God Of War Ragnarok Valhalla: Chaos Crest [Location & Uses]

The Chaos Crest is an extremely useful resource that can be earned by choosing the right weapon path in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla.

Chaos crest in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla is an important resource that has many additional uses. However, many players end up missing this resource because of one simple mistake made at the start of each run. It turns out that your weapon path determines the type of crest you can get in that run.

Key Takeaways
  • Chaos crests can only be obtained if the right weapon path has been chosen.
  • The weapon path is chosen at the start of each cycle by opening the first legendary chest in Valhalla.
  • After choosing the blades as your main weapons, progress through Valhalla.
  • Go through the door with the ‘?’ symbol and open the Nornir Chest to get chaos crests.
Important: Make sure to note missed doors with the ‘?’ symbol in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla.

How To Get Chaos Crest

god of war ragnarok valhalla chaos crest
Choosing The Blades of Chaos Weapon Path | Image Captured By Us

In the very first room of Valhalla at the start of the cycle, select the buffs for Blades of Chaos from the legendary chest. This will make the blades your main weapon for that cycle and will allow you to obtain the chaos crest in that run. I realized this weapon path mechanic after I had accumulated a large number of Draupnir crests since my main weapon is mostly the Draupnir Spear.

god of war ragnarok valhalla chaos crest
The ? Symbol Door In GOW Ragnarok Valhalla | Image Captured By Us
  • Choose the blades as your main weapon at the first legendary chest.
  • Then progress through Valhalla until you arrive at the door with the ‘?’ symbol.
  • Inside, you will come across a Nornir Chest, which contains chaos crests.
  • The solution to opening the Nornir Chest will be randomized each time you enter this chamber.
item in the game
The Nornir Chest In GOW Ragnarok Valhalla | Image Captured By Us
  • You will have to light up three torches using the blades in order to open the chest.
  • The location of these torches will be randomized every cycle.
  • In my run, all three torches were located pretty close to the chest itself.
  • I also obtained three chaos crests by opening up the Nornir Chest.

Uses Of Chaos Crests

god of war ragnarok valhalla chaos crest
Using Chaos Crests To Craft Divine Triumphs | Image Captured By Us

Chaos crests can be used to unlock new armor for Kratos at the Tablet of Reflection. However, the best use for this resource is to convert it into Divine Triumph at the Tablet of Influence. Then, the Divine Triumphs can be used to get a lot of permanent upgrades like increasing your health and rage or buffing up your stats.

God of War Ragnarok’s Valhalla DLC is an amazing free expansion. From new weapon additions like the Blade of Olympus to new enemy types and boss fights, the DLC is packed with content. Thankfully, all skills are unlocked at the beginning of the DLC, so you can experiment around with different builds.

This concludes my guide on the location and uses of the chaos crest in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla. I have listed the precise method of getting your hands on the chaos crests and have also listed their best uses. Let me know if you’re enjoying the roguelike mode of God of War in the comments below!


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