Overwatch 2 Ramattra [Abilities & Playstyle]

Learn about Ramattra's abilities in Overwatch 2 & what's the correct way to play as this hero if you wish to master his playstyle.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra is one of the newly added tanks, and with such a fantastic set of skills available at his disposal, it is absolutely paramount to learn about every single skill Ramattra has and when is the best time to use them. After spending countless hours playing Overwatch 2 as Ramattra, I can say that he can not only be a fantastic tank but can be considered a fantastic DPS hero as well.

Key Takeaways
  • Ramattra is one of the swiftest tanks in Overwatch 2 and can be a menace to the enemy team when backed by support heroes.
  • The Void Accelerator is Ramattra’s standard weapon, while the Omnic Barrier summons a shield before you.
  • The Pummel ability is fantastic for close-range combat as it increases your health and allows you to start punching your opponents.
  • On the other hand, the Ravenous Vortex creates a vortex that pulls your opponents in the middle while also damaging them.
  • Ultimate ability: Annihilation, in which he enters his Nemesis Form and summons a deadly swarm that damages all the enemies within the radius.

Ramattra’s Role

ramattra overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 Ramattra [Image Captured by eXputer]
-Tank-300 (Open Queue)
-450 (Role Queue)
-Void Accelerator (Omnic Form)
-Void Barrier (Omnic Form)
-Pummel (Nemesis Form)
-Ravenous Vortex

Ramattra may be one of the swiftest and most agile tanks in Overwatch 2, to the point where it sometimes feels like you are using a DPS character rather than a tank. Ramattra offers good damage, with a ton of variety in his playstyle, allowing players to inflict considerable damage in both close and long range., which I will explain in detail later.

With proper training and under the right circumstances, Ramattra has the potential to easily obtain Play of the Game in most Overwatch 2 matches.

Ramattra’s Abilities

ramattra overwatch 2
All abilities of Ramattra [Image Taken by eXputer]
Like most heroes, Overwatch 2 Ramattra has five distinct abilities at his disposal. Ramattra can inflict considerable damage on both close and long ranges.

Therefore, here I will explain all five of Ramattra’s abilities in detail.

Void Accelerator (Omnic Form)

ramattra overwatch 2
Void Accelerator [Image Credit: Us]
Damage 4.5 per projectile
Rate Of Fire 25 projectiles per second
Ammo 100
Reload Time 1 second

The Void Accelerator is your standard weapon that allows you to inflict damage on your opponents from afar.

  • It fires a stream of projectiles that does standard damage but can literally melt away your enemy’s health if you aim at their head.
  • Remember that Ramattra can only use the Void Accelerator in his Omnic Form in Overwatch 2 and can’t be used in Nemesis form. 

Void Barrier (Omnic Form)

different abilities and playstyle
Void Barrier [Image Credit goes to eXputer]
Health 1000
Cast Time 0.03 + 0.5
Duration 4 seconds
Cooldown 13 seconds

The Void Barrier is one of my favorite abilities, as I have lost count of how many times it has saved my life.

  • It creates a barrier at the targeted location, keeping you safe from enemy projectiles as long as your opponent is on the other side.
  • However, keep in mind that the duration of this barrier is relatively short.

Or surprise the opponent with the Overwatch 2 Ramattra Pummel ability that I will get to in a while.

Pummel (Nemesis Form)

different abilities and playstyle
Pummel [Image Captured by Us]
Damage  60
Rate of Fire 1.67 per second
Max Range 10.5 meters 
Health +225
Cast Time 0 + 0.5 seconds
Duration 8 seconds
Move Speed +20% buff

The Pummel ability transforms Ramattra into its Nemesis form. While in this form, players can not use the Void Accelerator or the Void Barrier.

  • The Pummel ability makes Ramattra switch his primary weapons to his fist, which creates a wave of piercing energy with every swing.
  • The Pummel ability is fantastic in close-range combat as it offers heavy damage, and most of the time, your opponents forget that Ramattra has the Pummel ability, resulting in you getting the upper hand.
  • While in Nemesis form, players also have the option to block the enemy’s attacks.
  • Aside from offering heavy close-range damage, it also boosts your total health.

Ravenous Vortex

different abilities and playstyle
Ravenous Vortex [Image Taken by eXputer]
Damage 15
Cast Time 0.5 + 0.4
Duration 3 seconds
Area of Effect 4-8 meters

The Ravenous Vortex is Ramattra AOE ability in Overwatch 2.

  • It creates a vortex that pulls your opponents in the middle while damaging them, provided they are in range.
  • The Ravenous Vortex ability also pulls enemies to the ground, thus being an incredibly useful ability when you are against aerial heroes like Pharah and Mercy.

What I personally like to do is use this ability right before I use the Pummel ability, as it creates more confusion for the enemies, therefore allowing me to keep up the offense more easily.


ramattra overwatch 2
Annihilation [Image Credit: eXputer]
Damage 30 damage per second
Cast Time 0 – 0.5 seconds
Duration 3-20 seconds
Area of Effect 13 meter radius

Annihilation is Ramattra’s ultimate ability and can guarantee a Play of the Game when utilized correctly.

  • When the ultimate ability is activated, Overwatch 2 Ramattra enters his Nemesis Form and summons a deadly swarm that damages all the enemies within the radius of the Annihilation ability.
  • The duration of the ultimate ability also increases as you damage your enemies, resulting in a maximum duration of 20 seconds.

I like to ask one of my healer/support teammates to start providing constant heals before I activate the Annihilation ability. And then I jump in the middle of the enemy squad and summon the deadly swarm. This creates a form of confusion in the enemy team. Giving me enough time to take out the healers and DPS heroes of the opposing team.

My Experience With Ramattra

After playing Overwatch for more than 50 hours and having multiple Play of the Games with Ramattra, some tips I can give is that Ramattra is a team player, so if you like to play solo or don’t have good communication with your squad, then Ramattra may not be the best tank for you.

Ramattra is one of the lowest health tanks in Overwatch 2, so having good communication with your team healers is paramount to him. As I said before, my favorite abilities are the Pummel and the Void Barrier, as both are life savers when used at the correct time. 

But with that, my guide ends. Here, I have listed his abilities and the best way to play as Ramattra. I hope my guide helped you out. Aside from this, consider reading the Overwatch 2 Hanzo, Cassidy, Tracer, and Reinhardt guide. Check out Muhammad Haris Umar’s Overwatch 2 review, but that is all from me. Let me know what you think about Overwatch 2 in the comment section below.


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