Lethal Company: What Is Overtime Bonus & How To Get It

Overtime bonus, rewarded at the end of each successful session in Lethal Company, can be increased at the cost of facing dangerous monsters.

Overtime bonus in Lethal Company is an additional reward that players receive by selling off scrap after working hard for three days at the various facilities. You can also increase this bonus reward by making the facilities more dangerous to explore in the game.

Key Takeaways
Important: You will need to meet the profit quota in order to obtain the overtime bonus as well.

What Is The Overtime Bonus

overtime bonus lethal company
Obtaining The Overtime Bonus (Image Captured by Me)

The Overtime Bonus includes the additional credits rewarded by meeting the profit quota after collecting for three days on the various moons.

It is a good way of earning extra credits as a part of your successful run in Lethal Company. Making money in Lethal Company is essential to purchase the items from the store that can help you out in your next run. And that is where the overtime bonus comes in to help the players out.

How To Get Maximum Overtime Bonus

An overtime bonus is rewarded to your team, no matter which moon you visit, to meet your profit quota within the three given days. However, the amount of bonus obtained can be substantially increased by revisiting the same moon again and again for three days.

You will be limited to collecting scrap on the same moon if you want to obtain the maximum overtime bonus. And every time you revisit the same moon, the difficulty level rises marginally, so expect to face harsher conditions. That overtime bonus comes at the cost of difficulty.

  • I would recommend revisiting Experimentation for the maximum overtime bonus since it is the easiest moon.
  • Lethal Company will bombard you with dangerous monsters, but at least the moon isn’t difficult to traverse.
  • Make sure to work in a team of four and that one player stays behind in the ship to guide everyone else.
  • Experimentation on the outside also provides an easier route back to the ship.
  • Just don’t get lost inside the facility and keep collecting scrap for three days here.
  • And always be ready to face harsh conditions like an eclipse every time you revisit a moon.

Lethal Company is an extremely fun multiplayer experience. I absolutely loved my time with the title and still play it every day. You can read my review of Lethal Company to learn more about what makes it an amazing video game to play. The overtime bonus mechanic also helped me out in purchasing and trying various items from the store.

This concludes my guide on the overtime bonus in Lethal Company. I have explained the best method of obtaining the maximum overtime bonus. I hope that the guide was helpful in making extra credits during your successful runs. Let me know if you’re enjoying your time with Lethal Company in the comments below!


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