GOW Ragnarok Valhalla: Best Ways To Get Divine Triumphs

Divine Triumphs are important upgrade materials needed to maximize your health and rage in GOW Ragnarok Valhalla.

Divine Triumphs are a type of currency in GOW Ragnarok Valhalla that can be used to upgrade your stats, health, and rage. These are permanent upgrades that do not go away after death and actually strengthen Kratos for the rest of his journey through Valhalla.

Key Takeaways
  • Divine Triumph is one of the most important resources that you can get in the Valhalla DLC.
  • It is hard to obtain but can also be used to get the best permanent upgrades that strengthen your build.
  • The upgrades obtained with divine triumph will make the next cycle in Valhall easier to beat.
  • Main quests only reward a serviceable amount of divine triumphs but can also be farmed.

Best Ways To Get Divine Triumphs

Here is a list of all the methods that you can use to get mastery seals;

Serial NoMethodDescription
1Completing Main QuestsMain quests reward a fair amount of divine triumphs but cannot be used to farm this resource.
2Completing LaborsLabors relating to the Colosseum in Greece offer divine triumphs and can be used to farm divine triumphs.
3Completing Mastery ChallengesSome of the mastery challenges also reward divine triumphs and are not that hard to complete.
4Opening ChestsThere is a chest spawn in the Colosseum in Greece which contain a guaranteed divine triumph.
5Beating Valhalla's ChosenThese are mini-bosses which have a chance to drop a divine triumph upon defeat.
6Crafting Divine TriumphsDivine triumphs can be crafted at the Tablet of Influence.

1. Completing Main Quests

best ways to get divine triumphs gow ragnarok valhalla
The List Of Main Quests In GOW Ragnarok (Image Captured by Us)

As you progress through Valhalla’s main storyline, divine triumphs will be rewarded for completing the main quests. These quests end with beating Tyr in each cycle and actually provide a decent number of divine triumphs that can be used to upgrade your stats or health. However, this method cannot be used to farm divine triumphs since the main quests end after you beat the story of the DLC.

2. Completing Labors

best ways to get divine triumphs gow ragnarok valhalla
The List Of Repeatable Labors In GOW Ragnarok (Image Captured by eXputer)

Five specific labors reward divine triumphs upon completion. All of these labors can be completed once you arrive at the Colosseum in Greece. These labors include beating the special arenas at the Colosseum, beating the proving grounds, and, lastly, beating Tyr himself. The best part about these labors is that after beating the story, they reset. I was able to complete these labors again and again in each cycle to farm divine triumphs.

3. Completing Mastery Challenges

resource in valhalla
The List Of Mastery Challenges In GOW Ragnarok (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

There are certain mastery challenges that can be completed to earn divine triumphs in Valhalla. These challenges are also pretty straightforward and are tied to gameplay. One of the challenges requires you to beat the boss at The Forum arena with different spartan rage or shield types, which can be cheesed using a lower difficulty level. Some require you to fully upgrade your stats or collect all the available relics in Valhalla. 

4. Opening The Colosseum Chest

best ways to get divine triumphs gow ragnarok valhalla
Opening The Chest At The Colosseum In Greece (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

New chests keep spawning in the Colosseum after beating Tyr again and again in Valhalla. One of these chests has a 100% chance of containing a divine triumph, but it requires 1000 fleeting echoes in order to be opened.

However, I mostly arrived at Greece with around a thousand fleeting echoes in each cycle because you have to fight the Norse enemies before ascending the realms. Make sure to open this chest in each cycle to get that guaranteed divine triumph.

5. Beating Valhalla’s Chosen

resource in valhalla
Fighting Valhalla’s Chosen In GOW Ragnarok (Image Captured by Us)

Valhalla’s Chosen are mini-bosses that you can fight both in the Norse realms as well as in Greece. However, there is only one chosen in the Norse Arenas, but the Colosseum in Greece is actually filled with them. Additionally, I only sometimes obtained a Divine Triumph by beating these enemies, which means that it is not guaranteed that you’ll get a divine triumph every time you beat a Vaalhalla’s Chosen.

6. Crafting Divine Triumphs

best ways to get divine triumphs gow ragnarok valhalla
Crafting The Divine Triumph At The Tablet Of Influence (Image Captured by eXputer)

Divine Triumphs can also be crafted at the Tablet of Influence if you’ve got the necessary resources. If you can’t find the option to craft them, then you need to proceed further through the main story in order to unlock this feature. The following resources are needed to craft 1 divine triumph;

This method is only viable as long as you have the required resources and is not that great for farming the divine triumphs since you’ll need to farm the other three crests as well.

Uses of Divine Triumphs

resource in valhalla
Getting Permanent Upgrades In GOW Ragnarok (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Divine Triumphs can be used to get a number of permanent upgrades in the Valhalla DLC. However, the best upgrades that you can get include fully upgrading your health and rage, which will increase your chances of beating Tyr in each cycle. You can also fully upgrade the stats that complement your build in Valhalla. In my opinion, upgrade the following using divine triumphs first;

  • Total health.
  • Total rage.
  • Stats that fit your build.

Valhalla is an amazing free DLC for GOW Ragnarok, and it is jam-packed with content. It pays respect to original games and even brings back weapons like the Blade of Olympus. Some characters like Helios also make a return, and the ending itself provides a great conclusion to Kratos’s character. 

This concludes my guide on the best ways to get the divine triumphs in GOW Ragnarok Valhalla. I hope that the guide helped you in maxing out your stats as well as your health and rage bars. Let me know if you’re enjoying the rogue-like gameplay of GOW Ragnarok Valhalla in the comments below!


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