Warzone 2: How To Fix Fetching Online Profile Error

Fix the fetching online profile error with these simple steps.

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  • The Fetching Online Profile Errors can keep you unable to play the game as the screen would either freeze up or crash.
  • Various factors can cause the error such as having a poor and unstable internet connection.
  • Adjusting your Firewall and DNS server IP may help fix the issue
  • You may also want to try troubleshooting compatibility and clearing cached to fix the error

Call Of Duty Warzone 2 had been a buggy release with multiple crashes and errors across various consoles. These errors can be a hindrance to you if you want to play the game in peace. The error while the game is ‘fetching online profile’ can be a nuisance, but you can fix it with a few simple steps.

The Fetching Online Profile Error can render you unable to play the game. Many users are unable to get past the fetching online profile screen to start the game. Many factors can cause this error and you must ensure that you have taken the required steps necessary to minimize the error.

Check Your Internet Connection

warzone 2 fetching online profile error stable internet
Checking Internet Connection (Image taken by Exputer)

You may often get stuck on the Fetching Online Profile screen because of a poor internet connection. You must make sure that your internet connection is stable and uninterrupted. A slow internet would load the game slower leaving you stuck on the screen for a longer time. 

Sometimes getting a better LAN device can improve your internet connection by a milestone. Furthermore, it is also recommended to restart your router which may stabilize the connection. Ensure that your ping and internet speed is consistent because an inconsistent ping may disconnect you from the game servers. 

Troubleshoot Compatibility

Troubleshooting the game’s compatibility can also be an effective fix. You have to go to the Compatibility settings by right-clicking on the game’s icon. Once you have opened the Compatibility tab, choose ‘Run Compatibility Troubleshooter’

Once it has completed the process, various settings would be applied to the game. After applying the recommended settings, you can test the program to check if the Fetching Online Profile error is fixed in Warzone 2. Try running the game as an Administrator and it might reduce the chances of a crash.

DNS Settings

DNS server Ip
Changing DNS server IP (Image Credits: Exputer)

It is also recommended to change your DNS and IP settings to resolve the issues while Fetching Online Profile. Open the control panel on your PC then go to the network and internet settings. Open your Wi-Fi status screen by clicking on the text after ‘connections’.

Once, the Wi-Fi status screen is open, head to properties then open ‘Internet Protocol Version 4’. Once the IPV4 screen opens select ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ and enter in the preferred DNS server and in the alternate DNS server. Click ok to apply the settings. Also, make sure that your Windows Firewall is not blocking off the connection for Modern Warfare 2

Windows Firewall

Fetching online profile error fix warzone 2
Bypass Firewall (Image by Exputer)

To give your app permission to bypass the Windows Firewall, open your control panel then select system and security. Open ‘allow an app through the Firewall’ and the Firewall settings screen should open up.

Click on change settings to access the’ Allow another app’ option. Click Browse and head to the path where your game’s original exe is stored. Once, you have completed the previously mentioned steps, click on it to add the file path to bypass the Firewall. 

Deleting Warfare 2 Cache And Metadata files

Clear cache and metadata
Cache and Metadata Files (Image taken by Exputer)

Sometimes deleting a few metadata files may fix the fetching online profile error in Warzone 2. First, go to your windows explorer. Go to documents by selecting it from the ‘this pc’ tab on the left side of the screen. Open the Call of Duty folder and delete the two folders that you see in the folder.

The metadata files consist of various configurations and miscellaneous settings and deleting them may fix the issue. When you open the game again, it would create new metadata files that might fix the issue. If you are using a console, try deleting the cache files to fix the error.

Game Servers Issue

If you have tried every fix and are still getting the Fetching Online Profile Error in Warzone 2 then unfortunately you would have to wait until still getting the Fetching Online Profile Error in Warzone 2 then, unfortunately, you would have to wait till the issue is fixed. Warzone 2 servers are facing bugs at the moment that may not allow you to Fetch your profile. Ravengames is aware of the bug, and they are working on it according to their announcement on Twitter


Getting the ‘Fetching Online Profile Error’ can be a huge nuisance if you are trying to play a simple game. Fixing the error is necessary to play the game as it keeps you stuck on the screen. The Fixes in the guide should be able to help you get the game running smoothly. If not, you might have to wait for the official fix by the company.


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