us know, and we will gladly help you out. As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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