FF16: Secret Ending [Explained]

Explore the implied clues suggesting Clive's survival and continuing the legacy of Final Fantasy in the supposed secret ending of FF16.

Final Fantasy released its 16th installment recently and many players are confused if there is any secret ending to the game. Many previous installments do have multiple endings but some of them just end with the same storyline having only one simple ending. In FF16, there are some gestures shown at the end by the FF16 characters which can be interpreted as symbolic gestures towards something not shown directly. 

Key Takeaways
  • FF16 does not feature any explicit secret ending or multiple ones for that matter.
  • However, interpretations of character gestures and symbolic moments suggest Clive may be alive.
  • First, Clive’s promise to Jill and his track record of keeping promises hint at his survival.
  • Jill’s wish upon the Metia Star, a gesture previously linked to Clive’s survival, hints at his return.
  • Clive’s hand petrification, similar to a past incident with Cid, suggests Clive might still be alive.
  • The after-credits scene features a book with Joshua Rosfield (likely Clive) as the author, supporting Clive’s survival.
  • The two children shown could be Clive’s successors, further suggesting he is not dead at the end of FF16.

The Promise Made By Clive

Adult Version Of Clive
Clive (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Final Fantasy 16 quests and game circle around the symbolism a lot. There are multiple hidden meanings in the game that players can get a hint from the in-game characters. While progressing through the main FF16 story, a point occurs where Clive pledges not to break any more promises. And after that, he fulfills all of his promises in the game. 

Further in the story, Clive promises Jill that he will return to her. Based on his pledge of not breaking any of his promises which he proved in the game, players can assume that he is not dead. This is one of the pieces of evidence supporting that Clive is Alive at the end, contributing towards the secret ending in FF16.

Jill Wishing Upon Metia Star

ff16 jill
Jill and Clive (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Another important piece of evidence supporting Clive’s survival is the Metia Star. In the end, Jill can be seen wishing upon the Metia seeking Clive’s return. Going back into the game, where Jill’s wish upon the Metia Star saved Clive’s Life. Jill was a child then and she wished for the survival and return of Clive which saved Clive at the Phoenix gate. 

Jill’s wishes again upon the Metia star and stopping crying while watching the sun rise can be a hint at Clive’s survival and return. Many players are regarding this evidence, the strongest one hinting at Clive’s survival.

Clive Transformation

Clive’s transformation in the end (Picture Credits: eXputer)

In FF16, petrification occurs to those dominants that use magic. Clive’s hand started to petrify after he used magic as well. Many players believe that this process of turning to stone stopped and was limited to Clive’s hand. His further body did not get affected and he is still alive.

To strengthen this point, I can quote a past incident in the storyline where Cid’s hand turned to stone. This transformation did not cause his death. Similar can be applied to Clive’s hand and most of the players believe he is still alive in the game.

War Of The Eikons Book

Joshua Rosfield – The Book (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Final Fantasy 16 after credits scene also provides some symbolic hints as well. Two children are shown playing followed by a War Of The Eikons book lying on the table in the adjacent house. Joshua Rosfield is mentioned as the author of the book. There is an assumption related to the book and the children supporting Clive’s survival. 

As per the assumption, the book has been written by Clive himself and he credited it with the name of Joshua to keep his legacy alive. Further, both of the children are termed Clive’s successors. 

Based on this evidence, I can say that there is a strong chance of Clive’s survival in Final Fantasy 16. Most probably he is alive and only lost his hand.

These symbolic gestures are being termed Secret Ending in FF16 by many players. However, there are not any secret or multiple endings in FF16. This guide has included all of the final gestures shown by Jill and other similar evidence hints that point toward Clive’s survival. 

In conclusion, while Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t provide a traditional secret ending, the game hints strongly at Clive’s survival. Clues like Clive’s unbroken promises, Jill’s wish upon the Metia Star, Clive’s partial petrification, and the book in the after-credits scene all suggest that Clive is alive. It is these intriguing and layered clues that keep players engaged and continue the discussion about the game’s ending. Before you leave, I recommend you go through Final Fantasy 16: All Darksteel Locations, Primitive Battlehorn, Orchestrion Rolls, and Minotaur Hunt guides.


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