Remnant 2: Venom Boss Guide [Strategies & Tips]

Everything you need to know to defeat the Venom boss in Remnant 2 - boss attacks, weakness, tips, weak points, recommended gear, and more.

In Remnant 2, players can encounter the tough boss Venom, one of the most powerful Root entities. As a manifestation of the evolving Root corruption, Venom is a formidable foe, wielding a massive sword and employing ranged and melee attacks. Battling Venom is one of Remnant 2’s most significant challenges, featuring unpredictable attack patterns and devastating damage.

Key Takeaways
  • Venom is a challenging Remnant 2 boss with rapid melee, ranged, and beam attacks.
  • His move set includes a sword combo, root bombs, aerial attacks, and pillar beams.
  • In Venom’s second phase, Venom intensifies his attacks – stay focused and manage health.
  • Target venom’s chest in Remnant 2, which is his core weakness for maximum damage.
  • Use ranged weapons and abilities to maintain distance.
  • Equip healing items and mods like Healing Shot for survivability.
  • Stay mobile to avoid Venom’s attacks and getting cornered.
  • Defeating Venom rewards rare crafting materials in Remnant 2 like the Dread Core, a Tome, Scrap, and the Dread Core.

What Is Venom Remnant 2?

remnant 2 venom
Venom Boss [Image Credits: eXputer]

The very reflection of the ever-evolving nature of the Root corruption, Venom is a Remnant 2 world boss among the strongest and most developed Root entities.

This vile creature wields a massive sword and utilizes a variety of moves and abilities that makes it a threat at any distance. Remnant 2’s Venom boss fight is undoubtedly one of the most challenging in the game due to the boss’s unpredictable attack patterns and devastating damage potential. Players will need to be extremely cautious and strategic when confronting Venom.

Venom’s Attacks & Abilities

remnant 2 venom
Venom Boss Exploding Bombs [Image Credits: eXputer]
Three-hit sword comboPerformed after many moves, especially after throwing and rushing to retrieve the sword
Explosive root bombsLaunched frequently while levitating in the air
Sword throwUsually done while airborne
Ground slamFlies up and slams the ground, damaging nearby enemies
Pillar beamThe highly dangerous move used below 30% health can one-shot players

Venom has a wide arsenal of melee, ranged, and summon attacks that can quickly overwhelm players. He will use a three-hit sword combo after many other moves, especially when he throws his sword and rushes toward it.

  1. Venom will also frequently levitate and launch explosive root bombs at the player from the air.
  2. His sword-throw attack often comes while airborne as well.
  3. The boss may also fly up and slam the ground, damaging anything near him in a small area.
  4. One of Venom’s most dangerous moves is his pillar beam attack, which he starts utilizing once the player drops his health to around 30%.
  5. The overlapping pillar beams can potentially one-shot the player if hit multiple times quickly, making it imperative to dodge them properly.

Second Phase Attacks

remnant 2 venom
Venom Second Phase [Image Credits: eXputer]

Once Venom’s health drops below 50%, he will enter a more aggressive second phase. Venom gains access to new attacks in this phase and continues using his full arsenal of moves from the first phase.

  1. Players must remain extremely alert when Venom enters his second form, as he combines new and existing abilities for dangerous combinations.
  2. Some of his newer attacks may come unexpectedly after familiar moves from his first phase.
  3. Venom becomes even deadlier when he reaches this second phase, and players must exercise extreme focus to avoid his amplified onslaught.
  4. Manage health carefully, stay mobile, and keep your distance while concentrating fire on his chest core weak point to finish him off before his empowered attacks overwhelm you.

Venom Boss Fight Strategies & Tips

Below are all the strategies and methods/tips you can use against Venom to make your fight a bit easier. This includes his weak spots, movesets, and specific weapons to which he’s vulnerable. Be sure to apply these tactics as they are battle-tested!

Weak Spots

remnant 2 venom
Venom Boss Chest Core [Image Credits: eXputer]
Venom Remnant 2 weakness is his chest core. This exposed core glows red at the center of Venom’s black armor, which absorbs most other damage. To deal maximum damage during the fight, players should concentrate their gunfire and abilities directly at Venom’s chest core weak point whenever possible.

  1. This is the only reliable way to whittle down his health efficiently.
  2. Hitting this weak spot also typically generates higher damage numbers.
  3. Keeping Venom’s chest core targeted is key to finishing off his health bar before he overwhelms the player.
  4. Therefore, be sure to take advantage of this Venom Remnant 2 weakness!

Dodging & Evading

When fighting Venom, players must exercise constant vigilance and quick reflexes to avoid taking devastating damage. Venom’s three-hit sword combo can come unexpectedly after many of his other moves. Timing your dodge well on each of the three swings is critical.

  1. Additionally, when Venom uses his deadly pillar beam attack below 30% health, it is essential to dodge appropriately, as getting hit twice will likely kill the player.
  2. Since the dark pillar beams sometimes overlap or spread, care must be taken to dodge perpendicular or toward safe spaces between them.
  3. Venom’s aerial slam attack that damages the nearby area can only be dodged by dashing when his sword impacts the ground.
  4. Properly evading Venom’s varied attacks requires learning their timings and patterns.

Weapon Recommendations

remnant 2 venom
Using Ranged Weapons [Image Credits: eXputer]

When battling Venom, keeping your distance and utilizing ranged secondary weapons and abilities is highly advised. Getting close to Venom to use melee attacks is extremely risky due to his swift and devastating melee strikes.

  1. Instead, guns or other ranged and melee weapons that allow you to keep space between yourself and Venom are recommended.
  2. This provides more time to react to his movements and attack patterns.
  3. Weapons with high fire rates or spreading patterns can effectively remove Venom’s aerial attacks and summoned root spikes.
  4. Maintaining distance and using ranged attacks significantly amplifies the player’s chances of victory versus this deadly foe.

Healing Items & Mods

When preparing to fight Venom Remnant 2, it is highly recommended to equip healing items and mods to prolong your survival. Bringing ample restorative items like Bloodroot and stocking up on Relics can provide much-needed healing amid battle when Venom damages your health bar.

  1. Equipping mods like the Healing Shot can also offer renewable healing, which is invaluable against Venom’s onslaught.
  2. Though the Healing Shot’s effects can be inconsistent, it remains extremely useful in this attrition-based fight.
  3. Managing your healing items and mods strategically instead of panic-healing is key. But having these tools on hand gives you a fighting chance to outlast Venom’s devastating attacks.

Staying Mobile

When fighting Venom, it is critical not to stay stationary for too long. Venom’s wide-ranging attacks and abilities can easily overwhelm the player if they remain in one place. Continuously repositioning and staying mobile prevents you from taking consecutive hits from Venom’s moves.

  1. It would be best if you kept moving, whether dodging his pillar beams or evading his aerial slams and sword throws.
  2. Never letting yourself get cornered or letting Venom pin you down is essential.
  3. The arena for this battle has limited space, so make use of all of it and make yourself a difficult target by constantly being on the move.
  4. Remaining mobile maximizes your chances against this agile foe.

Managing Health

An important strategy when fighting Venom is properly managing your health bar. Getting caught in a “heal loop” can be easy, where you continuously take damage, heal, take damage again, and so on. This quickly drains your healing items.

  1. Instead, learn the optimal times to heal after certain of Venom’s attack sequences to minimize taking subsequent hits.
  2. For instance, healing right after dodging his pillar beams may give you a window before his next attack.

Managing health well comes down to reading Venom’s patterns and not panic-healing. Methodically restore your health when his onslaught permits it rather than desperately healing after every hit. This thoughtful approach will make your healing items last longer.

Rewards For Defeating Venom In Remnant 2

remnant 2 venom
Venom Boss Fight Rewards [Image Credits: eXputer]
Lumenite CrystalsCrafting material
Tome of KnowledgeConsumable Items for Trait Points
ScrapCrafting material
Dread CoreUsed to craft Skewer 2.0 mod

Once players finally take down Venom after a grueling battle, they will be rewarded with some useful items and resources. Defeating this boss nets you Lumenite Crystals, a Tome of Knowledge, Scrap, and the valuable Dread Core.

  1. The Dread Core can be taken to McCabe at Ward 13 to craft the powerful Skewer 2.0 weapon mod. This mod allows players to utilize a Wretched Spear similar to Venom’s weapon.
  2. The loot Venom provides upon his defeat can give players a leg up moving forward, making the equipment sacrificed and effort expended to beat this deadly foe ultimately worthwhile.
  3. Just be ready to put up a serious fight before claiming these rewards!

In Summary, Venom Remnant 2 tests your skill with his overwhelming onslaught of melee, ranged, and area attacks. But you can overcome his offense by leveraging the strategies in this guide, including keeping your distance, destroying summons quickly, managing your health, and targeting his chest core weak point.

If you’re still struggling against Venom, learn how to get and use the Corrosive Rounds Mod. To fight other challenging in-game mobs and bosses, check out this guide on The Nightweaver, covering her location, moveset, and rewards. Similarly, you could test yourself even further by reading up on how to find and defeat Abomination in Remnant 2.


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