How To Get Scallops In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Our guide today is all about Scallops in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how you can find them and all the dishes you can cook using Scallops.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a lot of sea creatures in the depth of the Valley that you can find. Our guide today will be about Scallops in Disney Dreamlight Valley that you can get in order to make some tasty recipes. 

Key Highlights
  • Scallops are one the key ingredients for many important dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Scallops can be found in the Location of Dazzle Beach. You do not have to fish for them but find them in the sand of the beach. If you can not find them just wait for them to respawn.
  • After collecting them you can take them to Remy’s Kitchen and make some delicious meals.
  • The dishes that you can make by using Scallops are Bouillabaisse, Seafood Pie, and Garlic Scallops.

Scallops And Their Importance

When you are exploring the Beachy region of the game you will come across many sea creatures. So if you manage to find some pink shells you can store them in your inventory as they are clams and will help you in the future recipes of the game as well.

Finding blue shells

You will also come across some Scallops and they are the key ingredient of the most important recipes in the game. After collecting the scallops you can head straight to Remy’s kitchen and use them to make some delicious meals.

You can also cook Scallops in your oven. Moreover, when you eat them you will get 125 energy. Scallops can be purchased for 50-star coins and considering their importance they are quite inexpensiv

Here is how you can find Scallops in the game as well as use them to make different recipes. 

Location Of The Scallops 

Unfortunately, there are not many resources available for Scallops in the game period the only Biome where you can find them is the Dazzle Beach.

However, you will not have to fish for the Scallops to find them. They can be found lying about on the sand of the beach. 

Scallops in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Dazzle Beach

Any blue shells you see on the beach are Scallops and they can only be gathered. In case there are no Scallops available on the beach wait for them to respawn. After that, you can collect them again for your recipes. 

It is to be noted that your companions might not be able to help you collect the Scallops in the game. Also, you cannot use them to collect bonus Scallops especially if they have a Fishing Role assigned to them.

Even even if your companion has a Foraging Role they will not help you collect the Scallops. 

Another thing to note is that you can also not get them from the fishing boat of Moana. While you can collect other free fish like salmon and seaweed after you have completed your quest you might not be able to get any Scallops from the boat. 

Uses Of Scallops 

Scallops are a part of many recipes in the game. Some of these recipes are an important part of the quests that you will be taking on in the game. There are a lot of recipes that use Scallops and you can also use them in recipes that require any kind of shellfish.

recipes of Scallops in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Recipes of Scallops

Bouillabaisse is a good recipe that you can make using Scallops. Also, make sure to check out our guide on how to get moonstones. 


The five-star recipe can be made by using any kind of shellfish like Scallops. However, you will need shrimp for the recipe to work as well.

You can use two Scallops or one Scallop and one clam as well as a tomato and a vegetable of any kind to make the dish. The best part about the dishes is that you can sell them for 1137 star coins. 

Some characters that you come across in the game might require Scallops as well. Therefore you can use them to increase your friendship level with the characters in the game. 

Seafood Pie

Another great recipe that you can make using Scallops is the Seafood Pie. It is a three-star recipe and you can make it by using a block of butter, one wheat, and a Scallop.

Also, you can get 822 energy when you eat it and you can also sell it for 338-star coins. We have also formulated a guide on how to make a veggie casserole in Disney Dreamlight Valley with a detailed explanation of the recipe. 

Garlic Scallops

Last but not least you can use Scallops to make the creamy Garlic Scallops in the game. For the recipe, you will need a clove of garlic, one slice of lemon, one Scallop, and a block of butter. After making the dish you can go and talk to Goofy to sell it for 500-star coins.

So making these recipes will help you from a lot of star coins in the game. Since you finished this guide we recommend checking out our guide on how to get oregano and basil in Disney Dreamlight Valley as they can be used for plenty of Scallop related recipes as well 


Our guide on Scallops comes to an end here. Now you can go ahead and gather all the Scallops you can find on Dazzle Beach to cook some delicious recipes using them. 

Other Tips

Since you are out fishing we recommend that you check out our guide on how to get oysters in Disney Dreamlight Valley as well for some other tasty seafood-related recipes. Some of the items that you need for the recipe can only obtain by the characters in the game.

Therefore, we recommend that you check out our guide on the best gifts to see how you can increase your friendship level with them. 

While you are at it don’t forget to check out the Vial Of The Ocean quest. Also, we have formulated a guide on one of the most important quests called Key In The Glade that you should definitely check out.

If you are confused about the character roles we recommend that you check out our guide on character roles to see what role might be the best for certain characters. 

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