How To Get Shining Crystal In God Of War Ragnarok

This God Of War Ragnarok guide focuses on obtaining the Shining Crystal in the game.

Shining Crystal is one of the rarer resource materials in God Of War Ragnarok, like the Asgardian Ingot and Nar’s Cup. Resource materials can be used to grade the best armor setsLeviathan axe, Chaos Blades, and relics of Kratos. There is a single method of obtaining shining crystals, and they can only be accessed quite later in the game. However, we will explain what you need to do in order to get the crystal in complete detail.

Key Takeaways
  • Shining Crystal is an incredibly rare source material that can be used to upgrade various equipment, like the Leviathan axe, armor sets, Chaos Blades, and more.
  • You can find Shining Crystals in the Wishing Well located in Vanaheim
  • The Wishing Well can only be accessed once you have progressed more than halfway through the game.
  • You can reach the wishing well by going to the jungle entrance mystic gateway and then following a path that directly leads to a cave. Inside the cave is the wishing well.
  • Once near the wishing well, find yellow crystals scattered across the environment and break them to get crystal fragments.
  • Throw these crystal fragments into the wishing well and you will be rewarded with a Shining Crystal.

Where To Find Shining Crystals

Shining Crystals are obtained through the Wishing Well in Vanaheim. However, the process is not that simple. You can only access the well during mid to late game, and there are certain steps that you need to follow in order to get the shining crystals. Following are the steps that you need to follow;

  • Reaching The Wishing Well
  • Collecting Crystal Fragments
  • Throwing The Crystal Fragments In The Well

Reaching The Wishing Well

god of war ragnarok shining crystals
The Location On The Map

The Wishing Well is actually near the Jungle Entrance mystic gateway, and it is not accessible until you complete the main quest in mid-game. Completing that quest will unlock a favor or side quest that takes you to the location shown on the map above. 

god of war ragnarok shining crystals
The Entrance To The Wishing Well

Follow the path from the mystic gateway, and you’ll reach an entrance to the cave with a chain outside. Follow the path towards the inside, and it will directly take you to the wishing well in the game. The path is quite linear inside, and you will not get lost there.

item in the game
The Wishing Well

This is what the wishing well in Vanaheim looks like in God Of War Ragnarok. Here, you will be able to obtain the shining crystals in the game. But there is one last thing that you need to do first.

Collecting Crystal Fragments

god of war ragnarok shining crystals
The Yellow Crystals

There are various yellow crystals in the wishing well room. Not only are such crystals available here, but they are also scattered around the crater region of Vanaheim in God Of War Ragnarok. You need to break these crystals wherever you find them. Breaking these yellow crystals will drop crystal fragments.

item in the game
The Crystal Fragments

Pick these crystal fragments up. You’ll need them in order to get the shining crystals in the game. 

Throwing The Crystal Fragments In The Well

god of war ragnarok shining crystals
The Reward

Finally, you have to throw the crystalline fragments that you collected by breaking the yellow crystals into the wishing well. You will receive many rewards, and one of them will be the shining crystal in the game. This is how you can obtain shining crystals. It is a long process, but your goal should be to keep an eye out for yellow crystals in the overworld.

Uses Of Shining Crystals

The shining crystals are a rare form of resource material and are required to upgrade your Shields in the game. You will obtain these only through the wishing well, so you should choose wisely on the shield that you want to upgrade using the shining crystals.


God Of War Ragnarok is a narrative masterpiece and improves upon the gameplay of its predecessor. There are new weapons here as well and new characters that you can play around with. Atreus is now playable, and the Draupnir Spear is an addition to Kratos’ arsenal in the game. Freya also joins the battle, and you can customize her skills as well.

The enemy variety is also well worth appreciating, and every boss fight feels unique in God Of War Ragnarok. Enemies now have a more variable moveset that makes you use all of your tools. New shields have also been added to the game, and you can choose the shields based on your playstyle. There are shields for parrying or blocking everything in the game.

You also visit new realms in God Of War Ragnarok. However, previous realms are also revisited, but they are completely different from the ones in God Of War 2018 as Ragnarok is slowly approaching. The amount of content is unbelievable, and the game is almost thrice as big as its predecessor. And the content is not just stretched but is full of quality that will keep you hooked for a long time.

This concludes our guide on how you can get the Shining Crystals in God Of War Ragnarok. We discussed the method of obtaining the crystals in complete detail. The uses of the shining crystals have also been mentioned. We hope that the guide was helpful for you in obtaining the shining crystals in the game. Let us know what you think about God Of War Ragnarok in the comments below!


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