Diablo Immortal: Call Of The Ancients Event Guide

Check out the guide in order to complete Call of the Ancients Event efficiently in Diablo Immortal.

The Call of the Ancients is a unique event in Diablo Immortal that can be accomplished in the zone of Frozen Tundra. In order to get access to the zone event, you have to upgrade your character level above 60, along with completing all the campaign missions coming in between. Additionally, it would help if you changed the difficulty level to Hell mode to unlock the Call of the Ancients event.

Key Takeaways
  • Diablo Immortal comes with many events for players to try that occur after progressing further in the game.
  • One of those events is the “Call Of The Ancients,” which occurs near the zone of Frozen Tundra after reaching level sixty.
  • Eliminate Tundra zone enemies for essence to start the event automatically.
  • Reach Ice Clan Village north of Bitter Hearth Waypoint within 60 seconds.
  • Protect the Ancient Spirit, eliminate enemies, and reach Forebears Altar during the event.

Although completing this event seems difficult, if you follow the right strategies, you can accomplish it and get all the deserving rewards. So, stay with us to know the best strategy for completing The Call of Ancient Events in Diablo Immortal.

The Call Of The Ancients Event

In Diablo Immortal, every major zone has special events, and The Call Of The Ancients is the special event in the Tundra Zone. Like other events, this one also has requirements, tactics, and rewards.

Call Of Ancients Event
Call Of Ancients

Some events in Diablo Immortal, such as Haunted Carriage or Ancient Arena, are accessible during a specific time, but Call of Ancients has no time limit restriction; you can start it whenever you are ready. I have mentioned the basic information below about the Diablo Immortal Call of Ancients Event. Also, consider reading our Transmog System guide to know how the system works in the game.

Event Name Call of the Ancients
Zone Frozen Tundra
Area Ancient Graveyard
Objectives ·         Collect the Ancient Essence from beasts of Frozen Tundra

·         Escort the Ancient Spirit to the Ancient Graveyard

·         Defeat Spirit Hunters you encounter to get Ancestral Relics

·         Cleanse Ancestral Relics to get all the deserving rewards

Rewards ·         Scrap Material

·         Random Quality Gear

Now that you have basic information about the event, let’s discuss how you can start the Call of Ancient Zone event in Diablo Immortal.

How To Begin Call Of The Ancients Event

Once you can access Frozen Tundra, initiating the Call of Ancients Event is easy. All you need to do is eliminate all the enemies you encounter in the zone and collect the Essence to fill the meter displayed in the Quest Tracker on the left corner of the screen.

Once enough Essence is collected, a message will be sent to everyone in the zone. After the message has been delivered, the players have 60 seconds to reach the Ice Clan Village, located north of the Bitter Hearth Waypoint, where the event will take place. 

How To Complete Call Of The Ancients Zone Event

Once the event is started, your main objective should be to guard the Ancient Spirit, as escorting it is the major task of the event. During the whole event, you guard the Spirit and take it across the zone to the Forebears Altar and face all the hurdles that come in the way.

Collect Ancient Essence in Frozen Tundra

While the Call of the Ancients event is active, enemies in the Frozen Tundra have an odds of dropping Ancient Essence when defeated. Collecting these sparkling orbs is crucial as they contribute to the Essence Collection Meter, so in my opinion, take down as many enemies as possible to progress the event.

Locate The Ancient Spirit

Diablo Immortal Event
Ancient Spirit Location

Once you have enough Essence, the Ancient Spirits will spawn automatically in the Frozen Tundra. The Spirit will most likely summon near the Bitter Hearth Waypoint, so reach the targeted location and look for the Spirit.

Escort The Ancient Spirit

Once you come across the Spirit, I suggest you to protect it from all the surrounding enemies to store its health and make the way to escort it to the Ancient Graveyard. While escorting the Spirit, be aware of the hurdles and challenges you will face along the way.

Defeat Spirit Hunters

Frozen Tundra
Defeat Spirit Hunters!

During the Escort to the Ancient Graveyard, the Spirit Hunters randomly spawn and try to attack the Spirit to stop it. Sometimes, the Spirit Hunters will collectively try to toss a Chain of Darkness to cease you, but killing them will eliminate the effect.

Make sure to eliminate each of them and protect the Ancient Spirit from their sneaky attacks at all costs because if the Ancient Spirit dies, the event is over, and you have to start it all over again.

Reach The Altar Of The Forebears

Once you clear all the obstacles and protect the Ancient Spirit from all the enemies, you will eventually reach the Altar of the Forebears, but there’s still one thing left to complete the event.

Interact with Ancient Spirit
Cleanse The Curse

Now, you have to interact with the Spirit and hand over the items to it, called Ancestral Relics. The Ancient Relics are obtained by eliminating the zone’s Spirit Hunters and Rare Elites. You can collect a total of ten of the Relics during each event to complete the event,

Once the Ancient Spirit reaches the Forebear Altar, it will remain there for ten minutes, which is the perfect time to collect farm more relics and receive additional rewards.

Call Of The Ancients Event Rewards

The rewards for The Call of Ancients Event vary for escorting the Ancient Spirit, and the items are received randomly. You have the chance of receiving plenty of gear, which includes legendary armor and rare weapons as well.

The most common reward is Scrap Materials, which are obtained in abundance while accumulating Ancestral Relics, but the chances of receiving legendary gear as a reward make the Call of the Ancients event so special. So, try it out and test your luck.

Call Of Ancients Event
Call Of Ancients Event Rewards

Besides legendary gear, the Scrap Material is also beneficial as it is used to craft and upgrade numerous items. You can also go to this event if you are farming Scrap Materials. If you’re playing around with levels, it’s worth learning about potency, which you can learn more about by reading our Diablo Immortal Potency guide.

How To Farm The Call Of The Ancients Event

Call of the Ancients is the most optimal way to farm Scrap Materials if you’re short on them. You also receive tons of other useful equipment, so completing the event is worth a shot.

The Ancient Essence bar is relatively easy to accumulate in Tundra due to numerous people farming the Essence in the zone. Also, I recommend you to collaborate with other players in order to receive more Ancestral Relics after the spawning of the Ancient Spirit. In this way, you can farm more items. Also, I suggest you to collect your drops before other players can get their hands on them.

Call Of Ancients Event
Ancient Relics

Farm Ancestral Relics by defeating all opponents in your zone, though time-consuming. The daily limit for Enchanted Relics is ten; exceed it, and store the surplus in your inventory. In Call of the Ancients, utilize Power Hour at the start of each hour for multiple zone event opportunities, considering Server Paragon levels.

Staying beneath the Server Paragon Level is recommended if you want guaranteed rewards such as Scrap Materials and Enchanted Dust. It will significantly increase the chances of receiving Enchanted Dust rewards from the treasure boxes of Zone Events. So, make sure to use the Power Hour to your advantage and make the most out of it, as it is one of the best ways to farm in the Call of Ancients Event.

Wrapping Up

This concludes the guide on successfully clearing the Call of Ancients Event in Diablo Immortal. Although the event seems easy, there are many challenges that you will face while doing it. So, ensure that you are all prepared and ready with the most suitable gear, fresh armor, and upgraded weapons.

Other Tips

Diablo Immortal offers many unique classes, such as BarbarianMonk, and Demon Hunter, that can be picked to kill the sturdy world bosses in the game world, such as LassalSkarn Helliquary, and Tax Collector. It also features other useful classes, such as CrusaderWizard, and Necromancer, which possess impeccable gameplay elements and capabilities.

If you are new to the game, you must read our Diablo Immortal Wiki to understand the game and the best solo classes to choose the best class at the beginning. Now, let’s hop into the strategies for completing the Ancient Event. 

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