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Final Fantasy is "pretty much" complete, according to Naoki Yoshida, a recent job listing suggests that next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles might be under development, Titanfall 3 was reportedly spotted pre-order across GameStop retail stores in Germany, and much more.

Last week was full of outlandish gaming news to cover. What’s a better way than to slouch down on the couch and consume current-happenings of gaming news in a short and easy-to-digest video? eXputer has taken a new initiative to ensure that catching up on gaming news is as fun as possible. This Week In Gaming will air weekly episodes on our official YouTube channel, where you’ll get your weekly news intake, all in a laid-back video.

Last week, all sorts of peculiar leaks came forward. News ranging from exhilarating leaks about console chips getting an upgrade to the anticipated update regarding the development of Final Fantasy XVI, which is “pretty much” complete, according to Naoki Yoshida. Furthermore, SoCs will be either upgraded for newer iterations of current-generation consoles or next-generation consoles, as suggested by a job listing from AMD.

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2022 has been labeled as the year of significant acquisitions for gaming. SQUARE ENIX astoundingly sold off its western subsidiaries to Embracer Group. Moreover, the leading rumor behind the acquisition suggests that SQUARE ENIX is preparing to be acquired by Sony.

Jeff Grubb, an accredited insider, stated that SQUARE ENIX is looking “streamlined.” When questioned whether the subsidiaries were sold for a planned sale, he cited, “Perhaps I’ve said too much” in a follow-up tweet. Perhaps, both these news might be intertwined.

Furthermore, two prominent titles received ratings this week. Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition received an update to the rating; it is 18+ in the Australian Classification Board. It retains the old rating on the PlayStation Store, however.

On the other hand, The DioField Chronicle also received a rating in the Indicative Classification System (Sistema de Classificação Indicativa), which is a rating system from the Ministry of Justice (Ministério da Justiça) in Brazil, suggesting that the title is closer to release.

Some nostalgic titles came to light this week, too. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time received its deserved tribute by being inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame by The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, United States. The title dominated the Nintendo 64 console and is still highly esteemed.

Furthermore, the 80s classic Montezuma’s Revenge is getting a physical port for the NES from the original game designer, Robert Jaeger, with the Kickstarter campaign up for players to contribute. Additionally, a classical title, Duke Nukem Forever’s pre-release build from 2001 was leaked on 4chan, which is mostly playable.

Gameplay footage for the rumored Need For Speed mobile game was reportedly leaked last week as well. It is free-to-play but will likely include microtransactions, like every big mobile title now. Furthermore, Starfield and Redfall have been officially delayed to the first half of 2023. Nevertheless, both games will get their due time to brew to perfection.

Likewise, Nintendo Switch sales have also seen a decline of nearly 20% from last year. The long dominating portable console is expected to further decrease in sales in subsequent years. Discussing the oddest news of last week, Titanfall 3 was reportedly spotted for pre-order in GameStop retail stores across Germany, despite having no announcement of even being in development. Lastly, Elden Ring sold over a staggering 13 million copies by the end of March, making it one of the biggest games to have ever existed to date.

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