GOW Ragnarok Burden Enchantments [Explained]

Use the burden enchantments to make new game plus even harder in GOW Ragnarok.

GOW Ragnarok received a new update that adds a new game-plus mode in addition to other items, including new armor sets and amulet enchantments, such as the burdens that have negative status effects on players. These enchantments make the game even more difficult if you choose to use them.

Key Takeaways
  • GOW Ragnarok’s Burdens are actually 9 newly added amulet enhancements that players can craft at the Huldra Brothers Workshop in the New Game Plus mode.
  • These enchantments nerf the players and only have negative status effects on your build in GOW Ragnarok. 
    • The Burden Of Weaponry decreases both the damage and stun caused by all special triangle attacks of weapons, including the Leviathan Axe, Blades Of Chaos, and Draupnir Spear.
    • Burden Of Elements reduces Kratos’ resistance to all status effects, and it also decreases the status effect buildup that players deal with weapons in the game.
    • Stun damage caused, especially by bare fist attacks, is even more reduced if you use the Burden Of Stun Enchantment, and this will lead to fewer instant kills.
    • All three weapons of Kratos have special Runic Attacks, which can be nerfed by equipping the Burden Of Runic in the game.
    • There are various methods of healing your health using health stones, rage, and any armor buff, but the amount of health gained by these sources can be reduced by using the Burden Of Restoration.
    • The Burden Of Rage reduces the amount of rage that you gain in the game, which will, in turn, decrease your ability to use Kratos’ Spartan Rage in battle.
    • Another weapon damage debuff can be introduced by using the Burden Of Momentum, which requires you to have your weapon skill gauges filled if you want your weapons to deal full damage.
    • Burden Of Guard makes it so that blocking yellow ring attacks using the shields actually damages your health and reduces your rage, so you are forced to parry them.
    • Lastly, the Burden Of Evasion builds up the frost status effect on Kratos every time players use the dodge roll to get away from enemy attacks.
  • In order to equip these burdens, make your way to the amulet tab of armor.
    • You can equip all 9 burdens at once if your Amulet Of Yggdrasil is fully upgraded.
    • It is not recommended for average players to use these burden enchantments as they make the game more frustrating and extremely challenging.
Important: Make sure that your GOW Ragnarok is updated with the latest patch if you want to obtain and use burden enchantments!

How To Get Burden Enchantments

item in game
The Huldra Brothers Workshop In GOW Ragnarok (Image Captured by Us)

Burdens are new enchantments available in the new game plus mode of God Of War Ragnarok. You can craft these enchantments at the Huldra Brothers’ Shop once you complete the first main quest and reach Brok and Sindri’s new house in the game.

  • There are nine total burden enchantments that have a negative effect on the player in the game.
  • Each burden costs 10,000 Hacksilver to craft in God Of War Ragnarok.
  • Burden enchantments can be crafted at the Huldra Brothers Shop at the earliest.
  • These enchantments can also be equipped at any time in your inventory in Amulet of Yggdrasil.

Burden Of Weaponry

item in game
Burden Of Weaponry In GOW Ragnarok (Image Captured by eXputer)

The burden of weaponry actually reduces the damage and stagger power of the special attacks of your weapons that are bound to the triangle button of your controller. 

  • The damage dealt by the frozen Leviathan Axe, the fire of chaos blades, and the detonation of Draupnir Spear is considerably reduced.
  • The Stagger meter of enemies will also build up more slowly using the above-mentioned attacks if you equip the burden of weaponry enchantment. 
  • You will need 10,000 Hacksilver to craft the burden of weaponry amulet enchantment in the game.

Burden Of Elements

gow ragnarok burdens
Burden Of Elements In The Game (Image by eXputer)

This enchantment actually has negative status effects on both the offense and defense of the player in GOW Ragnarok. Players will not suffer from reduced resistance but will also make Kratos deal less status effect damage.

  • No matter what armor set you to wear, equipping the burden of elements will reduce Kratos’ resistance to all status effects in the game.
  • Additionally, Kratos will deal less status effect damage, especially with his Levithan Axe and Blades Of Chaos to other enemies.
  • Make sure that you have 10,000 Hacksilver if you want to craft the burden of elements in the game.

Burden Of Stun

item in game
Burden Of Stun In The Game (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Every enemy has a stun meter that can be built up to deal with instant death, and it plays a special death animation as well. You can easily build up the stun bar with melee attacks using Kratos’ fists in the game. However, the burden of stun will reduce the amount of stun damage that you deal to enemies.

  • Dealing stun damage to kill enemies instantly makes some encounters easier to deal with; however, with the burden of stun that will no longer be possible.
  • You will build up the stun bar much more slowly and will have to depend on your weapons more to finish off enemies.
  • Lastly, 10,000 Hacksilver is needed if you want to get the burden of stun in the New Game Plus.

Burden Of Runic

gow ragnarok burdens
Burden Of Runic In The Game (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Each weapon that Kratos uses has special Runic Attacks, which deal massive health and stun damage to a large group of enemies. These attacks also need to be charged up before you can use them. You can make things harder for yourself by using the burden of runic, which further reduces the damage dealt by these runic attacks.

  • Runic attacks are supposed to be your special or ultimate attacks, but you can put a restraint on yourself and reduce their damage by equipping the burden of runic.
  • Similar to other burden enchantments, 10,000 Hacksilver is required to craft the burden of runic.

Burden Of Restoration

gow ragnarok burdens
Burden Of Restoration In The Game (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

GOW Ragnarok’s burden of restoration is a huge debuff and probably has the biggest negative status effects out of all of the burdens. Healing yourself with health stones is essential, especially during tougher boss fights. This enchantment reduces not only the amount of health healed using health stones but also the health that you can get from your gear or by using Spartan Rage.

  • The first thing that the burden of restoration does is reduce the amount of health that you can heal from all possible sources.
  • Secondly, it will also not allow you to use resurrection stones to revive Kratos if he dies during battle, making the encounter more frustrating in the game.
  • If you want to craft this burden, then make sure that you have 10,000 Hacksilver.

Burden Of Rage

gow ragnarok burdens
Burden Of Rage In The Game (Image credit: eXputer)

The rage bar determines how much Spartan Rage you can utilize and for how long additionally. Beating enemies builds up the rage bar over time, and it allows you to use three different types of Spartan Rage abilities, including Valor, Fury, and Wrath. However, the burden of rage enchantment will decrease the amount of rage that you gain.

  • With less rage gained over time, you will have even fewer opportunities to use the Spartan Rage abilities of Kratos during combat.
  • If you want to nerf your rage in GOW Ragnarok, then get 10,000 Hacksilver first.

Burden Of Momentum

gow ragnarok burdens
Burden Of Momentum In The Game (Image Captured by Us)

This enchantment is another debuff to your weapon damage in the game. Basically, the overall damage of all weapons is reduced unless their special skill gauges are filled. These skill gauges include permafrost for the Axe, immolation for the blades, and maelstrom for the spear. These fill over time, and you will need them to stay filled during combat if you don’t want to nerf yourself.

  • If you don’t want your weapons to deal less damage after equipping the burden of momentum, then make sure that your weapon skill gauges are filled.
  • Collect 10,000 Hacksilver if you want to nerf yourself with the burden of momentum in the game.

Burden Of Guard

gow ragnarok burdens
Burden Of Guard In The Game (Image Captured by eXputer)

Most yellow ring attacks of enemies can be blocked using shields even if you can’t parry them. However, the burden of the guard will nerf your blocks, and the yellow ring attacks will actually break your guard if you don’t parry them in the game.

  • You need to parry yellow ring attacks, or your guard will break by blocking them, which will deal damage Kratos and will reduce his rage additionally.
  • The burden of guard enchantment will cost you 10,000 Hacksilver in the game.

Burden Of Evasion

gow ragnarok burdens
Burden Of Evasion In The Game (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

The last burden on our list is the burden of evasion that heavily nerfs your dodges in the game. If you dodge roll from enemy attacks, then it will actually build up frost on Kratos. 

  • Basically, the burden of evasion makes it so that the dodge rolls become unviable in the game and that you rely more on blocks and parries to deal with enemy attacks.
  • Collect 10,000 Hacksilver so that you can craft the burden of evasion in the game.

How To Equip Burdens

gow ragnarok burdens
Equipping Burden Enchantments In The Game (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Once you’ve crafted a burden, go to the armor tab and select amulet. You can slot up to 9 burdens at the same time in your amulet if you’ve fully upgraded your Amulet Of Yggdrasil in the game. 

  • Players who want a bigger challenge and want to nerf themselves should only equip these burdens as it only makes the experience more frustrating, which is not recommended for an average player.


God Of War Ragnarok is the conclusion of Kratos’ journey in the nose mythology saga, and it gives an amazing ending to the perfectly written character of Kratos additionally. Trolls and Nornir Chests make a return in addition to newer bosses such as Heimdall and new weapons like the Draupnir Spear. Odin’s Ravens can now unlock new runic attacks for your weapons as well. The perfect mix of story and gameplay will keep you hooked for the entirety of the game. 

This concludes our guide on GOW Ragnarok’s Burdens. We have entailed everything that you need to know about these newly added enchantments in the game. The method of unlocking these enchantments has also been mentioned in complete detail. We hope that the guide was helpful in learning about the way to nerf yourself in GOW. Let us know what you think about the New Game Plus mode in God Of War Ragnarok in the comments below!


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